Top Giants: Rebirth of the Black-Bellied Wife


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She is the daughter of a billionaire businessman, the youngest daughter of the family. But she was framed by her own elder sister and sent to hell, getting a new chance at life.

Born again, her lips curved into an indifferent smile; her eyes opened, looking like the surging seas. With her own hands, she sent the head of her family to heaven. Everyone witnessed her massacre effortlessly having reincarnated into another body, until there was no trace of anything, like a masterstroke.

Turning around to raise her small face which makes people’s hearts move, she headed home to ‘affectionately chat’ with her widely renowned older sister!

Her elder brother is indifferent, heartless, sitting on the mountain and watching two tigers fight. Her father is vicious and merciless, shrewd to unseen depths.

In the centre of UAE is it’s golden city; in the middle of this city’s most arrogant wealthy aristocrats, is the small, gullible and pitiful her. Everyone thinks that when she goes home, it will be as if the sheep entering the lion’s mouth, but who would have thought that it would turn out to be the cat teasing the lion? What is called ‘to crushingly ruin’?

She let her motherland up and down learn the four characters well – jì jīng sì zuò! (Someone having astonishing skill.)

Stepping on blood, welcoming amazement from everywhere, in this oil-rich, powerful empire, she held the authority of the imperial power in the palm of her hand.

During the feast of the treaty of allied countries, she only considered it to be an amusement. But who would have thought she would provoke that high up above, brilliant yet reserved man?


Somewhere a woman curls her lip. A mountain doesn’t accommodate two tigers and a country doesn’t accommodate two lions. Her man who always has a cold look but still wants to provoke her, for this man, she has a little interest!

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June 13, 2019
Status: Completed
Its a nice story and all with these two domineering couple.

MC is wise beyond her years, but then it was explicitly stated that she was reincarnated many times on different eras and world.

ML is a Marshall, military head of the Empire who is greatly admired by all.

Its almost a reverse harem but nope, it's all about the OP Couple. ?
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