This Girl Wins Three Hundred Million Dollars


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The impoverished worker Yu Shu suddenly wins three hundred million dollars, and she thinks her life has reached its peak. However, reality tells her that three hundred million is just the beginning…

Buying a car and a house, smashing golden eggs, all are first prizes; when shopping in a mall, she wins the first prize of one kilogram of gold; scratch-off tickets casually reveal five thousand dollars; meals are free; reposts always win; passing the bar exam and driving test all pass on the first try…

The biggest prize Yu Shu has ever won in her life is Shen Youlin, loving him with two hundred million dollars inadvertently revealed in his pocket…

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New kaio98 rated it
May 21, 2024
Status: Completed
Half comedy but also half nonsense. I enjoyed it more before the romance started, which was pretty soon. But that's not the point bc the MC is almost as bad as the ML in terms of being nonsensical so it's not that the romance brought the story down. The story was prob going down anyway unfortunately. Overall just didn't get the enjoyment expected from reading a webnovel.

It's not that I hate it but I just didn't get much joy from reading this.
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New Lily.rose rated it
May 16, 2024
Status: c1
The translator is amazing! Great work!!

the story on the other hand....

... more>>

was hella boring. I could not take it seriously. I'm the kind of person who wants starts a story needs to finish it but I gave myself until chapter 120 and I couldn't finish it. The male character was so unserious. It felt like I was reading about kindergarten boy. I get that he had issues but he never develops into a mature character (at least until chapter 120 he didn't). He is supposed to be an adult. He was a PhD candidate. But every time I was reading it it felt like I was reading about a kindergarten boy. It was so hard to take seriously it was so hard to even finish reading about him antics. If I was around someone like that—I would move across the globe. He threw tantrums over the smallest things. And not even funny tantrums—annoying childish ones. Again, how is this an adult character worthy of running a company. Im not saying give me a generic cold hearted and monotonous CEO (like 99% Chinese novels). But give me a heartwarming CEO that is professional at his job and also has a childish side that's not over the top. That's not what we got here. He is not the worst ML I read but by god is he the most annoying.

The female main character was not that bad but Her every decision was questionable. tell me if you know you were bad with money why would you spend it like water and then tell yourself you're gonna be better but then you go back to the spending. When she first won the lottery, she basically said that I'm gonna go spend the most amount of money I could, buy whatever the heak want no matter how s*upid, just abandoning all my possessions (even all my underwear), abandoning my family for the short period of time, book the most expensive hotel, go to the most expensive city and you know be a s*upid person. I am exaggerating here. But I couldn't understand her behavior. And maybe it's realistic for someone to be wasteful when winning so much for the first time but girl, have some brains. Yeah she made smart decisions about investing, setting aside savings, buying real estate yada yada yada. But the first thing she did was get rid of ALL her old things (she literary hopped on a plane with nothing but the lottery documents). And then buys all the expensive clothes, bags, shoes, everything. My head hurt. And it's maybe because I am not rich. So idk if this is normal behavior.

anyway, reading this did NOT feel like it was a romance story. It felt like a slice of life mixed with melodrama in certain parts. I'd like the component with her mother having mental illness. I thought that was interesting, but then they kind of abandon it and go somewhere else with the plot and her just abandoning her family again after that just because she has money and a new man... girl seriously???

And the two main characters didn't even have chemistry. It was so weird to see them be a couple. I don't even know why she fell in love with him. He had nothing going on for her, and then he suddenly went fighting with her to being in love with her. I don't know. They didn't have any kind of chemistry. It felt like siblings suddenly started dating. It was very weird so I had to kind of drop it when they got together.

If you wanna read like a story that doesn't take itself seriously go ahead. But don't expect good plot or good characters.

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ahumbleshopkeeper rated it
April 17, 2024
Status: --
My actual score for this novel is 4.5.

I enjoyed the premise and thought it was well-executed. MC really comes into her own and is fun to watch no matter what she's doing. I haven't finished it, but I've gotten pretty far, and I've been entertained pretty much the whole time. Would definitely recommend.

However, I am taking half a star off because of the ML.

... more>>

I like him a lot, actually. He's a funny little dude, and his banter with MC is great. Their romance was progressing steadily and believably, and I was eager for them to get together.

It's just that the ML has a glaring flaw that I can't look past: When he gets really upset, he throws tantrums like a toddler, i.e. yelling, cursing, breaking things, etc. Actually his hair trigger temper that leads to all that is an issue, too.

Don't get me wrong. MC doesn't put up with it either. The narrative is obviously punishing him for this behavior and will almost certainly lead to him, you know, *not* doing that. It's just... IRL, I would dump his ass, too, and not look back. I wouldn't trust him to change. That behavior is a giant red flag. The fact that MC will eventually either look past it or believe he's changed (and yes I know he likely will have!) just kind of makes me feel like I'm watching my good sister throw herself into the fire again and again. I can only tsk tsk and shake my head. This behavior is so unattractive that I'm dropping the novel.

I'm not encouraging anyone else to do so. I'm just too impatient for the ML to drop his bad habits, so I'm dropping him first lol

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ludagad rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: c1
I love it. For a wish-fulfilment novel, the characters are quite interesting and different from the norm. Especially the ML - not the typical cold CEO cardboard copy of other typical MLs. So, this novel satisfied my need for an easy-going novel, and the need for entertaining characters that would keep me interested in reading. Still haven't finished it, but I'm quite happy so far at chapter 40ish.
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January 25, 2024
Status: Completed
Shuangwen novel that tries to discuss family dynamics at the same time. You may or may not agree with the author about it.

Anyway, I just want to say:

Yu Shu, the lucky koi, please bless me with your luck and let me hit the jackpot of lotto. Amen. 🍀🍀
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chande rated it
May 6, 2024
Status: Completed
If you love family drama, then you would love this novel. Any family drama scenario you could think of, this story covered it all. MC and ML even jokingly made those dramas into dog blood novel's title which was quite hilarious.

Speaking of MC and ML, their bantering really became highlight of this story. They also love role playing and eating melon together, really feel like finding your soulmate. However at the early phase of their relationship, ML wasn't that great tbh so MC could fall in love with him was... more>> quite baffling to me.


He really acted like a hearless jerk most of the time and his poisonous mouth could really anger someone to death. He also came and went as he liked, often making MC felt dejected.

There's also his mental illness which was quite severe since it could be a life-threatening condition when he had an episode. It's not that I disparaged someone who had mental illness but MC often complained about being exhausted after facing her mentally unstable mom so I'm a bit surprised when despite all that, she could still fall in love with ML.


Aside from that, I found this story was quite enjoyable to read. And the ending was very fulfilling and the author didn't even forget to tie all the loose ends. <<less
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Potatoteeth rated it
April 28, 2024
Status: Completed
I enjoyed this title very much, flaws and all. It's just dog blooded, ridiculous, and wish fulfilment enough to be distant, but it presents emotional realities that make a real impression on you if you've been through something similar. 5 stars.
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