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Tragically, Shan Ziwei was hit by a car, and when he woke up, two hundred years had passed. Even more tragically, he still had his strange variant of hypersexuality.

“I’m very sorry, but we are unable to cure you.”

“W-wait! Even AIDS can be cured now, how come hypersexuality can’t?”

“Ha… haha…”

There was no other choice, Shan Ziwei could only return to his old job of being a quiet, peaceful gamer. Though, the games nowadays were a bit… strange…

[System: Dear player, you must stay in character, adhering to what is described in the following scenarios.]

Scenario 1: You like to shake hands with strangers.

Scenario 2: You like to hug friends.

Scenario 3: You’re a bottom.

Scenario 4: You’re a bottom.

Scenario 5: Important things should be said twice.

Shan Ziwei: … How am I meant to play a game like this?! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻

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New Tahoyahoo rated it
July 5, 2024
Status: c35.2
Ok, I'm just gonna put it out there bc it does have a lot of 5star ratings BUT the novel has some weird ass arcs and it gets very uncomfortable to read through. Instead of enjoying, I only experienced stress...

I've not completed it bc I decided that today I'm gonna drop it. I've endured some parts of the novel that made me uncomfortable like forced yandere situations bc I did not expect that to be so frequent but I have my bottom line too.

... more>>

Fairy arc really did it for me, how MC described kissing a child, even if it was ML inside that body MC wouldn't know that, all he knows is that it's a little princess, so it was still a body of a child and the body MC was in is an adult. There were parts where I considered as non con bc although his body wants it, that's only bc of his hyper-s*xual condition. Like being toyed with by the tent**les (others might disagree but this part is my personal opinion).


Apart from that, I agree with a review that said although the novel talked about rpg tournament, it was never explored much and MC didn't really have much interaction w his teammates, even with Ye Ye. (I only read until c35.2 so I don't really know if they did more on that further along). I also don't feel that MC is improving his strength much. For the first arc

he was being carried and even lost, the same could be said for the tutorial round he completed it bc Chiron helped him out, for arc 2 he didn't really do much tbh, all the work was for nothing bc they never killed the monster instead it kept evolving and when the monster did "die" MC didn't really show any strength or do anything 'cool', for arc 3 it was just weird. Just weird character design. I mean a child???????? Bro cps woulda caught yo ass

MC might improve his strength as the novel progresses but I'm stopping here...

Anyways, the novel is just not for me... <<less
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TamedFox rated it
June 5, 2020
Status: c94
It's so good so good so good so good.

So I was expecting normal stuff okay. Don't start reading this expecting it be like other e-sports novels and novels with game elements. It's twisted and a bit disturbing but I tell you, it's definitely amazing especially if you really like supernatural or unlimited flow novels.

I don't know if it's fluff, hentai or horror. Sometimes it just witches suddenly and that's what makes it more scarier QAQ.

The MC is hypersexual. Just holding hand makes him aroused. That's the hentai part... more>> ;-; I also thought I was joking in this part lmao but suddenly oh so suddenly oh so so so suddenly


So...I'm in chapter 94... and...I'm shooketh... so... as I said before MC is hypersexual... and I thought... this will just be used to put him in awkward situations... but... CONGRATS EVERYONE??there is smex??


I'm reading mtl so... it might not be too clear. I don't know maybe I got it wrong.

The characterization is really cool and unique and I'm amazed by the world building

I endured the hardships of reading mtl just to read this okay but I'm really looking forward to the translations though.

Edit: So I just noticed that the author was also the one that created The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have To Be In True Love so expect ML having different versions of himself. Also expect some smex scenes <<less
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October 16, 2020
Status: c36
I wish there had been more warning about how much the author loves putting the MC in forced yandere situations.

Overall, this is a reasonably creative story (it has slight "The Earth is Online" vibes, although is less actual-puzzle based), with a fairly light writing style that makes it easy to read. The author is not afraid to make things a bit twisted or creepy-cute (or just creepy-gross), but so far it's nothing a weak-willed scaredy-cat like me finds difficult. So far the MC is far from OP, but has potential... more>> for growth and it doesn't seem like that will come at an unrealistic pace. I have slight misgivings about whether this will end up being one of those "ML is OP so everything turns out alright" ones, but so far there's reason to believe it won't be that mindless.

(Also, the "hypersexuality" is slightly annoying because the author tends to refer to it as if it's part of his identity ("the hypersexual") rather than just using his name. It's also mildly off-putting to feel that the author is consciously using this aspect of the MC to purposely create stressful and dramatic situations; that feels a bit too forced/contrived.)

I was pretty willing to stick with this, but it's now become apparent that in every arc the author is going to force the MC into a scenario/relationship where another (male) character is yandere-obsessed with him, and that's totally not my thing. It hasn't been anything extreme so far, but it's obviously going to be a trend, and since I find yanderes frustrating and stressful rather than enjoyable, I've reluctantly decided to cut my losses here.

(No rating, because I don't believe I've read enough to give it a true rating; I'm dropping this because of my personal preference rather than a "flaw.") <<less
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1Sami rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: c2
I really like this so far, the translation is really smooth and the plot line is interesting. The MCs nymphomania is funny and everyone keeps mistaking it as mysophobia. I can't wait to read more.
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CreamPuffu rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c127
This novel is a gem.

I knew it later that it's the same author of Protagonist and Reader definitely be in love, no wonder why the plot is good and there's a lot of mystery and puzzle pieces for reader to be collect. Each arc has different genre depended on the story of the chessboard, none are boring, there even horror theme I felt really scared lol.

Though story progressing is slow, It'll make you want to keep reading more after each chapter. Plus, All charactors have dimention especially MC, the most... more>> mysterious guy in the novel. At first, I thought he's normally cute idiot who's loveable but nope, he's deeper than I see that's why I keep reading for I want to know his past. Now at ch127 I still dk.

Hope this review can help you :) <<less
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Dragon_Reader rated it
April 12, 2020
Status: c109
It's a really superb book. The RPG designed is intricate and extremely difficult. MC is not OP. He has a lot of help and slowly finds his way back to the professional gamer he used to be. He is also a programming genius but other than studying the future programming things, he is yet to do anything else. He meets a lot of NPCs who become extraordinarily yandere towards him. The system keeps pitting him in the games lol. He also meets some players who exhibit similar obsession/ possession towards... more>> him.

T/L - 10/10

Story - 10/10 <<less
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IndulgentTranslations rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: --

Read. This. It's a beautiful mix of mystery, heartbreak, comedy, suspense, adventure, romance, etcetera etcetera

It's kinda dark ish not really just a little tho lol. Prepare yourselves! ML is cute af and so is MC, both are likeable characters and neither of them are weak.

This is a Quick Transmigration-Esque novel, though instead of the various worlds being literal separate worlds they're seperate stories / levels or whatchamacallit in a game, the MMORPG game called 'RPG'.

Worldbuilding, be it in 'reality' or within the game, is consistently amazing and the aesthetic is spot on. One of my favourite points about the novel is how detailed the game system is. Even if you have difficulty remembering it it's okay bc the author subtly reinforces the information, tho ngl I was a bit confused at first.

At times it kinda weirded me ngl out (*cough* the princesses' arc thing *cough*) but by then I was in too deep to back out and I have not regretted it.

9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
WinteryDawn rated it
December 19, 2020
Status: c46 partt1
In all honestly this novel is very weird and bizarre.

The MC's hypersexuality might make you think that he would get into some intimate moments with other guys, the ML or some random guys to make the ML jealous but nope the author takes a weird spin and he gets aroused with any physical contact even with children which is disturbing, I felt uncomfortable reading how he described the child when he had to kiss her (him) lips to offset the negative side affect of one of his abilities,

"The little princess' skin was as smooth and soft as it had looked to be, and felt like smooth milk pudding against his lips. Shan Ziwei suppressed the urge to lick that skin. His mind stood on a morally high ground yelling STOP, but his body desired more of this wonderful experience. As a result of this conflict, Shan Ziwei opened his mouth slightly, his tongue against his lips, hesitating to come out."

With this as pretext you can imagine how weird the novel is, first the scenarios are some of the most random and confusing stuff I have read with the only positive that it is not predictable at all. Especially the latest completed arc ... more>>

where the MC is in a fairy tale based scenario where he is queen (from snow white) and has to complete objectives related to three different princess's from other fairy tales (snow white, donkeyskin, sleeping beauty) so he has to constantly time travel and because of the ability to time travel and go to different dimensions, if the first person he sees is male they will have frigid desire for him. He does some questionable things to offset the negative side effect of his ability by kissing a newborn baby on the lips and a 6 year old child, then becomes h**ny, my tolerance is high but this is crazy!! Because all the princess's were male they had frigid desire for him so they were obsessed with him and if they couldn't have him then they would rather kill him.

Snow white jammed a small wedding ring through his finger to the point where his knuckles broke, then killed him by making out with him by suffocation and the drainage of his hearts bar, it continually decreases the more aroused he feels.

Princess donkeyskin killed him by skinning him alive and using it to make a very realistic wax statue so that way he would stay with him forever.

The worst part is that it doesn't even feel like a BL! The MC mostly mingles with the princess's but since they're continuously described as a girl throughout the whole arc they don't even feel like a boy when it's revealed at the end, it's like the author suddenly revealing that the MC was a girl.


That arc was a train wreck because it was over complicated for no reason, it's like the MC having to do three scenarios at once, it was a mess. Not to mention the questionable acts the author made the MC do and the descriptions they gave *shiver*, at the end of the day it didn't even feel like a BL.

In conclusion, I don't even know what's happening half the time since the scenarios are weird as hell and the story feels directionless since there is no clear goal, he does have one which is to level up and become stronger as he a newly signed pro tank player but it feels like a half baked set up because the MC hardly have any interactions with his team and more importantly we have no idea how other pro players fight against each other or what the tournament is like. Right now the MC is playing a role playing game and I have no idea how it correlates to the roles in MMORPGs, like tank, dps or healer. <<less
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XavierForest rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c1
This seems fun and the quality of the translation it good. So far the (first half of the) synopsis is accurate. The protagonist's hypersexuality results in him doing everything possible to avoid physical contact because he becomes aroused when his body is touched. He wants to be a gamer because it's a job he can do without coming into close contact with other people. He becomes super nervous when people get too close and doesn't go out of his way to tell people about his condition due to embarrassment.

I'm interested... more>> and want to read more. <<less
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Ecirteab rated it
February 11, 2021
Status: c132
MC, a hypers*xual gamer, wakes up from cryogenic presentation hundreds of years later and finds himself going back into gaming, more specifically the most popular game of the current century- RPG. Unfortunately, it's virtual reality, even more unfortunate, he still can't cure his hypersexuality.

RPG is a very interesting novel that really hooks the reader. There's some little tropes and cliches but the drive of the mystery and characters keeps pulling you in.

MC, was at first someone I didn't quite like. In the beginning, he's easily spooked, kinda low-key always wants... more>> to flee and seems to be pushed by the game rather than the typical 100moves ahead protag you're used to in these type of puzzle/escape room/ fighting type novels. But that's point. He's never had to experience actual fighting or actual horror, he's adapting to 200+ years of tech, he's stuck with his disease that defines him as much as has destroyed him, of course he's floundering (especially since the games are kinda stacked against him sometimes). But when he gets comfortable, you start to see him grow and shine. It's gradual and even then there are some world's where you may get annoyed but it's lovely to actually be able to empathise with the MC and grow to like him instead of him being perfect. It really feels like you're befriending him in a way.

His hypersexuality. The author uses it as very much like a trope sometimes but it's very intergral to MC. It's his literal physical prison as well as an emotional one and you can see the cracks of MC's trauma show time and time again. Sure it's used to push a lot of 'wow MC is so sexy, it's time to sell skinship but erotic' moments but I have to say it's intergral to his character both past and present.

Worlds/games- RPG is a game that feels like it was meant to deal psychological trauma to whoever plays it lol. Its a very unique game system and to the authors credit I did actually get used to the game mechanics despite MTL and how bloody confusing it was in the beginning. Can't say if it would succeed as a real game but it entangles the in novel world well. The game world's shown have been fun to read and pretty unique. I even enjoyed the cultivation world, which is hard.

ML - There's probably only one but there are a series of guys entangled with the MC. Not always romantic but MC just has the misfortune? Of attracting weirdos lol. The main overview of possible ML is Yandere. If you like em you'll eat this novel up, if you hate em don't even bother because obsessive, all-consuming love is central to the novel. I love Yandere and obsessive love, especially with nuance so it's great but it's really a per taste feel. This novel does the yan really well and there's a good balance between yan for the sake of yan and emotional deep connection that hints to an entanglement of the flesh and soul.

Tl;dr- if you like yans just read the novel. If you're neutral, this novel is intriguing and refreshing, well worth your time. <<less
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Luvrin rated it
July 15, 2020
Status: c94
I litterally typed a long as review then it suddenly vanished when I went on another tabT^T

Well lets begin with me ranting. I'm surprised this novel has low ratings I was extremely impressed with the plotline in general and in each arc I really liked the 5th arc the way the author describes the surroundings and what is happening and the mystery hints is a 5 star to me. I noticed that in the novel everything links together for instance you got to pay attention while reading im not... more>> complaining about it cause I really enjoyed reading this novel. Although it is slow romance I'm honestly relieved that the MC doesnt love the ML straightaway like other novels. It takes time for the MC to realise and to truly accept his own and the ML's feelings which is very understandable considering what he had been through. I also noticed that alot of readers are confused as to who the ML is well let me help you with that however don't expect it to be too useful!


It was hinted on the 1st chapter The person who talks to our MC first. Questioning him the 'dean' the director of the welfare home he guided and helped wei wei into getting more familar to the world he is in now "He picked up the hair of Wei Wei who had just swiped, put it on his lips, and bit his lips gently, smiling extremely brightly" "We'll see you again." He does appear again later in the novel in front of gaia but known as a different identity then the 'director of a welfare'. I will explain what gaia is further down



'little gaia' the toybox who was supposed to be the ultimate boss in the tutorial stage that wei wei had to defeat but instead somehow became wei wei's toybox "Toy is a prop for "play".

If it cannot be played, it cannot be called a "toy" at all.

So if you don't play with me, I have no meaning in this world.

In order to exist in this world, I will keep you playing with me.

Your hand only touches me, your eyes only look at me, and your whole life is just playing with me.

It 's okay, do n't worry, do n't be afraid, this is what I should do as a toy" you can already tell by this 'little gaia's' 'toy' definition it is definitely not normal. In addition when little gaia had smiled at wei wei " He felt very familiar, very familiar, but he couldn't tell who the specific smile was" soo who else smiled 'brightly' at wei wei?



Then there is 'gaia' (from the first spoiler) it is a stream of data that has all information keeping the world from goin into chaos?. Coincidentally after the MC accepted 'little gaia' as a toybox the 'gaia's' "entire light curtain was flooded with the same data flow"Even without any sound, you can feel the boiling and joy of the data stream."he still felt that the opposite Gaia was like a child who got the most beloved toys, and he couldn't wait to introduce them to People around, show that he is the holder of this toy" and" this great miracle was actually created by manpower" this occured when little gaia became a toy so in fact [little gaia IS gaia] it was also stated that there someone who had created gaia, Do you know who?


lastly 'Host' a random player in the rpg game who happened to meet wei wei in his first main games stage "that's not human eyes at all, under the golden rendering, it looks like a *lord Looking down on mortals" he doesn't just appear there he appears whenever wei wei gets in the main stage of the game following him like a ghost only when wei wei goes into a game non multiplayer mode is the only time 'host' doesn"t appear


I know its confusing I tried to not spoil anything else. But I highly suggest reading this novel and reading it carefully (it took me 3 times to read to fully understand) if you enjoy yandere's and a MC (wei wei) that is refreshingly normal unlike those OP MC's and is generally cute ><. If you want a worthwhile experience in virtual rpg with unique arcs with different storylines (basically transmigration) then this is highly recommended it IS disturbing to some readers but to me I loved every single part of it. So read ittt!! <<less
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Meiyap rated it
March 30, 2020
Status: c41
If somebody told me this was horror, I would believe it.

The weirdest part is that the most heartwarming 'arc' was also the visually grossest.


The mutant baby one. Mutant baby made of muscles turned tentacle creature that knew how to sell Meng.

6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Pavetta rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c1
Great so far. The translation is perfect, with no spelling/grammar/punctuation errors in sight.

I skipped the first few paragraphs because they were an info-dump, and I feel like they weren't really important to the plot, because you learn all that throughout the story anyway.

I'm a big fan so far.
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Riellana Louella
Riellana Louella rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: c20
I'm addicted to card games with futuristic setting, that even though it's slow romance, it got me hooked af, unfortunately they are too few right now. The translator also mentioned before that the author who wrote was also the one that had written "The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love" so I'm up for it, especially how I've remembered those r18 scenes in the reader and protagonist, remembering those made me want to see more, those possessive and yandere tags are also a plus point.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
April 10, 2020
Status: c127
i really enjoyed the system settings and it makes me want to reread the earth is online. I feel like no other light novel has really managed to match this kind of game like system with props and such. A little confused on things still but excited to read the translation !!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nanya rated it
February 12, 2024
Status: c56
I love this novel so much. It has such an interesting premise and with the MC's condition, it's really fun to read about. I hope someone can pick this up soon!
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Reichie rated it
August 10, 2021
Status: c47
For anyone planning to read this, take note of the hypers*xual condition of the MC because it's not a subplot.

Anyway, the world building in this one is amazing, I'm excited to find out more cause it seems like it's still in the introduction stage (around chapter 40) for the readers and the poor MC. There's a lot of mysterious recurring characters that readers will have a hard time to determine who is who and which possible ML to root for.

Although the chapter count bothers me since there's only 140 chapters,... more>> written on 2015 and the last update, if I'm not wrong, was last year. I'm hoping this actually isn't abandoned or in eternal hiatus because even if the arcs are disturbing, the story will make you want more. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
_seven_ rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: --
I really liked this novel. This is my first time giving a review and I'm so emotional from finishing an arc just now that it made me cry so much that I wanted to comment it here. Hopefully others will like this the same as me.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
February 5, 2024
Status: c59 part2
I come back to this semi regularly to see if it has been taken up again-- from my understanding the author went on hiatus mid-plot arc (I believe the next one as I was able to find an MTL for the remainder of this plot and into the next before it stopped) soooo I am less screaming for translators to pick it up as I am hoping for dearest author to be re-inspired.

Interesting plot and fun played around with the MC having a very s*xual body while trying VERY HARD... more>> to remove himself from s*xual or Physical situations. It's a fun world that has been built up in this and a lot of intriguing characters who definitely would be an amusing and interesting ML.

I occasionally reread this, so if you are ok with the fact that this is not completed I would still recommend this as a fun, pretty sexy read. <<less
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themoonisbright rated it
December 3, 2023
Status: c59.2
Really good! Eccentric, but in a good way. Interesting plot and great story description. Can visualize things perfectly. Dropped by translator.
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
AImmortalZ rated it
July 17, 2022
Status: c35 part1
A good novel, I'll stop reading this and will come back later if the translation will be finish because I think that the raw will be a bit unreadable for me who suffers a little or I'm just not in the mood to read this novel. Anyway, I will come back in the future to read this again.
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