Transmigrated to the Cultivation World and Became a Cat


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My name is Du Ke, and I’m a transmigrator.

I’ve got a bit of bad luck, having transmigrated into a cat.

I’m currently the pet of a young miss from a wealthy and powerful family, living a shut-in, decadent life.

I don’t smoke or drink, and live a regular lifestyle.

My daily hobbies are training the young miss, bullying s*upid dogs, and ordering around cat s*aves.

I’ve got the golden fingers of a transmigrator, and they work quite well – I’m very satisfied.

I thought this kind of situation would continue for a long time, but I never expected that one day my little young miss would suddenly point at me and yell “Transform for me!”

You ask what happened after that?


Then this story is going to be a long one!

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3 Reviews

Jan 11, 2024
Status: c33
TL;DR: A great foundation and concept that is slowly turning downhill.

This review will start with the positives before going into my critiques and worries about the future of this novel.

First of all, the concept itself is surprisingly riveting. I thought I was going to be getting myself into a hot mess, but the beginning chapters were actually a delightful read. The character dynamics and interactions were pleasant to read and the worldbuilding was above average. This book definitely could be something amazing with the characters and world that it has... more>> built.

If this novel continued with the way it began, with humorous yet engaging character interactions, this would easily be a 5-star novel. I especially had that thought as I was reading.

However, it seemingly deteriorated later on. Now, I will continue with the negatives.

To begin, translation quality. The translation in this book is certainly below average. Some things are very clearly unedited MTL, especially in terms of names. The cultivation system is also especially confusing considering the flowery words used to describe it in novels. If a human translator is editing these chapters, he clearly gave up on trying to explain the cultivation system. It isn't unreadable, and it would be negligible if this novel were to continue as well as it started, but it unfortunately has not.

Next, the main character himself. The MC, for better or worse, displays a cat's personality amazingly well. It isn't necessarily a bad thing in and of itself, but it still is rather jarring considering the setting. The main character is the pet cat of a young 6-7 year old girl and she spoils him rotten. However, MC is wildly manipulative of this young girl. He mentions multiple times how his actions are targeted for the sole purpose of getting her to rely on him more. He also makes unnerving comments about how her young age is the best time for him to leave impressions on her.

This character is not bad to read in most novels, as it is consistent throughout, but it seems to taint this cutesy novel about a girl and a cat.

Additionally, this has finally bore fruit in the most recent chapters. The main character orders this poor girl around like a servant and she blindly follows everything he tells her. It has ruined one of the most enjoyable parts of this novel to me, the character interactions.

Also, what he asks of this girl isn't simple stuff like food or resources. He orders her to pretend as if another man has peeked at her in the bathroom and then has her almost beat that man to death despite him being innocent. It is not good to read about this sweet child being corrupted by the main character and has an unsettlingly serious tone despite the cutesy initial chapters and concept of the novel.

Finally, the cultivation itself. The main character has the ability to turn anything in the world into pills, whether it be books or water or moonlight, and each pill has its own properties. This could potentially be an extremely OP ability if he finds things that give him unique and powerful powers, but he doesn't. At the beginning of the novel, I didn't really mind this. I thought it was going to be an unserious, slice-of-life-y novel about a spoiled cat, so cultivation isn't really a priority.

However, in recent chapters, the tone has gotten more serious and more urgent. The main character desperately wants to increase his strength, cultivating all hours of the day, but he still almost entirely neglects his cheat. He makes books and moonlight into pills... and never even experiments with a single other thing. This makes even less sense when you consider that he has an astronomical amount of resources that he could turn into pills considering the status of his master.

Ultimately, this leads to the novel failing both in regards to action and also cutesy-ness. It isn't unreadable, and I will continue to keep up with new chapters, but I feel very disappointed with how its turning out.

I would recommend checking out the earlier chapters of this novel, as that was a good read regardless of the finish. <<less
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Jan 22, 2024
Status: c28
I agree with most that the reviewer onlycrimson1 said.

I'd like to add that the reaction to MC's treatment of the girl is very much a matter of perspective and expectations.

... more>>

It is undeniable that the author is selling cute scenes throughout the story, so we'd normally expect a cute story. But it's more complex than this.

To begin with, MC perfectly integrates as a cat and his owner is a very typical little girl, except that she's born in a high position of a martial family. At many times in the novel we can see her childlike cruelty, and the lack of foresight that could've directly killed her beloved pet despite good intentions. This is likely influenced by her environment, the world MC lives in is harsh and unforgiving, nevertheless this is not the typical innocent girl, but a girl that can decide the life or death of her inferiors, is perfectly aware of this power, and has no qualms about exerting it if she's angered.

Her affection for MC is not exclusive, as she shows her interest in another beast later on. The only thing MC has going for him is that the girl believes he was sent by Heaven to ward off her nightmares and protect them, but to this point it's unknown if this is indeed the case or just a misconception. From the point of view of MC, an adult living in the cruel world of cultivation and relying exclusively on the girl's fondness, she is way too unreliable. Unfortunately, it's his only guarantee, and despite being treated as "important", he's not irreplaceable, many times he inched close to death due to others' carelessness. Thus why he seeks to desperately improve his cultivation and also to manipulate his owner and turn her emotionally dependent.

So, I believe this is a fairly smart development. Which, however, is not what I signed up for.


The cultivation side is not very developed, and the subpar translation quality is another big issue.

I've already shown in the spoiler how the author makes some complex characterization, but he has both flaws and good ideas for the plot.


The most clear example is in the application of abilities.

For one, he escaped misfortune against a pack of dogs by the use of invisibility, but he was surrounded to begin with, and dogs have a very good sense of smell... That scene is 100% a miss for me.

On the other hand, there is a scene where he communicates through writing on paper. I was ready to suspend disbelief if he did it normally, but the author went the extra mile to paint out how difficult it was for him to do it in the body of a cat.


For the reasons above described, I believe this has a lot of potential, but it is botched by translation quality and the way MC interacts with the girl. <<less
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Jan 22, 2024
Status: c66
He's actually a cat. It's a great concept and well executed. Fish out of water scenario where a modern person becomes a cat and is now in a cultivaiton world. He stumbles along trying to figure out whatthe right thing to do and makes mistakes, but still keeps his bottom line. Not a bad cat, not a sociopath pretending to be a cat. He's a cat and he can only do things as a cat. His cheat is decently fleshed out, and the problems the first reviewer complain about get... more>> addressed. He doesnt have an ai chip solving all the plot holes for him, he wasnt a cultivation otaku in his previous life, this isnt a book hes already read and is trapped in. He's just a cat, trying to figure things out from scratch. And while the MC does say he's manipulating his owner, it's for her own benefit as well. It's how you teach children. The translator's words chosen to describe this could have been laid out a bit more tactfully perhaps... but this concept wouldnt work if his owner wasnt a naive child. They have to learn together and make mistakes together. It would be absurd if the human counter part was an adult that knew better.

I agree with the translation being spottily edited. There's a character that is a puppy but sometimes it is refered to as a kitten, sometimes humans are refered to as cats, in the later chapters... cats are being called weasles. It's some mtl weirdness but it doesnt really effect the overall story.

The current arc is interesting, the story started veering into the predictable 'cultivate and become more human-like lmao' and in comes more cat characters to whip the MC back into cat-shape. Come readers, lets walk the divine dao of the mystical cat together. <<less
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