Transmigrated Into the Vicious Stepmother in a Historical Novel


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Sheng Fei, who awakened her powers at the last days, was besieged by a horde of zombies and then transmigrated into the body of the vicious stepmother of the female lead in a historical novel.

She became the stepmother of the young female lead and four little villains, the kind of stepmother who treats them badly.

Sheng Fei even imagined how many meters the grass would be on her own grave.

Since she was already here, she decided to accept her situation and planned to guide the five little ones with the halo of motherly love. She doesn’t want them to be filial, but only hopes that they won’t seek revenge on her when they become successful and rich in the future.

Little did she know that things would take a different turn over the years. Not only did they refuse to let Sheng Fei leave, but they also threatened to take revenge if she left.

Years later…

The rising star of the business world, Eldest Brother Lu, said, “Mom, you can choose any place on the world map to live. We may lack everything else, but we definitely don’t lack houses.”

The industry’s top-notch lawyer, Second Brother Lu, said, “Mom, if anyone dares to bully you, just let me know. I’ll make sure they can’t even afford their underwear.”

Hollywood star and national first-tier actress, Third Sister Lu, said, “Mom, do you want autographs? I’ll invite them over to have dinner with you.”

A national-level doctor, Fourth Brother Lu, said, “Mom, if you’re feeling unwell, just tell me. I guarantee you will be fat and well-fed.”

The youngest genius teenage boy, Little Fifth Lu, who entered the prestigious Imperial University at the age of fourteen, said, “Mom, take care of yourself. If you don’t have enough money, just let me know. I have enough bonus to support your retirement.”

Even Lu Ting came to join in the excitement: “Fei Fei, I’m going to build a seven-star hotel here and name it after you.”

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