Unmarried Dad


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After going to the doctor for a physical exam, I found out that I had an incurable disease. Depression overtook me at the thought of myself never having had the opportunity to sleep with the ~perfect man~. Why do I have to die so soon?!

Before I die, I must sleep with someone!

On a dark and windy night, two men raised their glasses, sharing a toast. One of the men, using his inebriated state to his advantage, finally summoned the courage to sleep with his ~Prince Charming~; making love until he achieved satisfaction—until he was sore to the point where tears were shed—then, exactly as the popular custom prescribed: he snuck away in secret.

Three months later, while awaiting his appointed time of death, this man was instead diagnosed as being: three…months—pregnant?! And cursing on how “THE f*ck” it was even possible, internally. [But let’s leave that matter aside for the time being~]

Flash forward four years, while taking his daughter to school, he squatted by the gates to buy some sesame seed buns. Gnawing on the pancake as he stood next to her, he pointed towards the Gong (Seme) professor, who returned from abroad, and said to his daughter: “Didn’t you want to know what your mother looked like? Well, they look exactly like him.”

The little girl knitted her brows: “My mom looks like a man?!”

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Lucy666 rated it
February 17, 2023
Status: Completed
I have mixed feelings about this story. Tbh I find the MC very pitiful. He's not really respected anywhere and all the sacrifices he made for his children and family are just glossed over just because he's an airhead.

Yes, he is an airhead, but that does not excuse the way his entire family (even his 4 year old daughter) look down on him. He's the brunt of all their jokes, and seems to have some inferiority complex too. There are some things that are common courtesy, for example, when you... more>> raise a daighter alone for the first four years of her life without the inputs of the other parent, the least the missing parent can do is not undermine your authority while you are educating your child. With how much the four year old daughter insults the MC and gets away with it, mostly with the help of the ML or her grandparents, I wonder if MC will have any kind of standing in his own family in the future (not that he seems to have any currently).

You can say the girl is a child, she's immature and childish, but let's be real, if I told my mom she was ugly and s*upid after she asks me a serious question, she'd probably break her rolling pin and her chanklas beating me up. The daughter's characterisation is also very weird. Sometimes she is very mature and you'd think she's at least a teenager. Sometimes she's so immature she actually acts her age.

The parents of the MC.... Are not that bad.... Except that they almost never tried to shield him from anything that happened to him. One one hand they contributed a lot towards raising mc's daughter, on the other hand they didn't leave the MC with any dignity. Till the end of the story (and beyond it) the MC lives with the stigma of having a child out of wedlock. He's treated as an airhead (which he is) and a bad example. Everybody disapproves of him, and I don't think he has any friends except his bestie who stuck with him even when everybody else was treating him as something dirty and shared the same braincell with the MC. MC has a cheerful personality and while he's got a big brainhole, he's very handsome, so there's no way he wouldn't be popular among his peers. He's also not somebody s*upid, he got into a top college and maintained above average marks while taking care of a baby. Believe me that's more difficult than you'd think even if he had the help of his parents to raise the child. He also accepts his mistakes and bears through the consequences.

I added the tag 'reverse r*pe' because that's how the MC got his child.

He got diagnosed with a terminal illness, got his crush aka ML drunk, slept with him and then didn't even tell him what happened between them. I find that disgusting but I sympathize with him a bit. Idk what I'd do if I got the double blow of my love leaving the country for an undetermined time and the fact that I might not be alive by the time they return. Mc's life had just started, and while he didn't go about it correctly, he does grow up and accept his mistakes.

With both of them being inexperienced, MC is injured, and afterwards realises he's been misdiagnosed. He, who thought he was a man who couldn't get pregnant, finds a child in his belly after a brief (and regretful) stint with the ML. After getting beaten by his mother, suffering through the cold shoulder from his parents for the first few months of a baffling and confusing pregnancy, and the lack of replies from the ML, the MC also has to bear the stigma of being an unmarried dad, and he accepts all that with a smile while loving his daughter with all he has got. He doesn't tell the ML that it's his daughter, mostly because how is he going to explain the fact that he, a man, got pregnant? He's already being treated as a freak by everybody who knows he has a daughter, will he be able to accept it if the person he loves is going to treat him as a freak too?


I'm kinda mad because this story had such a huge potential for angst but the author decided to put down the knife. The MC has to live with the consequences of his actions, but having a different physique isn't his fault.

Apart from that one (admittedly very big) mistake, the MC is actually a very good father and he's very strong too. By his own admission, he hates what he did to the ML, but he doesn't let himself regret the night they spent together no matter how painful it was for him or how hard the consequences were, because that made his daughter's existence seem like a mistake too, and that was something he refused to even think about. He's also a pretty decent person. And that makes me more dissatisfied with the ML.


He doesn't contact MC or reply to his emails at all for more than four years after he goes abroad (the very next day after MC sleeps with him without his consent or knowledge). By this time, he at least has a crush on MC. When the world is condemning the MC for having a child out of wedlock, he's one of those who doesn't want to associate with the MC. He ignores the MC for more than four years and believes whatever the society says about him. You were his friend, you had feelings for him too. And yet you didn't have a smidgen of trust in MC. And you ask the MC why he didn't tell you about the fact that he had your daughter? Did you leave him with a way to contact you?

Why did MC not tell him about his daughter when he returned? How exactly was MC supposed to go to the ML and tell him they had a daughter when ML didn't even remember sleeping together with him, not to mention that the MC was a man.

There's also the fact that ML repeatedly undermines MC's authority in educating his child well before he knows that she's s his daughter too. Worst of all, his actions almost always put the MC in an embarrassing position. If the MC hadn't been a strong person, he would've broken down under the pressure.

ML is described as smart handsome and gentle, somebody without flaws. Naturally, he has countless suiters and those who know about MC's relationship with him almost always look down on MC.

.... and.... The ML just let's everything happen..... MC is a fighter, he doesn't let anybody walk over him, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't get hurt or have doubts sometimes. Especially when ML's reply to "what did you like about me?" is "you're silly, I like it."


In short, I didn't really like a single character in the entire story except maybe the MC (but he's on thin ice due to the whole non-consent thing he did at the beginning). The bestie is nice but doesn't contribute to anything in the story. The translation quality is fine but there are quite a lot of typos and missing words which left me guessing. <<less
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Bocchan13 rated it
April 23, 2022
Status: --
Okay. Okay.

the MC IS SUPER DUMB. Like dumb dumb to the point where strangers would come up to you and ask if you're okay dumb.

But surprisingly, I LOVE IT. MC is the epitome of chaotic neutral. His commentary and the way he himself dramatizes his own situations is hilarious. Going to the extremes rather than logix, and the exuberant energy even made me spin in for a loop. His head is so tied up in knots, you'd have to wonder how he survived in the world for so long.

But you... more>> don't get bored. Every situation he's in, he'll find a new inventive way to subvert your expectations yet keeping it in the realm of chunnibyo syndrome. I swear, I would love to have MC as my adorable friend.

His relationships with his best buddy are a stuff of comedy spiel, creating such fantastical scenes and scenarios creating misunderstandings all around.

The relationship with both his kid and the ML are also heartwarming and fun. To every chaotic neutral you need a lawful evil which is exactly describes the ML and daughter. They have to be the ice to MCs sun and knock him down a peg or two when he's being unrealistic. But they don't look down on him at all and keep their teasing in the realm of folly and small trickery.

ML is somewhat of an enigma. His personality is the "cold unapproachable" trope but you peel those layers back bit by bit and you start to see the nuance the author has created in showing just how much thought and careful consideration the ML had while coming back from abroad.

Every decision laid out was solely for the MC, despite knowing that MC had a child. He integrated himself in so flawlessly that even the MC notices just how much ML cares.

Overall, this is a hilarious slice of life romance that I definitely recommend. It's a 4.5/5 for me! <<less
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April 18, 2022
Status: Completed
It has the same premise as Bringing Along a Ball and Hiding from Foreign Devils but the difference is the parents didn't stick their heads much in this couple's issues.

HEADSUP: IT HAS A SILLY/AIRHEAD MC. So for people who hated this type of bot, just skip for the sake of ur health. Has #misunderstanding. The low-eq slow couple have character growth tho so for me it's okay. It may be short but it does not have filler. It's all a no-nonsense slice of life about two people who misunderstood each... more>> other, thus almost missing all the lovey-dovey they could have, had a child together when younger, and eventually got a chance to be together forever. It also has its fun moment esp via MC and his sidekick who seem to both have single braincells LMAO.

Also in case people had an issue with teenage pregnancy:

MC himself make ML drunk and took advantage of him, thinking it's he's dying. He was highschool at that time and had no idea he could get pregnant. ML didn't know the child was his so he got disillussioned that his crush became a young, unmarried father out of the blue. Still, ML went back despite everything he think MC had done (bcos MC did not defend himself and just let the rumors go on)

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YakioYao rated it
February 18, 2023
Status: --

Translation Wise:

Its nearly impossible to read the story in full at the switch to the "CN Translations", the site used by the translator does nothing but switch to popup "VPN" malware. At first I thought it was maybe because of my Adblock that I just genuinely forgot to turn off. Unfortunately even with no adblock on, it still automatically switches to malware instead.

... more>>


The story is meh at most, there are some cute and silly moments but overall the MC is incredibly incompetent and a pathological liar when lying really WASNT needed. <<less
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March 20, 2023
Status: --
I usually dont wanna to review, but so many good review here and I read one review that described what I feel through when I read this. So I wanna give some consideration for someone who wanna read this story.

I agreed with Lucy666 review before about the descriptions of the characters this story. MC definitely a strong man, even with his what-author-said-lack-IQ. He can bear with all happened before until he met again with ML and still happy-silly-bright daddy to his daughter.

I struggled to finish this story at the middle... more>> because some uncomfortable jokes or condition what happen to MC. Author often to let it pass as a joke or just ignore with the MC, pass it with only “i like you”. How broken is MC heart if its keep happen in future or in reality. It will haunting him everytime, theres no positive feedback, or encouragement towards MC from everyone beside MC. At least, he got one and only silly friend to joke but even their communication seldomly happened and just so-so.

If its only for passing time its still okay with short chap. But if wanna fluffy2 better not. Because for me this is not fluffy.
aahhh how hardworking I am for finished this story and how many times I fallen asleep because so boring it is. <<less
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Novel Crazy
Novel Crazy rated it
June 6, 2022
Status: Completed
It's a relaxing novel.. It's cute, funny and heartwarming..I gave one less star is because I felt there was no end for some characters and felt something is missing when I read it..
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Common_people rated it
April 28, 2022
Status: Completed
I like it very much. It's been a long time, I never enjoy this much. The MC so silly, but not annoying. You know, some silly Charachter MC on the novel sometimes so annoying that I want to smash their brain. But this one isn't like that. I feel like, his life is so interesting and colorful b'cuz of his brain damage. The ML is a cool president, but not so domineering or something. He is genius, so he has a good check&balance. Good husband. Oh I like the little... more>> girl too. Smart, cute, what a dream child. The side cp is good too..

Everything is good, even though the story is pretty common, but it bring a Joy, good to pass the time <<less
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Novelstalker rated it
August 28, 2023
Status: Completed
First and foremost, I agree to some of the comments here about how the child is annoying and irritating. I only gave 3⭐ because of the kid annoying me and made me wants to get my slippers, jumps into the novel so I can beat the sh!t out of her.

I know my interpretation maybe wrong but that is how it is to me. I have read some novels with matured and genius kiddos but they can be cute and lovable while helping and loving their MC parents but this one... more>> to me is really a 👎.

At first I can tolerate as the author wanted to portray that MC's daughter is matured and genius but there are part that it is too much for me especially the part


where the daughter distributed and gave some of her snacks to everyone, even the fvcking cat got some!!, except for HER FATHER, the MC. Like wtf kid! If her other dad didn't told her to give some to the MC, she wouldn't give anything at all and when the MC ask her why she said "I forgot" and when the MC ask her why she gave little compared to others she said "cause I like them". &Lt;< Even if this is a joke it fvcking hurts where it hurts.

As someone who grew up in a family that fear and respect the elder, I really feel sad and annoyed whenever that daughter look down on her own father. It is honestly NOT CUTE at all.


Haaaaaa I feel so bad for the MC. 😮‍💨 You risked your life for 10months just so you can give birth to someone who will look down upon you for being s*upid and silly. I also hate how the other adults are tolerating it. I know there are moments that it shows how they love each other but I hope the author showed the daughter for being matured and genius in a cute way without disrespecting the father.

I know that the author portray the MC as someone who is s*upid and silly, there are cute moments but it's kinda frustrating that the MC is being look down upon everytime because of it. If he doesn't have a positive outlook he might get depression. <<less
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LostMySoul rated it
July 28, 2023
Status: --
Not my cup of tea. MC is an airhead and while I could tolerate that, he's always the brunt of the joke. I don't like his kid. Nor the Ml. Just wish MC would've wisen up. Maybe leave the kid with the ML since they don't seem to appreciate him and just start somewhere he can be truly happy.
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art3micia rated it
May 13, 2023
Status: Completed
While its a light read with fun elements etc there are plot holes, and definitely the wrong age and thought process of a child (if the author had claimed that the child was a genius; something to explain how a 3-4 year old speaks articulately, can be sarcastic, has a wit, I would have been ok), over the top naive - silly situations by the MC that really detracts from the story. How can men get pregnant and why its not known?

As for the translation, its average. Misspellings, wrong... more>> use of phrases, incorrect grammar etc. Of course, I appreciate not having to deal with MTL, but still if there was an editor on that part it would have been 5/5 stars. <<less
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Fisukisuki rated it
February 9, 2023
Status: Completed
A Very Very Good Novel! I'm Questioning why the low rating?

It has very little Drama. More like Barely Unnecessary Drama. But it does have Emotional moments.

The MC is Childish in Comedic Young Father kind of person. But the Childish tag was him has Chaotic hilarious way of thinking and imagination. He may not be the BEST Parent for being a Young Single Father and still get his parents help. But he does learn and try his best. The mentioned of the past of how he know what his daughter think... more>> when he was busy studying as student and his daughter was much still very much toddler, that past was emotional. Realistic and emotional.

But it has Best Family! Best Parents for Totally Supporting MC as Single Parents. And even more accepting this sexuality and marriage and all. Sure they're not Perfect, but they really care and helpful and full of Support!

ML's family also Supportive!

It does have Cannon fodders who tried to be Villain because they dislike MC. But MC is Tough! His mental strength was great (realistically probably because he has wonderful family), except when he was slightly more emotional on his Pregnant state. But it was immediately Cleared in less than 24 hours because they (MC and ML) talked about it!

Every important plot was Clear in this novel. What ML feels. Why he was Cold in the beginning and why he didn't contact MC when he was aboard for 4 years.

And the unexpected plot was unexpected. But like I said, no unnecessary drama whatsoever.

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Rhiech rated it
February 5, 2023
Status: Completed
This is a GEM!!!

The silly annoying brain damage Tiantian made this story so colorful. He raised his smart trickery daughter alone (with the help of grandpa Li and grandma Lee) for three wonderful years with a laugh and a happy environment despite the coercion from neighbors, relatives, and friends being him as an unmarried single dad.

Sometimes I doubt, who raised who... Since the daughter is very mature beyond age, a copy-paste mold of her other dad and his Tiantian-dad are in the opposite direction.

It brings joy and sadness to readers... more>> into a bittersweet pleasant journey throughout the story. <<less
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January 31, 2023
Status: --
Charity 5 stars to bring up the rating to 4.

It was okay. The MC & his friend's singular brain cell was actually funny. My biggest gripe though is that a huge chunk of the story is told passively. We get a whole lot of narration done through the MC, and a smattering of conversations here and there. This made the novel quite boring to read and it's quite a shame, since the earlier parts had more action and those were entertaining.
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Smtha rated it
July 4, 2023
Status: Completed
This story is so cute and fluffing. I like MC silliness, and ML patience, lol. It’s a no brainier shorts novel. The translation is good and the story just good for a relaxing rainy day. Recommended read. Thank you
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earlgreyt rated it
February 21, 2023
Status: Completed
Absolutely stunning translation. I would have given this a 3 but translation upped it to a 4.

This novel definitely isn't for everyone.

The writing style is very lowkey. The protagonist seems very happy-go-lucky/idiot/childish/naive, and he does have all those traits, but he's not as idiot/childish/naive as he appears on the surface.

This character is one that hides his suffering/unhappiness/wrongs deep deep deep down inside. Honestly, I was very uncomfortable a lot of times because occasionally it felt like he's very underappreciated by his family and his kid. But at the same time,... more>> he's very relatable because he's really your average person, there's no protagonist halo on it, and people don't treat him with admiration or your typical protagonist treatment.

I found myself surprised that this character's dumbness grew on me. I'm really not one to like dumb characters very much.

Anyway, my greatest resentment is probably that


the ML isn't one to confess or do romantic acts. I feel like the ML really didn't work hard enough to get the MC. Although it makes sense (the author really wrote a very realistic situation), but after hearing the MC's constant internal confessions about how much he loves the ML, sadly, the ML is like this puzzle box mystery to the MC. His motivations are hidden and the MC is not smart enough to figure it out.

To be honest, I definitely thought it was well-written. The ML does like the MC a lot and through the novel, you can see it through his actions (including his jealousy at times), but I still wish the man groveled more. Not that he deserved to, but that's just my bias towards the MC.

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Pezwitch rated it
February 19, 2023
Status: c1
Like others I had the malware issue when switching sites. I borrowed one of my husband’s Linux computers to finish it

It is a very cute story. I don’t usually like mpreg, but a friend suggested UD and I’m glad I took a chance. I was in the mood for something light and amusing and this fit the bill

Highly recommend if you are looking for a sweet and silly read
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Alwerien rated it
February 14, 2023
Status: c32
Cute story. MC was a bit... lot silly but in a likeable way and the ML was great. I was happy there weren't misunderstandings anymore after they got together and it was mostly fluffy. Overall I found it enjoyable break between stories full of angst, though the first person writing weirded me out at first - it might not be for everyone.

I wouldn't say it's a literary gem as it's more of a feel-good story mixed with comedy (especially when it came to that single braincell of MC and his... more>> best friend). The daughter was a treasure, definitely the one raising her dad for sure, not the other way around. <<less
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