Keyboard Immortal


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A lightning strike transmigrated Zu An into another world. In that world, he was known as the tr*sh of Brightmoon City, but for some reason, he was married to the gorgeous and highly talented daughter of the Chu clan?

What? I’m a transmigrator but I don’t have any talent for cultivation? Why are there so many people out for my life? And most importantly of all, how in the world did I get on the bed of my sister-in-law on my wedding night?!

It was a nightmarish starting point for Zu An, but fortunately, as a famed keyboard warrior in his previous life, the world gave him a keyboard in this life too so that he could turn things around. Through his trolling and flaming, he shall stand atop the corpses of his burned enemies and rise to the top of the world!

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New aptop6
May 7, 2021
Status: --
The thing about this novel is that there's always a smile on your face when reading this novel.

Enjoyment 10/10

Story 7/10

Character interaction 9/10.

System is also quite fleshed out.

The only problem I have with this story is the harem is slowly getting too big.

Spoilers ahead.

Confirmed harem members so far.

... more>>

1. His wife (had sex)

2. Wife's personal maid (elf girl) (had sex)

3. Wife's best friend (big chest girl) (had sex)

4. Zheng Dan (had sex)

5. Oiran (Can't have s*x unique cultivation) (had Fellatio)

6. Demon girl (ntr) (had sex)

Heavy hinted harem members:

1. Wife's sister (author waiting for her to grow up)

2. Mother-in-law (author afraid of ban) (f*cking Chinese censorship got "Reverend Insanity" banned🤬)

3. Wife's other sister (yes there are three of them)

4. Oiran's master (same cultivation can't have sex)

5. Lvl. 9 principal

6. Teacher who plays song.

7. Medicine chick (had kiss)

Low hinted harem mebers:

1. Sang Qing's sister

2. Emperor's son's fiance

3. Women who paid him 10000 gold coins for saving her in the mountains.


And the harem members are still increasing as we speak.

There's this portion of the story where he transitions from his home town to the capital and because the MC is too weak every interactions he has it feels like deus ex. It last like 100 chapters then author fixes it. <<less
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Lord Luzifer
New Lord Luzifer
May 5, 2021
Status: c316
Its entertaining and a refreshing alternative to those 0815 storys that always have the same plot.
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kkgoh rated it
January 12, 2021
Status: c450
A rare CN troll gag novel that's actually entertaining for adults.
Filled with mo lei tau slapstick comedy, a StephenChow-esque MC and a varied hilarious cast of characters. Hit or miss depending on your sense of humor. It's NOT a cultivation novel with training arcs and fantastical fights, so if that's what you're looking for you're in the wrong place. 4.5 out of 5 stars as of c140.

Dropping it down to 4 stars as of c340, which may still be generous depending on what your bottom line is. Plot development is a complete mess after c200, sounded like a mix of author being caught up in real life and getting writer's block. Novel trended towards oversexualization and several taboo items come up which is very disappointing. Comedy drops off dramatically, and the trolling becomes nothing more than MC parading his harem in front of other people to get Jelly Rage points. Lots of filler creeping in. Major spoilers.
... more>>

Literally nothing happens after the dimensional expedition arc. Instead of developing existing characters, author keeps introducing new women (courtesans, or existing character who suddenly has multiple personalities) and shoots himself in the foot when he realizes he can't develop them well. All the previous women keep appearing for 1 chapter and disappearing again as author tries to juggle MULTIPLE relationships at the same time and fails miserably.

Author's overemphasis on Qin Wanru (MC's mother-in-law) is pretty messed up.
It was still ok as an initial joke about her being a mature woman targeted by older men. But author set up way too many sexual encounters between MC and his mother-in-law, from seeing him naked (after MC recovers his sexual function) to constantly feeling distracted since the joke was that his d*ck is huge. Although MC doesn't actually have s*x with the her, this development is really messed up and uncomfortable. Starting to wonder if author cratered to some reader demands for sexual fetishes.

The aphrodisiac trope and sex-to-save-a-life trope keeps coming up. Again, and again, and again. MC can apparently only initiate s*x with his women through these tropes, which is just f*cked up, a huge red flag and completely destroys MC's suave character.
MC slept with his wife to save her life since his "essence" can help cure her broken meridians.
MC slept with his maid because she got hit with aphrodisiac.
MC slept with a scheming harem member, because she got hit with aphrodisiac.
MC has a sexual encounter with an innocent harem member, because she mistakenly consumed the SAME aphrodisiac.
Are you f*cking kidding me?!

Author kept promising 2 chapters per day, which is an insane amount of updates. Might be a newbie author mistake. Eventually author couldn't live up to expectations so you start seeing a LOT of filler... basically lengthy descriptions of MC's harem in a different wardrobe or long paragraphs discussing their body parts.

Holding out hope it starts to turn around...


EDIT2: Dropping down to 3 stars as of c450. Unfortunately the novel keeps going downhill and basically became erotica. Based on author's notes and reader comments, it's clear that a significant group of perverted readership hijacked the novel. While the author eventually avoided some taboo subjects due to threat of banning by Chinese censorship, he continues to pander to the audience with more women, and even MORE s*xual fetishes. Ugh. There's no comedy or story anymore.

Here's the rough tally by c450. I can't even rem their names anymore... that's how ridiculously huge the harem cast is. MC hasn't slept with several of them yet, but by the sheer amount of screen time, innuendos, sexual encounters and constant reappearances, it's probably going to happen.

(1) Main wife, cold and aloof.

(2) Main wife's younger sister / i.e. sister-in-law, I'm guessing it's supposed to be the loli type, but author avoided this probably due to worry of ban, MC is waiting for her to "grow up".

(3) Mother-in-law (got hit with the usual aphrodisiac trope, but recovered at last minute since author gave up due to threat of novel ban).

(4) Main wife's busty friend.

(5) Main wife's elf maid.

(6) Ex-scheming adversary turned lover, with all kinds of voyeur/public kinks (netorare since she's engaged? flagging here since someone keeps removing my novel tags).

(7) City lord's daughter, supposed to be the artsy type.

(8) Principal, mature working woman type.

(9) Teacher, mature old sister type.

(10) Medicine girl, some innocent young thing that caters to MC's fetish to bully her.

(11) Courtesan, I guess geisha type? Also supposed to be the artsy type. No idea how she's any different from the others anymore.

(12) Randomly inserted (pun intended) emperor's younger brother's wife who's also an elf, so now author is duplicating characters. I believe it's called netorase (something like "Indecent Proposal" 1993)... someone keeps removing my novel tags so I have to directly flag it in the review).

(13) Scheming adversary's daughter.

Reminds me of another disaster "Ancient Strengthening Technique".
@dysry's review is still legendary, and applies to this novel too.


I also have to agree with @DevilKat on several comments. MC relies on deus-ex-machina all the time after the initial part of the novel. Immediately after resolving a danger and being forewarned/suspicious of other dangers, instead of preparing for it, MC becomes an utter dumbass and just screws around for more erotica. MC is saved by the people around him, or random last-minute draws from the System. Rinse and repeat.
Extremely disappointing.


A keyboard warrior/troll MC Zu An (it's hinted he works in IT) is transmigrated into a cultivation-based world. He inherits the weak body of a youth with a mysterious background, and is immediately embroiled in a web of political conspiracy. Armed with nothing but an unusual trolling System, Zu An must find a way to survive while making his way up in the new world.


(1) Mo lei tau nonsensical slapstick humor
The novel pays homage to a lot of HK slapstick humor.
If you're not familiar with the style, as per Wikipedia, "Its humour arises from the placement of surprising and incongruous elements, and the complex interplay of cultural subtleties. Typical constituents of this humour include nonsensical parodies, juxtaposition of contrasts, sudden surprises in spoken dialogue and action and improbable and deliberate anachronisms." It's NOT satire.

MC is designed with Stephen Chow's "Hail the Judge" (1994) in mind, a weak protagonist that has to survive using his mouth and wits. In this instance, Zu An has to antagonize people around him to build up Rage points that can be exchanged for powers ups with his System. Thankfully author knows MC's limits on which buttons can/cannot be pressed, and his sense of humor is way better than "The First Order" (2019), which was just full of deadpan Your-Momma jokes.
Not sure why there was a comment about MC being a psychopath or murdering people in cold blood. His enemies made multiple attempts on his life, and were planning to cripple/sever his limbs and r*pe the women around him. Killing/torturing them to farm Rage points isn't all that bad. MC even had to counsel one of the female physicians around him not to be too kind to enemies since it was constantly getting her in trouble.

MC's harem members are entirely unique, with distinct looks, personalities and abilities. More importantly they are usually stronger than the MC, which makes a hilarious comparison to the Jin Yong classic The Duke of Mount Deer.

The rest of the cast members are designed similar to some of Stephen Chow's most famous side characters (Gabriel Wong, Uncle Tat, Kingdom Yuen, etc).

-- Cheng Shouping, MC's inept attendant that's lazy and frequently retorts to the MC, plays a similar role to the one Gabriel Wong in Flirty Scholar, Fight Back to School.
-- Qin Wanru, Chu Family matriach, resembles Kingdom Yuen/Pei Pei Cheng who plays similar violent deadpan matriachal roles in Stephen Chow films.
-- Ji DengTu, a pervy middle-aged physician and one of MC's harem member's father, is reminiscent of Uncle Tat.


(2) Meta, meta everywhere

The author doesn't hesitate to poke fun of its own trolling genre or wuxia/xianxia webnovels. There are a LOT of homonyms and puns which can be difficult to translate for English readers. Even the title of the novel is a joke.... 陆地键仙 meaning "Land of the Keyboard Immortal", where 键 (jian) refers to keyboard. It's a homonym of 剑 (jian), which refers to sword.

Some other examples...


MC's wife reads romance novels titled "Sweet Pampered Wife...", which pokes fun at the fact that majority of modern webnovels have similar names.

Everyone has weird pun-like names that would be hilarious in modern times. His pandering pervy schoolmate is called Wei Suo, which is a homonym for wretched.

When MC is told by his schoolmate that there's a ranking list of 10 School Beauties, MC complains about boring decades old tropes being recycled. The schoolmate retorts that even so, people still enjoy and clamor for it. MC reluctantly agrees.

Character names are often puns of their character design/personalities. MC's sister-in-law is Huanzhao, meaning she tends to fight back/be prickly. A busty harem member Pei Mianman carries the word "man" or "full", in reference to her endowment.


(3) Iffy world-building
This is the iffy part for the novel.

While it's entertaining that the cultivation world blends modern elements due to interaction with different species and dimensions, it doesn't always hold up well. Author might be trying to emulate "Gintama", which blended historical drama with sci-fi elements.

When it works, it's absolutely hilarious. I appreciate the ton of adult humor... finally something adults can read.

MC obtains a "Heiress Ball of Delights", which is a joke on the urban legend that rich bored housewives would have a special steel wool scrub to use on their boy-toys. It's a reference to S&M and MC uses the ability to remain at near death condition without dying.

MC's body is sealed (reference to A LOT of other xianxia novels), but comically the seal affects his p*nis and he can't get it up. The harem members around him typically make fun of the MC for it, treating him like a harmless gay friend which pisses him off.


When it doesn't, you're left scratching your head about the implausibility.

-- Women are supposed to be sexually conservative (widows/divorcees are looked down), but somehow wearing sexually suggestive clothes is ok.

-- Technological gaps are filled in with runic powers and formations. There's abundant Ki energy in the air to be absorbed, but there's still a heavy reliance on basic industry and labor. Wouldn't you just extract the Ki as a power source for industry?

-- The academy arc is weird and unstructured. People of all ages can attend, there's no set curriculum. And based on the description, the entire academy consists of just 4 classes... even though they are the most reputable academy across multiple prefectures.

-- MC's System random power-ups can become too far-fetched and don't blend well with the story.
E.g. a skill that temporarily forces someone to acknowledge him as a "friend" is ambiguous and doesn't have any benefits. A torchlight that only shines when it's bright was forcefully applied in an undead scenario when the environment JUST happened to be a place that was lit.
It's a copy of Stephen Chow's "Tricky Brain's" (1991) where a lot of the gags are one-time use and don't fit very well in a cultivation world.

These are just a few of those odd world-building elements that don't always make sense when meshing cultivation and modern science.

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hawlol rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: c40
The novel is common cultivation world + transmigrated guy with system that works with rage points from 'trolling' people. The 'keyboard' trope is bland, the keys works as inventory slots for items or skills and that's it for keyboard interaction. He uses rage points to play a lottery that gives him items and conveniently the items he 'randomly' gets are always perfect for his current needs which smells like poorly disguised plot armor.

But the worst problem is the 'mood' of the novel, which despite trying to be lighthearted due to... more>> the comedy, is actually disturbing and dark. The MC is a psycopath, not a troll, murdering people in cold blood and doing things in name of 'trolling' that are closer to torture and horror than actual comedy. For example, in this 40 chaps:


He severed a guy's dick, tied him to a tree and swang the severed d*ck in front of him as torture to get information and points. Later he threw the guy, still dickless, in an area full of wolves, lying that he would save the guy if he killed a few but still letting him being eaten alive after 'trolling' with fake attempts of rescue.

Later, a group of bandits get knocked out with poison so he goes with a dagger to each one's throat and asks an impossible question in name of 'trolling' and no matter the answer, he kills the guy in cold blood while their companions watch, one by one, in despair, until the last one. He could just take the bandits to the city, knock them out or whatever, but no, let's kill all them in cold blood, one by one, to farm rage points. So much trolling, so much comedy!


'Hey, they were bad people so it's okay to torture and kill them in horrific ways, right?!' that's the mood of this story.

Aside from that it's full of jade-like country-ending beauties and each girl that shows up is somewhat more pretty than the last, and the MC 'gotta catch them all'. The comedy part will be s*x jokes, mostly, including some acts that fall into the creepy area more than comedy, like stealing female underwear for a pervert doctor to cure his own sexual impotency.

The initial release was 60 chapters and I couldn't continue after only about 40. That's how unconfortable it was. The MC is an unlikeable murder hobo pervert, the villains are third rate 'complete scum' type so that he can murder them in gruesome ways and the reader can reason with it, although it's still not enough. And we're supposed to buy the guy is keyboard warrior from Earth! A handsome, intelligent, ruthless, decisive, resourcefull man (basically mary sue), chose himself to be a keyboard warrior over the internet because of the lols!

Another unfortunate choice of novel to translate by Wuxiaworld : ( <<less
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December 27, 2020
Status: --
Hello, I'm the translator here to give trigger warnings and hopefully provide an objective review of what you can expect from the novel.

The novel follows Zu An, who transmigrates over to a world of cultivation that somewhat resembles the Tang Dynasty. He obtains a keyboard that demands him to earn 'Rage' from people, which he can use to draw a lottery and obtain items to make him stronger. The concept is similar to I Really Am a Superstar, just that for IRAS case, he earns points through popularity instead.

It's... more>> a slightly dark, comedic novel with a serious plotline. Many of the interactions arise from Zu An trolling people mostly through his words and actions. It uses quite a lot of dark + quirky + ecchi humor, basically, just imagine a typical keyboard warrior flaming others in the forums.

Main Character:
Like a typical keyboard warrior you see on the internet, Zu An is not the most upright of people. It's not like he's downright despicable either; he only harms people who have made outright attempts on his life, but he does 'squeeze' them dry to earn their Rage points by doing all sorts of things. If you can't stand dark humor (and dark humor tend to not be very moral), you could get triggered reading the novel (Proceed at your own caution). Personally, I do think his antics are pretty interesting and funny, though I honestly don't bother thinking more deeply into it because I think of it as satire, and I don't think dark humor is not meant to be analyzed ethically either.

Story Development
There are a proper storyline and world-building, and rather than having lots of fighting, there are more politics instead. It's a world of cultivation so there's bound to be power levels and fighting, but there are a royal court and rules in place. Strong cultivators do get additional privileges (e.g. They get high official positions) but there are no mindless slaughters around since there are power checks here and there. There's definitely a bit of political intrigue in place, but it doesn't go full-blown in there.

Other Characters
There's also quite a bit of ecchi scenes in place, so yeap, a lot of beauties around Zu An. Personally, I don't really like ecchi, so some scenes do make me cringe a little, but overall, the ecchi scenes are at least still inserted logically for me. What I mean is that there aren't cringy ecchi scenes that exist just for the sake of it (i.e. A random gust of wind blowing, or the MC falling over and accidentally touching a place where he isn't supposed to touch).

The female characters aren't flat either. It's true that some of them do have ecchi moments with Zu An, but they do have a place in the novel. They don't just exist to be a waifu/foil. They have their own places in the political intrigue, and they have their own character and relationship (be it friendly, tense, close, awkward, etc.) with Zu An.

As for enemies, most of what we have in the earlier chapters are mostly foils. This is a novel about a keyboard warrior, so you can expect him to troll his enemy. In the earlier chapters, most of the enemies are mainly small fries who are there to be trolled badly. Of course, these small fries do serve a purpose too since their actions do hint at the political intrigue behind, but basically, they're cannon fodder (esp since the enemy does underestimate Zu An quite a bit initially). It does get more serious later on though, when small fries become big fries.

Adding On
Also, just saying, Zu An isn't really Mary Sue in the sense of how I understand the word. Most characters do actually despise him (since he does say lots of weird stuff), including most of the female characters he gets involved with. Well, he's described to be handsome, and there are people who like him. However, being universally well-liked is definitely not a trait for a keyboard warrior. Also, Zu An is a self-acknowledged simp, though it's not as if it hinders him from tr*shtalking. <<less
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Nitpicking Reader
Nitpicking Reader rated it
February 10, 2021
Status: c530
What a disappointment, this novel had potential but it's full of a load of bs. It's a bit funny and you may get addicted to it but still what a shame... let me tell you makes it just not worth it.

    1. the pace is very slow, and by slow I mean snail paced level, up to ch 510 and still lvl 5. there are many useless chapters there just for adding numbers. It the kind of novel that will be completed at 2500 ch if we optimistic, if not it will stretch to 5000~
    1. the author is really frustrating, he dives into taboo relationships, but with no ending, you have to use your imagination according to his words. I'm not into those taboo relationships but he made the whole... more>> set up for it that when it didnt happen it just became a downside to the story, his excuse is the ban of the novel, if so why even dive in it and make the whole set up?
    1. the fights are just very bad after the beginning, if the MC or his party are in the winning side he can beat anyone who is below his rank, same rank, or 2 levels above him, but if he is in the losing side there is no difference in grades to the point that even without cultivation he can withstand 9 rank. (if not total bs what it is?) and there many exagerations through the novel but if someone is above someone by one level you can overwhelm the lower level and they cant resist you and its more amplified in the higher ranks...
    1. the harem is huge and just expect it to get huger, for me its not a downside till now I think its ok.
    1. nobody is smarter than the MC or even with same inteligence, it wouldnt be bad if he was smart, but the thing is he isnt that smart so dont expect scheming or any smart moves from his opponent, if they got the upper hand its just because the MC is s*upid himself, or for the sake of plot.
    1. the MC is really ret*rded, he got an op body tempering cultivation technique (he needs to be beaten to lvl up) but he literally never trained it, and the author always mention the pov of MC thinking he should train it, but he never does, his current level is because he receives hit in fights from here and there and some fruits from his system cheat, but after a time these fruits are like useless because he needs TONS of them to make any progress. anybody with common sense will hardcore train it since its easy and doesnt require resources just some healing potions and he can affor potions since he got rich.
I didnt mention things like plagiarism and the aphrodisiac things and some other things which I find pointless to mention.

All in all, this novel is average in subtle words, in blunt words it's not worth it.

I dont recommend, it was disappointing and frustrating with lots of mistakes and contradictions. <<less
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Empress rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: c60
I am having a blast reading 60 chapters in one go. I can't seems to stop, hoho.

It's funny as hell, MC remind me of Bai Xiaochun who likes trolling people around him but unlike Xiaochun, Xu An takes his trolling to another level because it's part of his system, leading to many tragic ending to many of his enemies. A fate worse than death.

Harem member are not mindless MC worship either. In fact, they seemed to outright hate him.

Honestly I can't predict whether some of them are going to be... more>> Harem member or enemies. The relation between characters is that realistic, not outrightly good and evil, with MC or against him. Though it's clear as day that many wanted him dead. Still, some of it was his trolling deed that caused it, lmao. <<less
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digitalzombie rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: c503
It was fun up to around 400 ish chapters.

After that it went down hill real bad.

The author ran out of idea and direction so he threw in non stop encounters of bullsh*t bad guys. The bad guys kept on getting ridiculous,

from the Emperor, to Dark Elves, to secret sect, to f*cking Vampires, to Sci Fi meteor

. This line up? Non stop, no character dev, just fighting bad guys after bad guys while having a harem of women saving him.

Dude are you on drugs?
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Dxynix rated it
January 20, 2021
Status: c363
It was interesting at first, I usually don't like people who rate novels without having read at least half of the finished product, but it kept failing my expectations over and over again. At some point it just becomes a normal cliche face smacking cultivation novel, nothing new.
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DevilKat rated it
January 8, 2021
Status: c456
3/5 for now

-1 mc's personality is really inconsistent as many people have mentioned above. The author cant seem to decide whether he wants the MC to be smart or s*upid.

-1 the system is really useless and only comes into play when the plot armor requires it. It only has a roulette and a shop function as of now but the shop function was only ever used once iirc and I dont think the MC even bothered to check what all items are available in the shop, that was really s*upid... more>> of him and roulette is only useful when he is in danger and really needs something.

Also the cultivation speed of MC is really really really slow.

And there's also netori element in it, so far there have been 2 girls with the possibility of his mother in law being added in the list of netori'd characters.

Overall its still a fun read if you are bored, the side characters are still relevant and havent been forgotten by the author except for that one woman MC saved in the beginning lol. There's somewhat growth in the side characters and the world setting is fine. Now if only the author decides to have some character development for the MC then this novel would be much better. <<less
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Drag7200 rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c60
It is good so far, entertaining read. I don't really understand why people would give 1 stars to this as it only has few problems, which do not affect the story much, as the sole purpose of the MC is being an ass.
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IAMallEars rated it
January 22, 2021
Status: c233
I don't know if my humor is bad or just this novel can't make me laught not like "Universe's Absolute Boss" Novel.

After chapter 233 Im dropping this, all things fall for him. Godly Grandma that look stunning guide him now? It became a generic wanna be genius MC. When the problem of his little rod was solve his semi - normal brain turned into a thoughts of humping holes.

I know it was just for a comedic reason but when MC thoughts of him touching his Mothers wife is just cringe.... more>> All things is solved by s*x now that his Junior is fixed.

The most turn off here is that the scene is just gone in a flash like boom he bang his wife then boom 3 chapter later he bang his wife maid snow. Just for the sake of... Let's say plot?

He became so dumb after his rod was fix..... Thank You. <<less
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Sinasina rated it
January 11, 2021
Status: c62
I don't understand how does this novel have 67% 5star reviews. Everything about it is just plain bad & tasteless. The "system" is also s*upid. I'm fine with harem novels, but the ecchi in this one is just not enjoyable and straight up weird.

Other reviewers mention it's a satire, well I think it's a self fulfillment novel written by a 15 year old with no writing talent or imagination.

What's going in with WW? Are there no good novels left to translate after the Qidian split?
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GoodGuyWijaya rated it
January 21, 2021
Status: c460
This is a very good Novel. Why?

1. The Comedy is very good. It is one of the best out there.
2. The Harem is very satisfying. Each girl has a diffrent personality, which makes the conversation with the MC smooth. And not some weird forced conversation where the girl only talks to give information to the MC.
3. The Plot is pretty good. It wasnt boring, and im really hooked to see whats going to happen next.
4. It wasnt a detailed... more>> 18+, But still enjoyable
5. Even when the fight is pretty satisfying.

The annoying part is the MC keeps getting underestimated by his mother in law. But im glad it stopped at 400 ish.

Overall, 5/5 Novel. <<less
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Im-mortal-in-process rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: c28
I am having so much fun reading this, I absolutely recommend it. The commedy approach is reallly good, and even if the story has nothing to do with "A will eternal", the fun, the reading experience, reminds me of it. It is well written, the rythm of the plot is good, the characters go bit by bit but in the good direction, and there is enough level of action to make it very very enjoyable. So yes, if you are looking for something a bit different or not the typical... more>> wuxia novel, you should absolutely give this one a try. <<less
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Bakayaroo rated it
March 7, 2021
Status: c158
The mood of the Novel that the author is trying to convey is lighthearted and humorous but shits too dark and serious for that for example even in a very serious situation MC would be trolling which just doesn't feel right

let me give you an example

... more>>

his wife crippled herself to save him he is still in his collecting rage point and just in the mood to joke around


I don't who even gave permission to this author to put his story up on shelves with this kind of writing <<less
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nuubman rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c61
Good novel and really good translation team kudos to them! Good job! So far the novel only gets better and better, the novel is half comedy and satiric of other novels with systems and half serious xianxia so you can't expect a serious mood through the novel but also get the law of the jungle which is usual in xianxias, I was reading the reviews and almost didn't read the novel because hawlol, lucky me I saw his other reviews to realize he is a troll only giving bad reviews... more>> and he distorted the facts badly with his biased opinion. Regarding the novel one point that I found bad executed by the author was how quickly the MC adapted to the new world without freaking out about it and how the MC seems to be okay so far with some things that make him seem almost like he was born in that world, but then again the author did say he fused with the memories of the dude that died, but he did dedicated a chapter to see his inner emotions about how he missed his home, one good point that I did like was the world settings and how he fleshed out the world building so far, that is nice since it gives me a somewhat clear image of the whole thing and what to expect, regarding the comedy part I would point out that the author in the first 20 chapters or so depended on chinese memes or references so I didn't get the jokes there, nonetheless when he enters the academy sh#t gets good!!! So it can be seen that the author is good with the comedy.

Sorry for the grammar or bad english. <<less
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DeadOpossum rated it
March 21, 2021
Status: c220

The guy gets stronger by collecting Rage points (by trolling) other people. Provoking, causing jealousy, flirting, accusing, mocking - he had a lot of fun.

The author got really creative for the first 120 chapters.

Unfortunately, 120-200 chapters are a very long and boring battle with zombies and taking to ghosts from Chinese history. The author ran out of ideas and the quality went down the drain.

200-220 chapters became a drama and the IQ of the protagonist suddenly dropped. I dunno.

Anyways, up to chapter 120 it is an awesome read, 5 stars. But after that - no more than 3.

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January 30, 2021
Status: c500
I find this novel quite entertaining. I think that the strenght of the story is the comedy and the shameless MC. After reading the first 10 chapters, you can basically figure out if it is worth reading. If you don't like the comedy, it's pointless to keep reading.

I was interested in the fantasy element (the strange keyboard) in a martial art story. The keyboard is basically a big plot armor, but at the same time it's the engine of the comedy and all the events. The keyboard's system gives the... more>> posibility to exchange "anger points" for special lottery draws that can give rewards to the MC. What are this "anger points"? They are points that the keyboard's system gives to the MC for angering/trolling people. The rewards are potions, apparently useless skills or magical objects that are helpful to the MC to raise strenght and they are used for comedy purpose. For example there is a skill that force the enemy to respond " I'm looking at you " if the MC asks "what are you looking at?". This is mainly used to break the concentration of the enemy or to block people 1000× stronger than the MC from chanting, creating hilarious situation in which he stalls the battle and farms anger points. There are also s*upid magical objects like one that gives the MC a sort of invulnerability from "damage from a female enemy richer than the MC for 1 hour" only for a limited amount of times (like 3 times).

There are other s*upidly hilarious skills and objects, like a skill that gives the suffering of "giving birth" to a target.

The MC is shameless with a sharp tongue, he is a clown, a super troll and a womanizer. Differently from the classic MC in martial arts novel, he is not the type of show off character and even if he has the means to litteraly beat up people, he always chose to fight people with the sharp tongue and not with bare hands. He doesn't give a f*uck about what people say about him. In ALL chinese martial arts novels, there is ALWAYS the arrogant young master that say to the MC "you suck, I am better then you" and the next moment the MC beat up the arrogant young master showing off. In this novel the MC chose always to fight with words first and only show is abilities as last choice, if it is really unavoidable.

The girls around the MC are nothing special. They are all big clichè, super beautiful and bidimensional. They fall for the MC easily, because he is funny, good looking and he is totally out of place in that type of world. The author sometimes build up a decent and slow """""romance""""", sometimes use s*upid cliché like "females is going to get hit and the MC protect her with his body". Don't get me wrong, I don't hate it, but the MC do it like 10 times with different girls in less then 30 chapters in the current last arc.

It's all good until the current last arc, the arc in which

the MC gets arrested and he is going to the capital

. This arc is deadly bad. There is a girl that fall in love for the MC litteraly for nothing. The realms and strenght of the chatacters it's getting completly f*ucked up. He starts to fight with people that he should not be able to fight. There are ENDLESS plain battles that involve the MC, one after another. The MC has basically infinite stamina in the last chapters. He ends up in a HUGE mess in which all the people in the world wants to kidnap or kill him and I can't see a solution to the whole mess. The whole world need to magically forget about the MC or he needs to divulge the special technique in order to restablish the plot, I cant see another solution. The author was probably under drugs while writing this arc, if he really can pull out the MC from this mess with a good solution, I will do him a statue.


the only good solution is that the MC is a lost child from the royal family. He was adopted and his d*ick was tecnically sealed in order to not give birth, so it would not be impossible. Under the premise of being the son of the royal family nobody will touch him.


Without the last arc it's 3.5/5 for the comedy (in the last 70-80 chapters is getting s*upid and not funny) and the extravagant elements in the story, even if the plot it's nothing special and the characters are mainly plain.
I will give a score only after thi arc end. <<less
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Dollaaaa rated it
January 19, 2021
Status: c108
It's pretty nice for a daily read. Props to the translator for a great translation and for giving 2 chapters a day.


    • The MC is intelligent (at times?) and doesn't do dumb stuff for no reason
    • Harem members all have distinct personalities and backgrounds rather than being copy pasted from a single template.
    • The comedy. The main allure of this novel is by far the hilarity of the MC and his trolling.

    • System isn't really used well.. like at all. We barely see it being used other than for comedic situations when he could and should gain power from it, which leads me to the next point.
    • MC is weak. He's always bailed out by other people. I would be okay with this up to a certain point but it's honestly getting annoying now.
    • The pacing is disgustingly slow. For me this is by far the biggest downside of this novel. Some random incident always occurs when the MC does anything. MC walking home from the academy? Three chapters of drama from it. MC being talked to by in laws? Two chapters for the conversation and another two for the reactions. All of the little things stack up which leads to the pacing being garbage. At this point I'm just hoping we get major plot progression before chapter 200 as there are a lot of plot points foreshadowed by the author which could take hundreds of chapters to resolve... each.
If the novel wasn't so funny it would be a 2-3. The comedy brings it up to a 4, and it's the main reason I'd recommend reading this.
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Harvest_Sinner rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: c230
Talk about padding and dragging the stories... this series have the slowest pace i've ever read... his cultivation is level 3 at chp 80 and reach lvl 4 at chp 200+ any arc feel useless and usually dont even matter with how MC is treated.. even when he save the heroine family theyre still ungratefull piece of shit

And dont even mention his lottery system thats useless as f*ck
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General Tanya
General Tanya rated it
January 6, 2021
Status: c440
This is a very funny and decent story. The world building is not bad along with many interesting side characters. But the novel has a terrible flaw. And that is the MC. I don't mind him being shameless, rash and lustful, but what annoy me is the constant inconsistency of the character portray by the author. One moment he seems to be very smart but the next moment his actions makes you think he is a idiot.

The MC has zero character growth. He never learns from his mistakes nor does... more>> he regret the things that happen which was cause by himself. The only reason why he is still alive is his plot armor. His journey is like reading a suicide person constantly try to off himself but only got save by some ridiculous luck. The MC constant inconsistency is really annoying. One moment he is a ruthless killer but the next moment he is like a saint when it comes to sparing others. Is irritating how author constantly shift the MC personality.

When you think he is a pretty smart guy, the next moment he does something s*upid. For example he was constantly save by a powerful person but when this powerful person died, the first thing he does is to boast to others about it. Even though is better to stay quiet and let things blow over. His mouth constantly blab things out without fearing the consequences. Worse is most of the time he doesn't even have any plans at all. I don't mind if he attract trouble as long he has a plans to follow up on in case things goes bad, but most of the time the guy has no plans at all. All the things happening is because he got lucky whenever things get out of hand. He is not s*upid and clearly show to be intelligent that can piece certain stuff together but then the next moment he is a like moron who intentionally attract the danger but has no plans at all how to deal with it.

There is no tension at all. Even though the MC had almost died so many times or when the ones close to him are in danger, we as the reader can't feel the tension of it. Is because the MC himself do not give us this feeling that there is anything to worried about. As if he would solve it just because he is the MC and everything will turn out to be alright. Is really annoying this way when a MC show zero sign of any personal growth throughout the whole story. There is no cautious at all nor does he even learn a single thing from all the mistakes he went through.

Another example is when someone try to kill him. Even though he should know his life is in danger and the ones he cares about are also in danger, he doesn't do anything about it. No plans or any counter measures. There is no tension at all because is like he doesn't care and still enjoy his daily life like nothing is wrong. Thinking he could kill the enemy as long he appear. Is ridiculous that every time he goes somewhere dangerous, he get found out anyway. Even though he should know that with his skills, the chances of being discover is high and he should at least have a plan before putting himself at risk. The guy literally survive due to luck every time

I will give it a 3 star. Is a not bad novel to read to pass the time but the novel is kinda lacking is you want to read a novel which has some depth to it. <<less
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