This World Needs a Hero


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In an era where humans and demons compete in fierce battles for survival, the Hero has fallen.

“…I will take your place.”

Thus began the deception of the fake Hero.

If exposed, it could mean the destruction of humanity.

…But the imposter is just too good at it.

[Academia], [Professor], [Hero]
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이 세계에는 용사가 필 요하다
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6 Reviews

New Doogle
Mar 28, 2024
Status: --
Pretty good story, setting, and characters. MC is a doppelgänger, but honestly shouldn’t be considered one after he gets a special ability that lets him mimic people’s abilities without having to turn into them, ruining the appeal of a doppelgänger altogether. It’s just another skill copying MC, if anything.
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Dec 07, 2023
Status: c3
I knew I should've taken the tags literally.

This is just another academy professor fic.... even with the interesting twist, I fail to rekindle any excitement I had at first.

Anyway the MC is a doppler and the first girl he meets basically uses him as a doormat. So with a MC who refuses to grow a backbone and played second fiddle to the hero his whole life, I really can't see this as anything else but another generic KN. But this time with a ML as a beta JP MC.
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Jan 17, 2024
Status: c106
Not your typically academy professor fiction... this one shows much more premise than the typical ones. Why? Simply, emotions and identity.

Imagine our MC, a wanderer, who has to upheld the Hero’s image in order to give hope amidst the prevailing demonic invasion. What makes this novel awesome... it’s a doppler, who aims to understand humans and act as one. Only two persons know his identify, one his role-model who’s dead unbeknownst by many, except the other person, who understands his undertaking in paving way for future heroes. Thus, he becoming... more>> an awesome academy professor.

Definitely looking forward for the story and more shapeshifting... his other faces. <<less
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Nov 27, 2023
Status: c22
Shows some promise.
the gritty world is both under described as well as under utilized right now, which is fine. we are essentially starting the story in the second maybe third book of the story.
the main character already grew to immense skill and fought the ultimate bad guy to a stand still, then was assassinated. our NEW main character is a doppelganger posing as that person, rediscovering his stolen form's skills and developing/teaching new warriors/heroes for the war.
its both another dumb academy story, and the mid way point in a massive war story. we'll see how it continues to develop, but I'm liking it right now.

*I will admit though... there is a suspicious amount of female characters.... this VERY EASILY could turn into another bland overpowered main character with a thousand woman army of empty vessel heroines....
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Mar 14, 2024
Status: c170
I love it!

I think this is the first novel that really made me 'miss' a character that died in prologue. I kinda want the author to pull a deus-ex-machina just for him QAQ. The guy was a real hero.

Also I'd disagree with Dg2's review. Only at chapter 3 and calls MC doormat lol. The Emperor was harsh at worst, and this was fueled by the fact the MC was replacing a recently dead friend of hers. Imagine? You're friend, savior, and maybe more, just died and someone is gonna wear... more>> their face and you have to swallow it down for the good of humanity. Eh, I'd be having attitude as well.

MC is kinda bland though imo, but I could stick that to him being a doppelganger and had no fixed personality. He is mimicking the dead hero now and more permanently (?), and we can see him grow as a person along the way. Finding out why he even bothers putting out the farce of being someone else.

Other characters, especially the kids, are all interesting, too. They got their motivations and baggages that the hero, as their teacher, will be guiding with.

Overall I would recommend this novel! <<less
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Dec 10, 2023
Status: c40
This one has my eye peeled every day I check to see if its updated haha.

The protag not being human I think is a interesting difference between many other stories, and it being nested in this academy setting shortly after the intro is a fun sort of way to apply an added emotional element of alienation to the teacher. It makes the compassion feel just a little more impactful.

I think this could be a real sweat heart of a story, its got a lot of promise, but you never know!

Right... more>> now its singing a little too close to 'can do no wrong' and all, but we've seen so many different examples of heroic figures failing in the story so far, that I can't help but enjoy it as a sense of foreboding.

We'll see if it actually happens or if its a rug pulled out from us ha! <<less
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