There Is No Afterlife


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Six robots on the run after being given an order to self destruct land on an unknown planet outside the range of every other interstellar planet. Without a human master, these six elite military robots are prepared to die, that is until they meet a four year old boy, the last child of the original planet called Earth.

Mu Gen lived on the forgotten planet for 16 years with his “adopted” father, five uncles and one little brother. After the robots decide it is time for Mu Gen to live with other humans, they embark on a mission to bring him into society.

With the mission to go into society, the seven robots and the 16 year old Mu Gen travel through space, dodging meteors, flying at fast speeds and soon stumble upon …

A giant chicken??!

Young Olivia modelled his spaceship after a famous childhood cartoon chicken and went galavanting through space. With long blond hair, multiple piercings and an ‘I don’t care’ attitude and dinosaur heritage, Olivia is surprised to see a small spaceship attach to his MengMeng undetected.

These two talented youngsters begin their journey that will bring great changes to the world. And the first thing they want to do is….

Mu Gen: To become a chef!

Olivia: Then I’ll be become a patissier… and open a shop with Mu Gen… ≥∇≤

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Afterlife Does Not Exist
No Hereafter
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Amaruna Myu
Amaruna Myu rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: Completed
I am a little disappointed that I only found 2 extras but I'll bear with it QwQ

I love the interactions between the characters and robots, and occasionally the story is light hearted with a sprinkling of cute emojis to lift the mood. Although there are a few really sad portions (like volume 2, 5, 7 and 8), it brings joy to my face most of the time and I'm always giggling while reading (ehehe...)

The author's imagination is really amazing, and there are a lot of fantasy things I've never... more>> thought of imagining, I like it a lot~

I like the author's writing style because it contains some interjections that are very cute

Their way of writing also make the characters appear to be very innocent and lovely~

The romance is very slow but I'm satisfied with the behaviours and interactions of the 2 children Mu Gen and Oli~

slow as in it took nearly 50 years for them to officially get together. but in the process, you get to see their growth and gain attachment to them~


so far the volumes I've read summarised:

Volume 1: Life on an abandoned (?) planet and adventure in the galaxy

Volume 2: School life of Oli and Mu Gen

Volume 3: Battle arc and Oli and Mugen meet after a long time

Volume 4: Holiday~ Another adventure~

Volume 5: Finding Oli~ adventures in outer space

Volume 6: Robot land!

Volume 7: Alien invasion! Battle arc part 2 but now instead of being the fighters, Mu Gen and Oli have become the commanders (has a slight link (very very slight) to author's other novel, the sabbath)

Volume 8: So Mu Gen hatched Oli! Σ (゚Д゚ υ) and Mu Gen bloodline awakening! (first half is bittersweet, second half is all sweet and maybe a little bitter)


I found a fantastic line: slight spoilers



in the end, this story could only exist because of sigma. maybe sigma was the true protagonist (○´∀`○) (Oli: hey!! Σ (゚Д゚ υ))

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SayMrrp rated it
May 27, 2022
Status: Completed
Very wholesome. Reminds me of gay / less violent Hunter x Hunter (in terms of the MCs reminding me of Gon and Killua). The side characters really make you feel for them too.

I cried a lot, but it was like... wholesome tears? Like when someone does something so nice for you you cry. Mu Gen (left on the cover) is a ball of sunshine and too good for this world.

I thought this would be very slice-of-life-y, but it's not. It has some action moments that are wow.

Also, there... more>> are references to the prequel, but you can ignore them if they confuse you lol. Doesn't really affect the reading experience. Also, TL talks about bu*t mentions, but the bu*t gags drop off.

If you want your faith in humanity (and robots) restored, read this lol. <<less
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MeineMeow rated it
April 19, 2022
Status: Completed



... more>> I regret I didn’t read this sooner due to the summary stated this is not a romance novel. Oh how wrong I am to judge before reading, and the rating given to this novel also not very high. But turns out, I love everything about this novel.

This truly a book about the journey of Mu Gen (our MC) who live alone in an abandoned planet and meet his robot family. First arc is short and just introduce us to the robots, and how they raise Mu Gen into a sensible and not so dumb (according to robot’s IQ) teenager. I laugh so much on the 1st and 2nd arc, which Mu Gen meet Olivia (finally the author revealed why Olivia as a man having a girl’s name) and goes to school.

Unlike other interstellar novel, this novel truly wide and unique. For example, Mu Gen choose to apply for cooking department. Note that this is not a food novel, nor Mu Gen talented in cooking. I laugh so much again on the 4th arc where we read how Mu Gen struggle as a cooking department’s student, while he excel in other part. To save his grade in cooking, Mu Gen take extra additional course which he got 1st in his class such as mecha or strategic course. As a good boy, Mu Gen ashamed and feel guilty to his robot family, because he always take make up exam and class, due to he talented in everything except cooking (and art). So why he took cooking class? Later the author reveal the reason.

3rd arc is the arc which makes me realize the author is not a vegetarian who write about op chars and comedy novel. It’s dark, dark, and trigger warning to people sensitive with bullying and su*cide. 6th and 7th arc also makes me shed my tears.. Like the author said, she want to write that war is not glorious. There’s always price we had to pay in war.

Overall, I feel 8 arc is not enough. I want to keep reading the story about mu gen and olivia, about their family and friends, about the unique world the author building, the fun, the angst, but unfortunately the author decide to end the story. From beginning till the end, there are no “i love you” words nor the wedding between our protagonist. But in every arc, we can feel the strong vibe of love between MC and ML. To them, their loved one is not only their love, but also partner, family, friend, everything.

The author also give us some hints in the beginning which will reveal in the middle or the end. Maybe there are some plot holes or some part we wish the author to elaborate some more, but the author left us to imagine it ourselves. Nevertheless, those holes didn’t reduce my enjoyment.

Overall, this is not your usual interstellar novel. This book is about adventures and family, and the meaning of it. Sometimes family is not necessarily tied with blood, but with effort and sincerity. I love all the cast, and the plot. Again, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and I definitely will re-read it again. <<less
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Big Bird
Big Bird rated it
August 24, 2021
Status: --
EDIT: To the lovely person who told me this issue has been resolved, thankyou so much! I love this book so much, it's so fluffy and fun to read!
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Koffee.Kitti rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: v2c70
I love this so much ahh <33

Okay so its about this little kid on a baron planet who gets adopted by robots, very cute slice of life, , and the robots are also spoiling the MC, and then when MC is around 16 he has to go to school, which the robots

... more>>

the robots are criminals, they ran away because they didn't want to get scrapped, so they intended to let MC go alone with his robot brother wuwu and they dissassemble their robot parts to create a space ship too :c


ML is also very cute, , he has a bald spot lmao

and and Duoduo's part made me cry like


I just lovee love love love Duoduo's mother because she puts Duoduo's ideals + safety over what she built Duoduo for QWQ Like, Duoduo was made very extravagantly, painted in velvet red but Duoduo wanted to be a pirate ship so she had to conceal Duoduo, and even though she wanted to show off her baby she put Duoduo's safety above all! When Duoduo came back 100's of years later, she first asked what Duoduo found on his journey, asked what he wanted to do next wuwuwu I lit shed tears on that part


above all, this story is cute, its fluffy, and I love so yall should read it UvU <<less
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Chipmunkch33k5 rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: Completed
I really didn’t expect to love this massive universe that the author created so beautifully so much.
It has really captured all of what are usually in vague and rushed usually in this genre into detailed masterpieces; I felt like I was really living in the very street where almost everything started and got sad when it was time to leave to be a part of reality once again (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ)

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Prssia rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: c48
This story is really really cute and wholesome so far but some foreshadowing is making me worried about the ML, but it's really funny and the MC and ML is written very very human and this story is extremely hilarious!

The translation is also really really good! It's very clear and the humor that the author writes doesn't get lost in translation, a solid 10/10 in my books!

The tra
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ArthurBlackthorne rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: v1c36
The summary is a bit too short? It starts out with very cute fluff where a bunch of serious but silly robots raise a serious and very kind hearted child. Its full of comedy that stems from robots who were designed for battle (and in the case of the the robot father for work) trying to raise a human child. They do a good job.

So much so that ... more>>

when it comes to his education they hack the interstellar register the abandoned planet MC is on as his, and dismantle their bodies except for RoboDad’s (he offered but was rejected since his metal isn't space ship worthy and they want someone to accompany the teen and he’s also the only one without a warrant) to build a space ship to send him to school. MC cleverly argues that until he’s an adult their protected under caretaker law and takes their heads with him.


ML is v. Funny, and v. Human. Chuunbiyou to the extreme. His own RoboDad is long suffering and charming.

Its worth a read, and a re-read. So rare to have a cute fluffy, funny, bittersweet, as of yet slice-of-life in the Interstellar. <<less
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Peerless White Chrysanthemum
Peerless White Chrysanthemum rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel left me in a daze after finishing. This is really focused on the development of each character. I'm a big fan of dog food (and hot scenes) so as much as possible I look for those, BUT then I stumbled and found this story like the description says "Not a romance novel" but then again why not give it a shot since its still shounen ai. I am also fond of adventure stories, but this one is an adventure of their lives XD (so let the fish slide)... more>> . Nevertheless, I finished it AND AM satisfied with the ending.

(no more extras? no? how about a sequel...T-T haha-) . <<less
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TurbulentFaye rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: c145
The story is so cute QAQ

If you like shonen and wholesome stuff and a lovable MC then you will like this novel!

I love the protag and (ML) Oli to death 0v0. I love their freindship and the slow burn in this story was so good to read between the more serious novels.
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penguintime rated it
January 6, 2022
Status: v8c274
I adore this novel. The characterization, the plot, the world building, everything is amazing! The best part is that even considering the complexities, this is a really adorable and fun lighthearted novel to read. Even the sad parts (eg character deaths, galactic war, etc) are easy to read because the entire story is an “alternate reality” so you know they’re going to have a happy ending. The MCs (MC and ML depending on your viewpoint) are adorable. All the side characters are amazing. It’s a book that not only makes... more>> you think about humanity, experience, and fate but also has you cracking up at the outright absurdity of some situations. The author simultaneously adhered to the best tropes (OP MC) while turning other tropes on their head (ML being a dork with flaws and characters maturing). It was such a great read. <<less
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Vanlatte rated it
December 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel successfully satisfied my thirst for sci-fi (without heavy politic or too much fluff that made me ashamed to call it sci-fi -_-).

I would list some things that happen in this novel, which could be count as a very tiny minor spoilers (but hey, synopsis is actually a mini spoiler too) :

    • It's a little bit like auto-biography "Auto-biography" because it told us their story from basically a baby to what they became at the end. "A little bit" because it's much more interesting than actual auto-biography book (of course xD). And novel is from god's perspective, so we know what the characters felt at a certain times. Also, we can catch a glimpse of important people behind our majestic MC and ML.
    • We have actual robots here, with top-notch AI and human-like conversation I SO LOVE the robots here. Like, usually the AI is only a computer or a watch (?), but here is robot. Human-like robot <3
    • Humans - robots interaction Many interactions and varies. Not just a human-servant relationship which I usually find.
    • Side characters' story This is not special chapter, but as part of the whole story. When I think more of it, some parts are not necessary but in my subjective view I love ALL these little bits about other characters.
    • There's a (light) competition "light" because it's not the kind of revenge slash face-slapping, but... Hmmm, I can't describe it... More in line with reality, I guess? And this competition is a formal one and I LOVE IT. Of course it involves mecha, although not much because, you know, it's "light".
    • Foreshadowing! There are many foreshadowing here and although from my opinion, some don't need to be so blatant... (the author basically gave a blatant clue xD)
    • Logic
Maybe this is the only disadvantages I found, although it doesn't matter much to me. The 'logic' here is the evolution of beings in this sci-fi era. Like, dinosaurs to humans. Or a mutation (?) from birds into fish. It is illogical, but I think science and nature like to shock us (coronavirus, for example). So who knows if this actually can happen irl. Plus, it is 'a novel'.

There are some other things that I can't describe in a list form. Some part of this novel touched me. There's no drama here, but fate pulling threads.

All in all it is a fun and entertaining read. Not too light nor too heavy.

Goes to my re-read list :)
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StormFrost rated it
July 29, 2021
Status: Completed
Super cute! And healing!

I love the MC and ml, and the entire robot family. The MC currently feels like a very likable shounen protagonist and the ML his good buddy, they compliment each other very well and their dynamic is so cute and funny. The MC is principled, kind, bright, and sees the world through a very unique lense.

The translation is great too!
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mellowyellow rated it
July 10, 2021
Status: c44
i don't normally post reviews (this is literally my 1st review ever lol), but this novel is really good yet only has 1 review and a really low ranking, so I'm posting this in hopes that more people will discover this novel!

so far, the novel has been mostly fluffy happy times w some life lesson type moments and (what I think r) set up type things (like foreshadowing for big events/background for future plot happenings).

i really like all the characters (this is the biggest selling pt for me), both human... more>> and robot! Our MC is naively adorable and super optimistic, but also v principled in his own way (largely due to his upbringing). He's kind and smart and talented (pretty op ngl) but v personable too so it's not too gary stu (imo). ML is actually not too op rn (less op than mc). He's an orphan (but w some secret background that hasn't been uncovered yet) who was also raised by a robot like MC. His personality is more prickly and cynical (toward people) but he's not a bad person at heart (this can be seen w his interactions w MC primarily but also w his robot caretaker and some other side characters we encounter). The robots r all really funny. They're not the best at expressing themselves (for obvs reasons) but they do have emotions and they care deeply for the people in their lives (eg all the mc's robots clapping w their expressionless faces when he does smth "praiseworthy" is so cute).

overall I really like this novel so far so here's me trying to boost it! I think this novel's at least worth a try :)

ps so to the translator for posting quality translations super often and consistently like there r literally 2 chs coming out every day wtf #amazing <<less
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yellauraya rated it
February 18, 2024
Status: Completed
➺ 4/5 🌟

This might not be without flaws, but I really had such a good time reading this novel. I picked this up because I wanted to read a danmei in space with robots and mechas, but I stayed because of the unique found family theme with a lot of scenes presenting a very touching and warm family bond.

This novel felt a little bit like an autobiography in a sense where the story starts from when the MC and ML are basically babies and the story slowly guided us to... more>> how their lives where lived to reach their current position as two of the most powerful people in the empire. But also not really a full autobiography as the perspective wasn't only fixed to the main characters. It's so much fun to read this because it felt like I was literally with them while growing up and I experienced all the years they've lived.

There are so much familial love here that melts my heart, the loyal and caring uncles, dad and brother who are all robots, the amazing and loving neighborhood grandpas, grandmas, aunts and uncles who are all crouching tigers and hidden dragons (term for those seemingly ordinary people but actually hidden masters with astounding identities). There are so many interactions here that I really loved so much, from the bottom of my heart. I didn't realize I'll be loving a very wholesome robot-human interactions this much before I started this, but here I am. This is so pure, so cozy and fluffy but there's also some heartbreaking and tragic scenes from time to time. But overall, a really lighthearted and fun read.

At first, the MC and ML reminds me so much of Gon and Killua, if Gon and Killua are having their adventures in space with their robot family. This is supposed to be a danmei, but the BL part is very little and the author even said that this is not a romance story, which I agreed. The romance came late and in a very subtle way as well, but the love and care have always been there since the beginning. It's just that labelling their relationship as romantic is not the best way, not until the last part. I want to label this as more of a slice-of-life, which is one of my favorite genres if done right. Slow and more focused on the emotions conveyed in a specific moment than having a rough, action-packed scenes.

This is such a healing novel for me. I can't even describe how peaceful my heart felt while reading this. The relationship of all the characters really did it for me. I got attached with literally all of them and I love them with all my heart! If you want a Sci-Fi with a slow-paced plot and you want to just relish the steady and relaxed atmosphere, I highly recommend this. <<less
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AX-Skye rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: Completed
Ohoho! Just so yknow, as much as the cover look like a slice of life, it really is! Just as the authors not has said multiple times, this story is just a fragment of our main characters life, and as well as those whose original fate got skewed by our mc's!

Perhaps the only complaint I got was probably I didn't see as much character growth as I wanted for Mu Gen, or perhaps thats just my bad reading comprehension :P
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Relenapeacecraft rated it
October 4, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a good read overall. I just did not like the latter part when the couple abandoned their child. I cannot understand why the author wrote it that way. It was absolutely unnecessary and it left a bitter taste in my mouth.
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PandaGenesis rated it
July 23, 2022
Status: Completed
This novel is amazing!!! I shed so many tears, but they were good ones. This novel, despite being fantastical, was also realistic. There were so many cute moments, moments of triumph, moments of pain, and above all moments of hope. I cannot recommend this novel enough
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MissJo47 rated it
May 20, 2022
Status: c1
Too beautiful, slice of life novel, where human and robots co-exist and lives as one big happy family! Highly recommended.. not for those who dislikes slow burn romance! Love love this... very funny and heart warming.. the story of Mu Gen and Olivia with the Robots.
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ttq rated it
May 17, 2022
Status: Completed
4.7 stars. Beware, minor spoilers below.

This is a story about Mugen, Olivia, and their robot family. Both Mugen and Olivia are raised by robots and they went from "orphans" to great figures in the Empire. The story focuses mainly on their daily from childhood to adulthood: their life in the academies, the trouble in wartime, and finally their climb to glory as big figures of the Empire (this last stretch went by really fast as the novel comes to an end). As the author emphasizes, this is not a romance... more>> novel. It's more a slice-of-life story, a growing-up story. I wished for more romance but I'm also happy with this as the character development is really a chef's kiss. The interaction between Olivia and Mugen is not the most romantic. In fact, I felt that Mugen is quite dense or a lot of the build-up romantic moments end up quite comedic as they got interrupted. Moreover, 90% of the plot is about their "youth". They were not adults until their 40s so the romance is very low-key. Nevertheless, the bond between the 2 is really strong. It's somewhere between friend/family which finally turns to love. Many have commented that they give off an old-couple vibe, which is true. As they have lived with each other most of their life and know each other so well that the development from family to love is very subtle. I just wish that there are more extras that depict their romance more...

The plot is also good. The story touches on aspects such as family love, friendship bonds, sacrifices, and what defines a "human." This story is about robots and humans and how robots have feelings and emotions too. Some parts of the story are really deep but worry not, the sweet part would come next. There were tearful moments, but the laughter and smile always come after. I like this intergalactic world that the author creates. The neighbors from the Idoli Commercial Street are just too sweet. Chick Oli is too cute and tsundere! Olivia has a rough and lonely childhood with just Meng Meng by his side but luckily, he met his God of Fortune and lover, Mugen. They really are a perfect match.


Really the part about Mugen leaving the chick Oli when he accidentally traveled to the past is just too sad. Knowing what Olivia had gone through in the orphanage and personally caused this suffering, I can't imagine what Mugen would have felt. My only consolation is knowing that Olivia will meet with Mugen again in the future.


Mugen is a precious boy and anyone that interacts with him is charmed by his charisma, ability, intelligence, and kindness. I'm glad that in this life, Olivia met Mugen and avoid the calamity from last life. Ohhh and really last but not least, Robot A and the Alphabet Series robots! Haha, Sigma is too precious. Uncle Alpha is just too OP. Beta, Epsilon, Eta, and Pi. They spoil and love Mugen unconditionally. Though they are robots and first-time parents, they did a fine job raising Mugen. <<less
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