Transmigrated As a Villain, I Rely on Sand Sculpture to Survive


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Su Huayi became the vicious adopted son with the same name in a novel about the struggle of the rich.

He was adopted as a child into the Su family. He was beautiful but with a scorpion’s heart. He repeatedly persecuted his older brother and tried to take over the family business.

Su Huayi transmigrated at a time when the original owner was up to his usual schemes.

He crawled out from under his elder brother’s bed and looked up to meet the latter face-to-face.

Su Chi’s expression was sullen: “What are you doing here?”

Su Huayi shyly bowed his head: “… I wanted to give you a surprise.”


As the eldest son of the Su family, Su Chi not only managed the family business but also had to take care of his younger brothers. He was planning to give that malicious adopted brother some trouble, to let him know that the sea of bitterness has no end and that he should turn a new leaf…

Su Huayi: It all depends on the waves.

Su Chi: “…”

To protect himself, Su Huayi acted coquettish to the point of no return, but he did not notice that the look in his elder brother’s eyes had gradually changed.

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Dressed as a Villain, I Rely on Foolish Acts to Survive
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starry araya
New starry araya rated it
June 22, 2022
Status: Completed
I love the story. Every character have their own personality. The interaction between MC and ML are sweet and funny. This story is light, kinda slice of life, full of comedy and romance.

Dislike :

sometimes the interaction between characters is interrupted directly and continues to the next plot.

Overall I recommend it. It just fluffy, cute and comedic story.
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New erialolita rated it
June 16, 2022
Status: c1
3.5 stars, cute but not much substance. Another review compared the novel to junk food and I absolutely agree. It's just nonsensical fun. No drama, no villians, and no miscommunication issues.

MC is airheaded and niave. Not much to him really. I didn't dislike him but didn't like him either.

ML is the standard cold CEO but with some sarcastic humor, which makes him more interesting. He still picked on MC a lot after realizing his feelings, which made me annoyed. I was waiting for him to slowly stop the mean teasing... more>> as much and give him more loving teasing.

The 2nd and 3rd brothers weren't explored enough. I wish the 2nd brother got more, he was left out a lot.


it isn't until chapter 60 or 61 that they get together. ML confesses like 10 chapters before that, but it takes the MC a while to figure out his feelings..


I will read again when the translation is out completely and update my review if need be. I think I missed a lot in the MTL. <<less
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ylial rated it
October 26, 2021
Status: c55
A good and hilarious sand sculpture novel XD this one suits my taste. I like the gradual and sweet love-development except the brain-damaged MC.

I always drop my common sense as I read this since the MC's original soul is already graduated and is working. And if I remember correctly it has something to do with law and business (?), but he always acts like an 8yr old child, and coquettish to his eldest brother (ML)

I like how the ML's face always crack due to MC's s*upidity. I also find... more>> it funny how ML always retorts the MC. There are lots of pun and chinese idioms too that brings comedic tone to the novel.

I don't know if I'm gonna drop, but I find it uninteresting when the ML started to monopolize the MC. Also, some unresolved intimate tension makes me crave to see meat but due to the date it is published (2020), I shouldn't expect anything <<less
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xjgg rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: Completed
it's a silly lighthearted novel. MC is silly and his skills are not properly shown (i just knooow there will be rants about this lol). MC also has a cute hair that acts as a mood indicator lol. ML is nice; he loves his parents a lot so once MC said he would change, he was willing to give him a chance since their parents really loved MC.

the running jokes about the abandoned middle child are so funny. I was kinda torn between "ah this hits too close to home"... more>> and cackling the whole way 😭 <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
You ever pick up some discount junk food but then you try it and hey it's pretty tasty, turns out this is some Gourmet junk food.

That's what this novel is in a nut shell. It's got all the usual tropes of canon fodder villain clinging to a golden thigh and the relationship slowly changing to romantic but it does it well.

MC - idiot but in a cute way, honestly not conventionally MC s*upid and is pretty astute here and there (even for romance can you believe it).

ML - Seemingly cold... more>> president big brother but actually really funny. Respectful of MC and takes care of him.

Romance - I had a lot of fun reading this. There was a lot of casual bantering and bickering that gives off an almost comedy routine vibe. I was pleasantly surprised by MC/ML interactions where they had a lot of back and forth. There was a nice gradual lean from suspicion to platonic love to romance and I thought the moment ML realised he was truly in love was very sweet.

I liked that pre-romance MC in his 'brotherly' role doesn't act like some weird White lotus seducer (wolfish silkpants bottom certainly comes to mind). He's a bit clingy but it's not really beyond any realms of acceptance. ML is also aware they're not blood related and makes sure to set boundaries.

Their romance is also pretty fun. MC actually properly considers ML's confession seriously and knows what boundaries they need to have instead of always physically sticking to him when he hasn't responded to his confession. There's no weird grapple for top of bottom and they're both equally clingy to each other. Love the sacarstic banter continuing into the romance too.

The side characters were fun too, I liked his family members and how they all had their own personality. Shout out to third brother for being a great wingman.

There's not too much face slapping and it focuses more on their relationship. All in all some delicious junk food that made me smile. <<less
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cinlky rated it
May 14, 2022
Status: Completed
Sweet fluffy all the way. I regret I didn't learn Chinese. The way they trade words/idioms.🤣🤩🤪👻T hey are so funny and non stop all the way.

While someone complain about the smut scene... You guys have o understand the censorship. If not we will just get direct To next morning blackout instead. Just change the flower plum to crysthenum flower instead and the ink pen into you know what, , 😈😈. Then everything is simple.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
remyrem rated it
December 28, 2021
Status: --
MTLed, the smut scenes are pretty bad. I can understand the need for censorship, but everything is just weird metaphors about describing flowers and maps.

As for the story itself... it's a pretty braindead story. Idk if it's worth the whole 88 chapters.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
nitan rated it
June 14, 2022
Status: Completed
The sense of humor is great, every dialogue that comes out of the MC's mouth is entertaining and has a narrative that's carried through the entire novel. The ML gets along with the MC by doing cross talk together. Its a performance piece; an art, for the audience. I absolutely love it. The ML also has more personality than just cold successful CEO, he has alot of dry humour, is a straight forward dude, a little like an old granny, always waiting for a performance and has a sarcastic mouth... more>> he isn't afraid of featuring in the scenes. It's refreshing!!

They're like an old married couple in a way, but the MC is brazen, white lotus (sand sculpture) and coquettish. The ML isn't as cold and hard as he looks, I love how him being quite sarcastic and wanting to express that alot is a part of his personality. The confession (around ch48-50) is also very nice, it was very straight forward and there was not alot of panic. It was just like the rest of the novel - 'oh ok' and then look see attitude to what comes next. It adds to the overall humour when you get sneak peaks of each side's perspective so you know what they're going through.

Although it's not perfect -- some of the work-line just gets dropped after a while, but it's fine because this novel is rather interesting. Instead of the love-line progressing, it's fairer to say the love-line is pretty consistent --- the MC flirts, everyone reacts the same way, but the only progressing here is the ML's slowly being boiled in warm water until he progressed the love-line on his own into realizing he likes the MC.

Basically, nothing outside actually shifts. The MC doesn't quit flirting, nothing drastic happens to hasten the plot of make it anymore heart-pounding. No kidnapping, no jealous very dramatic/drastic love rival, no drug/r*pe scenes. The only thing that changed is the ML going through emotional development and realizing he likes the MC. It's so interesting, Ive never seen a novel that does this before and I love it. Like, not in a metaphorical 'I now see you in a softer light' way that's cheesy -- this novel still has the ML biting back just as before, nothing's changed. It also does a very commendable job of cutting back the grease. It's fun without being cheesy, it's flirty without being oily. I like it! <<less
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Tartlebum rated it
June 10, 2022
Status: c26
Super fun to read because of all the sha diao moments, but, like, what is up with the author’s obsession with the mole on MC’s neck?? I had to stop and write a review at ch 26 because I legit just could not get over how the red mole somehow made it into the headline for a viral vid of MC eating cake. A *significant* amount of the character count in descriptions of the MC as part of the narration or part of others’ observations re MC’s attractiveness revolves around... more>> the mole on his neck being really... seductive? Am I missing something bc my Chinese is dodgy!? Are there Chinese aesthetics I don’t appreciate bc I’m an ABC? I know I should turn off my brain bc the novel is exactly what it says on the tin... but the recurrence of these descriptions just overwhelmed any other comments I could possibly make about the novel itself. The author seems to have some of the MC’s qualities and is v v much a *~sand sculpture~* themself lolololol <<less
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Ars rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: c16
Absolutely hilarious novel with rich and playful banter between the protagonist and the side characters. So far every chapter has made me laugh--it's a really fun and enjoyable read when you're in the mood for something comedic! The story is very aware of the tropes in its genre and plays on them to humorous effect. Interested to see where the romance develops between the MC and ML as you can already feel the romantic pull between their personalities under the hilarious interactions.
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