Vampire Princess Was Not Satisfied Today Either


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Woke up and realized I was reincarnated as the eldest daughter of a vampire count, and I also became a hostage of humans?

Well, I guess I obtained cheat-like invincible abilities, so safety isn’t a problem. But the original owner of this body is just too evil!

TLN: The MC possesses the stats from the game!

Not only does she keep a bunch of beautiful girls as pets, but she also has a severe sadistic tendency?

“Isn’t being a vampire princess all about being cute!”

Of course not, this is a story about a vampire princess who wants to be a good person but has to act extremely fierce in front of others.

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11 Reviews

Jan 29, 2024
Status: c60
I haven't read very far just yet but the novel is really giving off your typical OP slice-of-life vibes right now. So far the protagonists only personal goal seems to be to taste different flavors of blood.

The Yuri tag is on this novel but the translator has made several comments about removing the Yuri. I have no idea what the thought process is to make that decision as I went to the source and the untranslated version seems pretty mild from what chapters were available for free on the Chinese... more>> website. If I continue this novel I'll probably try and read the untranslated version. <<less
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Jan 17, 2024
Status: c90
This story tries a lot of things, like action, slice of life, politics, but it's very lacking. The biggest issue is that the MC spends the first 50 chapters "stuck" in a mansion where she's a hostage. Then she buys a tavern in the outskirts of a city where she's been living in for the past 40 chapters (I give up at chap 90).

When she's her own house 99% of the time and has a teleport ability, she never has to interact with who isn't her s*ave/100% devoted to her,... more>> making every conversation extremely shallow. Most of the story is just the human sister telling our MC how the world works.

Pros : the translation is good and I enjoyed the relationship between the sisters. <<less
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Jan 12, 2024
Status: c91
Pretty interesting start easily 4.5+ but then degrades to 3.5 or less, maybe I'll update this review since there seems to be stuff happening in the background but I won't hold much hope considering the direction the story is currently going

probably biased but oh well... more>>

I read the synopsis so I figured that it'd be OP mc

But what I expected from the first few chapters was the problematic political and social situations of a "cruel/evil" vampire slowly trying to change her reputation while still being "evil" as well as trying to create peace between humans and vampires... that's not what happened :' (

MC figures out she's OP and basically plays around, while not really caring about her previous reputation and how the original vampire acts almost from the start, it's explained decently in the novel but I just don't like it

There's bound to be rumors spreading considering the "Hostage" goes missing and prances around the town like a tourist on a daily basis and yet the vampire spies don't suspect anything at all or send any information back about her change, even though she's doing her best to not check the memories of the "previous vampire princess" to not get her personality influenced she somehow aces the interaction with her literal blood bank "pets" with them not suspecting anything

as if that isn't enough she gets a permanent transformation ability that can make her look perfectly human thus the initial premise is almost completely lost after the "hostage exchange"

Instead of going back to Vampire territory or staying in the Human town where she's known, she uses the super convenient plot armor transformation that just showed up randomly, it's not even her game ability, it literally just shows up for some unknown reason

She basically goes on a "slow life adventure" to start a Yuri tavern in another city


falls off pretty hard from the initial premise <<less
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Jan 24, 2024
Status: c460
If you liked season 3 of the Mandalorian you might like this. If you thought season 3 betrayed the first two seasons, then the pacing of this story might not be for you. MC has a plan, she wants to go somewhere, but traveling is boring so she stays in a town for a bit, finds trouble, resolves it, and goes to the next destination on her path.

Unreliable narrator is a good tag. The MC is hilarious because she's both paranoid AND lazy.

She's never heard of Occam's Razor. Ignoring the... more>> most simple explanation she goes on wild tangents about what could be bothering her, setting up traps and contingency plans. Almost none of them are ever used as the reveal comes showing us that it was indeed something simple and planning and traps weren't needed

Most of this is because of the "strong to stronger" tag. In chapter 3 MC realizes she strong, but less than half of her game character's level. So she expects max level players to show up, but she's out in the boonies where everyone is weak. Reminiscent of ainz ooal gown, but without, or a great deal less, of the supporting cast thinking she infallible. <<less
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Feb 12, 2024
Status: c200
Honestly pretty average novel, nothing too outstanding, MC's way of thinking is boring and she's not a very intelligent MC or shrewd at all. If she wasn't broken from the start she'd probably be the type to die within the first 10 chaps with how gullible she is.

Most of the plot is slice of life-ish with some small patterings of action and there is some hidden plot but who gives a sh*t because all the chars are pretty 1 dimensional. The MC has a bit of a messiah syndrome and... more>> cannot resist saving people who ask to be saved, gets annoying pretty fast considering the original personality was meant to be evil. <<less
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Mar 12, 2024
Status: c200
Ok so this is a fun- albeit generic, op slice of life isekai. Has a neat premise and starts fine, not taking long to get to (some) good parts sprinkled in with slice of life. All is great until around chapter 150, then it starts to slowly dip in quality. Lingers on some filler I can't even remember. (my brain blanked it out)

This is one of those LN's where the MC seems to just 'sumble upon' and collect random girls. Not my thing, kinda partly killed the vibes this... more>> novel had because it came from nowhere. Up until then each party member/s*ave/worker was collected on a whim, but contextually it made sense, then a pattern emerged...


The *first* issue: the slime girl. Supposedly crazy rare, it just so happens to be able to remove injuries like healing magic. AND she shortly thereafter levels up into being able to eat negative status effects... Like??? Suspension if disbelief is fine, it worked until here. But the MC pretty much had ONE thing she couldn't do. THIS. To give it to her this early on, ruins any sense of tension. Like it immediately puts on notice that the writer WILL just pull sh*t out of their ass when it's convenient to not think up a compelling story.

It also reuses some REALLY overplayed tropes. Did it HAVE to be a slime? Did it HAVE to be a girl slime? Did the slime HAVE to be a healing slime? It feels like the writer was thinking

"hmm it's been awhile since I've given the MC a waifu... what can't the MC do...? Status effects removal! And since she's in the woods... slime!!"

Did we even need another background character to forget? For once I'd like a novel that didn't need to pull out EVERY overused trope, and spam hundreds of characters, just give the appearance of a satisfying story.


That's the first huge gripe I had with this novel. I was still enjoying it because it was done somewhat well, but it partly killed the vibe for me. Then not 50 chapters later the next big issue.


The original mind of the mc's body takes over. And this is where I think the author turned off their brains. She tries to make the original mind (OM) seem 'better?' they try and make her a character one you should feel sympathy for. But given her background of what the author tells us; It does NOT work. She comes off as incredibly grating and annoying and the MC just *deals with it* which is so frustratingly boring. It feels like the original character she was built up to being was completely fake. As the author MANGLES trying to make her seem like a 'good guy' that was just misunderstood. When everything about her up until this point points to the idea of 'worst person you could dream of knowing' it ends up feeling just incredibly fake.

This COULD have been a compelling twist, but the way it's done does such a disservice to the concept. The emotions feel horribly out of place or just missing. And it ends up leading to ANOTHER plot convenience. She just happens have a doll that lets both of them have a body... Like WHY?! Having it be a rare occurrence where she just takes over when MC is emotionally conflicted would have been FINE if not BETTER. Doing it the way the author did it just adds another side character that you need to split your attention on. Which COULD be fine if it wasn't an incredibly ANNOYING character that betrays all the expectations you had of them in the WORST way possible.

Not. Every. Girl. Has. To. Be. The. MC's. Pet.

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Feb 29, 2024
Status: c200
My progress is an estimate, I don't remember clearly how far I am. It's not a bad cast and the OP is definitely 'done right' so no complaints. The story is executed smoothly. I honestly don't have any harsh words to say, other than the main character having a complicated and forgettable name. I won't jump back into it again unless it's completely translated, then I'll read it in one chunck. Overall good.
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Feb 21, 2024
Status: --
This vampire princess is F.I.N.E. (f'd up, insecure, neurotic, emotional). Well, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but her actions in the first few chapters is a bit questionable.

... more>>

Rather than take the time to digest things in the originals memories she first wants to test out magic. Let's not start with something small. No let's use teleportation magic! And then admit that teleporting without a destination in mind might result in transporting inside a solid matter and dying. Let's not do that again.. or not! Let's next teleport into some forest with only the help of a map and no observation of the vicinity! Why is it that almost no webnovels have heard of divination spells? Well, I get that it's rarely used in video games so there's that.

Next let's use explosion magic at point blank range when the MC inevitably gets attacked at her destination. An especially good idea since it's a magic she hardly ever used before. Putting aside the time dilation often used in fictional battles (having an internal monologue while being attacked), wouldn't your first impulse be to use something you're familiar with as a knee jerk reaction? This MC is supposedly a gamer, but I don't think the author is (par for the course imo). If you've played any number of rpg's with a lot of combat, you tend to develop certain rotations or priorities when it comes to attacks. So she blows up the forest and somehow escapes mutual destruction by having the presence of mind to cast flight magic... wait. There was no sign that this monster had long ranged attacks. Why was it easier to fly while blowing up her face compared to escaping in the first place?

If you're going for the rule of cool the author should have used the 'cool guys don't look at explosions' trope. Here we only have a vague sense that the MC *might* be rather sturdy, but we're not sure because it's not clear how much of a hit she took.


To be fair this has more to do with plot holes and questionable writing than a characterization issue. In a way it's nice to see one of these transported characters be flustered or make hasty decisions that doesn't involve overused tropes. Misunderstandings, exposition pez dispensers, expulsion from family/party/engagement/country/world/reality, etc


It's easy to become numb to reading about transported Japanese people having a ritual of bathing. Not really a prob just over explained. Here we skip that for a legitimate need for a bath - the MC randomly rolls her face/body in her food at dinner. Happens all the time when you get high, right? Anyways the author decides to further distance things from the norm by not hand waving hot baths away with magic/tools. Instead the servants have to do it the most back breaking and s*upid way possible. It takes 6 hours to boil a bath of water? They're brute forcing the wrong part here. It would make more sense for a wealthy noble to spare no expense by constantly boiling water in advance to have it ready any time it's needed. Why would they wait 6 hours for them to do it from square one? I mean they don't even have the wood chopped to the right size? At least give me a bucket of hot water and washcloth so I don't have to sit around with dried blood/food on body.


This is just in the first 11 chapters. I feel like the author is trying to be clever by slightly subverting tropes, but the execution thus far is not great. That said it isn't that it's a bad story, just dragged down by these details. If you turn your brain off or don't mind the details than it probably won't hamper you at all. Generally good translation. There are some slightly confusing parts but it's hard to know if that's in the original or something lost in the conversion.


Ultimately we learn that vampires don't walk around in broad daylight in this country, but paradoxically the guards are fine with people they assume are just dressed like them? We're told a vampire gets through the checkpoint ahead of her, and later on there's something vague about only specific vampires have permission? They refer to some character that's not even introduced??

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Jan 27, 2024
Status: c161
Maybe the synopsis is a bit incomplete but the story is a fun ride once it gets going. I’m having a lot more fun with the story than I thought I would.

... more>>

The story started adding some slice of life and a bit of innocent yuri aspects. The protaganist (following the previous foreshadowing) is finding she’s pretty OP. But there is a progression of story at this time and I’m definately following because I’m curious as to where it’s going so I can say this fun story currently has me hooked.

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Apr 19, 2024
Status: c99
OP beautiful mary sue main character TS. Shes a special rare vampire. None of the plans of her got failed smh. Shes slightly brain damaged. She collects cute girls left and right. Her only idea to use from Earth is alcohol. Which is... suprising for a novel to use modern knowledge honestly, even if its such an ordinary one. +1 star comes from that. Aside from that cliche and cliche. You get the idea.
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Feb 18, 2024
Status: c317
Nothing special, there's some plots and world building there. It's more of a journey of the MC and some of his friends. However the MC isn't a world saving genius, so be prepared for that. It's not that bad of a story, just average. Still I was interested enough to read 300+ chapters so i'll give the Novel a 4 star.

Yissy: (the MC)
Think of him\her as ordinary, cause thats what he is. He doesn't have any particular good skills. He's definitely not smart. He often decides not to investigate stuff or meddle only for things to blow up in his face later becoming a larger issue he has to solve anyway. So much trouble could have been avoided if he wasn't plain lazy.
The one thing he does have is power, the most powerful humans so far has been around lvl 50-60, yet Yissy is lvl 427. All in all he's a boring MC, though he does some interesting stuff cause of his s*upidity.

The vampire whose body Yissy wakes up in. She's ruthless, cruel, arrogant and prideful. However she mellows out alot later on. She's probably the most interesting character in the novel, a multifaceted person.

Other Characters:
Most get some story and development to them. Not all is interesting, but some are.

It's great. No problem with the way its narrated or the translation exept a few typos and a wrong name once or twice.

Read it?
Give it a try.
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