Until I, A Fallen Nobleman, Was Called the Great Sage With My Hazure (?) Skill “Super Jack-of-All-Trades”


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Hideo Sanmon, a man who was never loved by his parents.

After dying in an accident, he is reincarnated as “Lars Irving”.

This time, by some twist of fate, he is doted on by his parents and brother.
Lars’ family was poor, but his kind parents and brother were exactly what he was looking for in a family, and the four of them lived happily together.
In addition, he knew that the skill he had been given, “Super jack-of-all-Trades,” was being talked about behind his back as being “out of place,” but his parents didn’t care, so he just took it easy and went about his day.

…… One day, however, he learns that his father was originally a lord.

–But one day, he learns that his father used to be a lord, and after a lot of research, he suspects that his father’s downfall was a trap set by the current lord, so he begins to take action to bring his parents back to be the lord.

In fact, it will be a little while before Lars, who solves a variety of difficult problems using his extraordinary cheat skill, “Super jack-of-all-Trades” becomes known as the Great Sage.

This is a story about a man who uses a cheat skill called “Super jack-of-all-Trades” to solve various problems.

Associated Names
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Botsuraku Kizoku no Ore ga Hazure (?) Skill “Chou Kiyou Binbou” de Daikenja to Yobareru made
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Scholar Occult Cauldron
Scholar Occult Cauldron rated it
July 28, 2021
Status: c152
I tried, but after 152 chapters of this terrible story I had to stop. There is no plot, meaningless arcs that take dozens of chapters, the main character has no idea what they want to do with their life, and the plot armor that this story heavily utilizes to push it's 'plot' forward have ruined what could have been an decent story.

The author tries to show character growth through certain plot events, and then walks back the character growth. For example ... more>>

the end of the first (and only meaningful arc) has the protagonist attempting to kill a psychopath who was trying to murder the king, murder the protagonist's family, and played a role in attempting to poison the Protagonist's older brother when they were two years old. You'd think after building up the resolve the entire arc to take down those that hurt his family, he would understand that there is no mercy for a psychopath who repeatedly tried to kill his family. Then, after dozens of chapters of filler content, the protagonist listens to the headmaster at school talking about not using evil methods (killing/robbing) and the Protag all of a sudden wonders 'maybe I didn't have to kill the murderous psychopath doctor, there was probably another way to go about it.'


The romance in the novel is also pushed waay to hard. Author keeps going back to protagonist being handsome and cool, but afraid for commitment when he's 10 years old ffs. Romantic relationships and drama you would expect in 16-18 year olds is happening for 10-12 year olds, with a peanut gallery of side characters who play a role in the nonexistent plot every 20 or so chapters.

All in all, this story is terrible. The author is trying to write a plot, but it's crappy and overuses tropes in isekais. The romance is both s*upid and non-essential at the current point in the novel (I quit 150 chapters in), since they are all underaged even for their world's standards. The protagonist barely has character growth and when they do, it gets walked back. The power system is also ridiculous, since plot armour drives the story going forward. The protagonist needs a skill or spell? They already learned it and can use it proficiently. Otherwise, the skill or spell can't be copied due to 'plot'. This story was a waste of my time, it gets old fast and it isn't typical Isekai that you could read if there is nothing else. It hurt to continue reading beyond the first arc, reminded me of the Frieza saga where a 6 fight would last for 19 episodes. <<less
8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shakma rated it
May 22, 2021
Status: c50
A typical badly written isekai story where the guy has an advantage but for a small reason decides to hide his abilities because he's the MC and MCs all do that.

There's also no reason for it to be an isekai as he almost always acts like a kid and having an adult mind doesn't change the story in any way, he's even jealous of his brother dating a little girl.

Add a rushed translation on top of all that and it's pretty subpar overall.
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ReanuKeeves rated it
July 4, 2021
Status: c58.5

Feels like a copy of Mushoku Tensei starting out.

-MC faces similar death? (Truck I believe in this one as well?)
-MC born into a loving family.
-MC gradually reading as a young child.
-MC later gets a witch to train him.
-MC's first friend as well. Won't spoil too much there.

... more>> There are probably some others I miss before school arc happens.

Then it just goes its own way to school events.

The sad thing is, it really doesn't improve much on any of these. I will say the one thing it improved on, at least the MC isn't a pedophile like the garbage one in Mushoku Tensei or I haven't seen any thing that overly sexualizes children so far. That is the only pro this novel has going for it. And trust me, I hated Mushoku Tensei enough to drop that filthy novel after the introduction of the redhead and what the MC did to her.

But lets focus back towards this. This novel really has nothing going for it. In fact, the narration starts to get harder to follow during the later events of the school arc. Honestly the combat scene left me too confused to tell what exactly was going on when it transpired. I don't know if this was author end or translators end or what. Not to mention it just feels pretty bland and boring.

Two stars is generous. I don't feel it as something as outright crap to be as bad as one star. But it doesn't have much going for it to keep it fresh or captivating enough. It is just another genetic isekai novel; and I wouldn't really bother unless you honestly have nothing better to read. <<less
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