Transmigrated into the Gacha Game I Abandoned for 10 Years


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I transmigrated into the gacha game I abandoned for 10 years.

But, the state of the heroes I raised is strange.

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10년 방치된 가챠 게임에 들어왔다
I Entered a Gacha Game that I had abandoned 10 years ago
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2 Reviews

Dec 15, 2023
Status: c3
Although, I have not read much about the story I have high hopes for it. The story is seems easy to follow, the writing is good, and the plot (although sort of generic) seems ok. Overall the story has potential to be interesting.
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Dec 27, 2023
Status: c6
The author used the prolog as a crutch to kick start the story and hook you in abit, which I feel is kind of cheating. Theres basically no build up or explaination for the mc's transmigration or why he was so good or obssessed with the game. He was apparently a whale that got tired of being ripped off and just dumped the game cold turkey, then years past. It's a bit of an abrupt start but if the real story gets explained later through the heroes' pov it could... more>> be really interesting. There's potential for an entertaining story depending on how the connection to the game and real life plays out. Was it a god game where it was real all along? Did the game just suddenly become real? Is it an alternate dimension thats extremely similar to the game and the MC just body snatched someone? Did he fall into the game for some reason? Hopefully the author has a good explaination to tie this all together. <<less
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