There’s Something Wrong With These Demonic Women!


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Lu Xun was beheading demons and exterminating evil, not knowing what a worthy opponent was. On that day, Lu Xun found himself defenseless as he was beaten by a powerful female demon, unable to fight back, and was forced into marriage with a young demoness.

“A real man should not dwell under the influence of demons for too long!”

With impassioned words, Lu Xun successfully married into the demon clan. The young demoness was a 400-year-old golden snake, cold as ice, and arrogant. The powerful female demon was a thousand-year-old white snake, mature and charming, with captivating beauty. The little female demon was a 200-year-old fox, mischievous and adorable, full of liveliness.

“Something’s not right!”

“These female demons are not normal!”

However, Lu Xun gradually discovered that not only were these female demons suspicious, but there were even more peculiar things happening outside!

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    Leident rated it
    August 25, 2023
    Status: c54
    Alright so this novel is a lighthearted one, it doesn't have that much of weight in term of plot but the interaction between the characters are interesting. Anyway don't expect anything heavy from this novel, just read and have fun. Read this as if the MC is the second coming of Mooch Lord, Zu An from Keyboard Immortal and you will start enjoying the novel. For those who like Keyboard Immortal, I can guarantee that you will like this novel.
    6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    mahindernilanjan rated it
    July 26, 2023
    Status: c15
    Don't know how this story develops in future but so far it's pretty much mediocre. The MC is a beta with no will whatsoever. He is constantly getting beaten uo by FMCs but he just accepts and don't do anything. It's annoying as hell. FMCs are also bland and the development is forced. Dialogues and interaction are also pretty dry. MC does not do to escape the situation instead he just accept and gets beaten up.
    2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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