Untamed Sin


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※ Please be aware that this book contains various objectionable elements, including coercive relationships, prostitution, group play, BD*M, etc. Please refer to this before reading.

“More, get addicted to me, Melcy. To the point where you can kill me.”

Melcy Maxter was the daughter of a prestigious noble family. However, due to an unexpected accident, her parents died and their estate rapidly declined, forcing her to become a prostitute. One day, when she decided to give up everything and end her life, the man who had been the source of her despair suggested revenge.


He l**ked Melcy’s tears and, after stripping off his clothes, ran his fingers over her slender waist before penetrating her with his pen*s. As the pen*s dug deeper inside her, a surge of power coursed through Melcy’s body.

“Huhmm. Ah… more… harder…”

She was now mixing her body with Rufen by her own will. Despite the despair that had overwhelmed her, she yearned for his warmth. The pleasure and lust he gave her made her forget everything.

“Don’t worry about it. Just let our bodies merge, regardless of your feelings.”

Rufen kissed Melcy’s lips gently and grabbed her hand tightly, teasing her waist. Melcy couldn’t understand Rufen. Why did he give her hope while saying those things to her? He was the last person she wanted to be involved with if her futile feelings were revealed. What difference would it make if she killed him?

“Why are you doing this to me? What happens if I kill you?”

Melcy blurted out her confusion. She belatedly observed Rufen’s reaction while biting her lips. Rufen, who was still leisurely moving his waist, seemed far away from anger.

“I’ll just die if you kill me.”

In Rufen’s following words, she realized the reason she couldn’t bring herself to kill him.

“For the sin of not taming you.”

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길들이지 못한 죄
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shinnace rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: c1 part1
I know it's too early to give a review and rate a novel, but I just want to thank translator- nim for translating this novel and her effort.

First, this novel is not a healing novel. As it was advised above, do not read if you're too sensitive with violence such as abuse, r*pe, s*avery and so on. FL, I cannot say she's not at fault too. When her parents died and her only brother squandered their parent's assets, she too, spent her life with luxury and party. Yeah, I understand... more>> that the women at that time are not fully educated and raised as flocks to be sold. I have a doubt that, what happened to them were orchestrated and planned. Imagine, her brother is a top notch in academy but handled their businesses poorly? I mean, he's good but what happened? I cannot say he's a bad brother since it wasn't explained that he's abusing his only sister, instead, Melcy still attends parties when her brother was buried in debts and involved in drugs and illegal gambling. He was punished by death penalty and she was sold as s*ave😔. I believe there is a certain someone who brought this kind of tragedy to them.

The ml, I don't know how to describe him. Like most mls in angst, tragedy, phycological novels, he is one of those tr*shes. He only slapped FL, like I don't know why, too. He bought her for 500 golds and is now raping her. He is an archduke with bad vibes. He knows she's a virg*n but want to sell her after using/raping her. Wtf... what happened to her fiance? Did he abandon her after her family's downfall?

Well, this got my interest. Hope everyone will like it too and appreciate the translator's effort. <<less
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Fexa rated it
December 2, 2023
Status: Completed
it's..... It's pure depravity and straight up traumatizing tragedy..... Reminds me of that one book that mentions how there're always two devils that can be seen in every picture. (1 hidden somewhere in the background and the other one being..... you-, who's reading for more and more of her suffering.)

I can assure you this Author will give you what you ask for, as describe in the description, and then more..... WAY more.

Why do I rate it 5/5 (?) becuase it follows through with the quality... the translation is good,... more>> the writing has no issue. And I won't judge 1/5 purely out of its inhuman and vile things that's being told in its tale, that's just s*upid, it's like you never read all the GLARING RED stripes that's on the tags and put at the top of the description.

Yes, this is definitely the worst tragedy story I've ever laid my eyes upon in ANY novels..... but not as bad as the news I've seen on TV, fortunately or unfortunately. <<less
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Hime sh
Hime sh rated it
October 26, 2023
Status: --
The translation is very wonderful. I thank the translator for that
But this novel is certainly not suitable for everyone, even though I like the tragedy and psychological classification very much, I was very affected.

... more>>

The men in this business are terrible. The Duke who bought her r*pes her and sells her to others. Just imagine that the other men were her father's friend who raised her and her childhood friend who she expected would help her, but on the contrary, they r*ped her. Her father's friend demanded her chastity, while he always saw her in a s*xual way, and when the opportunity arose, he r*ped her. Her childhood friend is a s*xual sadist. Her boyfriend tortured her, insulted her, and told her that they were no longer friends and were no longer in the same social status. The third man was a s*ave who belonged to her family. And you would think, since he's a former s*ave, he must have sympathy for her, right? LOL, of course not. He also did not believe that he had the opportunity to r*pe her, so he r*ped her and began to insult her. He even mentioned his name, then her family name. After the fall of the FL family, the former s*ave became the owner of the family, so he told her his name and her family’s name until it started to make her collapse, and one of the things that made me very angry was that they then r*ped her and told her that she was a prostitute!!


I apologize if there are spelling mistakes, my language is not very good🙏🏻 <<less
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