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Before committing su*cide, he was confessed to.

The kid who was determined to die slowly didn’t expect at that time, he would always be sabotaged by the confessor.

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Being Towards Death
Live to Death
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kkam rated it
March 16, 2022
Status: Completed
This is an absolute gem of a story. It's so beautiful, poetic and angry, and heart-breaking.

It's a very real story about someone dealing with depression, his thoughts, thoughts of others, impacts on himself, impact on those around him. It shines a light on an individual's struggle with himself and depression.

And also it is a beautiful love story. The love isn't smooth. The ride is bumpy, but it is so heartwarming and supportive.
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todoffins rated it
May 14, 2024
Status: Completed
This is my first time writing a review and this has been one of my favorite comfort novels. That being said, I would not recommend it for everyone considering how dark the topics get. The author definitely doesn't try to sugar coat the MC's self harm or su*cide attempts. However, I found the experience to be one of the most realistic I've ever read about mental illness and one of the most relatable.

You definitely learn to heal with both the MC and ML, and you can certainly feel the devotion... more>> ML has for MC. This story has been one of my top favorites for quite some time now and it's helped me through some very dark times in my life.

Please give it a chance if you are in the right mentality. It's definitely MTLable and worth finishing to the end, disregarding the horrible BE extra that made me cry for a week LOL <<less
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