A Race to (Be) The Top


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Ling Xiaolu, who wanted to purchase a VR game client, accidentally met a terminal error. Forced to play as a pet, Ling Xiaolu started his journey in the game, and became the highly coveted target of the tall, handsome and rich top players.

With the help of the game developer’s cover, would Ling Xiaolu, having concealed his combat-pet identity under the greedy eyes of everyone, be able to go through his game career unscathed?

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GoldenTiger0 rated it
May 17, 2019
Status: c26

I just finished the first chapter but can't help and like it. That's why I gave it 3-stars only. I can't say much about the novel yet. It can only be found after reading it further but nonetheless it's a good read till now. The translator did a very good job at translating though.

And I just noticed that I'm the first one to review as well as one to vote for it.

... more>> [17-05-2019]{Ch4}

Just finished the fourth one and now I know why the MC was in an aphrodisiac condition. MC only wanted to try the collar not become a pet, you know. I feel sorry for him. And, I think ML found him quite early if he is. I have come to like Linglong, the gm fake-pet of the real pet. Their interaction is fun to read. And, ML and MC's interaction is also fun to read.

Especially when MC wants him to go away so badly yet this guy doesn't go away and even make things worse such as adding pet-hormone powder right into the air when MC is next to him.


I had a feeling that my heart was on a rollercoaster. Too many ups and downs in just one chapter.


I can't help but write when I read the ending of the chapter. It was too hilarious.

MC just saved himself from getting discovered, learns two skills and just as he goes out from the learning place, he crashes into the supposed ML. Then, MC shoots an Ice Arrow slowing him down for 1.5 seconds and uses the second skill to escape. When the skill cools down, ML is unable to find him yet he vows to catch this running person again. MC has escaped twice from the ML.

Feeling good. I just poured out all the excitement I had in my stomach in this spoiler box. BUT, it's a SPOILER. So BEWARE OF IT!


Thought I had found the ML. Now, I can't tell anymore... But, I give the novel 5-stars now. Can't help but like it very much.


After reading much, I think that the supposed ML is the correct one due to their interactions. There's a drunken incident, in the story till now, which is very fun to read. You would laugh a lot for sure!

The three game aces sure have a lot of reasons on their on to chase our deer...


One is so because he the MC had escaped from him at first and then became forcibly became his friend, the other suspects that our MC is that pet and became his master in-game. The third one because he thinks that the first two got secret information about the pet and in front of the pet are acting as if they don't know, so that the pet can form a contract with them on good terms as they win him over.


I like the blacked-name killer. He can easily qualify for the second position overthrowing two of the aces in this race...


I can't find any raws having chapters more than 26... ARGHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! <<less
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SocialJusticeWarrior rated it
October 12, 2019
Status: c12
This story is unputdownable. The depiction of in-game scenery and combat skills is very well-written and detailed. I love the MC - he is adorable and comically aggressive. The plot is also unique and absorbing. My heart really pounded badump badump when it comes to exciting scenes. Hope that the rest of the story is just as good. Up to this point I'm totally in love with this novel <3
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WhoWho rated it
August 23, 2019
Status: --
Very interesting read so far. I really want to see a harem of ML. Would be cool and different from the boring monogamous seme-uke tropes.

It's very surprising how MC hasn't been caught already with all that bad luck. However, I prefer if the MC hid his identity better, since the fun is in the chase. I want the MC to be free and independent and less interaction with the "Benefactors". It can be very patronizing with this "pet-benefactor" system... and I wish the MC can beat that system. Then again,... more>> , , this is a yaoi novel so my expectations aren't that high. <<less
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agathe rated it
January 27, 2020
Status: c98
To ml, search title +author, and pick a late 2019 on a terrible site, you probably won’t escape tons of humping boobs, and horrifying commercials (tape plus cardboard works well to hide those), but you might find it worth it !
the last chapter I read was named « i’m so happy « and it’s about, how « I », a reader, felt reading it... really happy !

it was way worth enduring a few chapters with too many puns to understand, not just because it’s cute, but also because... more>> the characters have enough substance to make you feel, their path enough ups and downs to make you laugh a lot and cry a bit, some theme enough meaning to let you think.
it is not perfect (and ML is not helping), it has some length I could live without, but it is remarkably better than so many webnovels

i hope our dearest translator will keep the good work, even more as the play on words was so great and fun in the translation

98 chapter does not feel finished, I honestly didn’t did more (btw I could be wrong with the number, they weren’t any number in the version I read) - but in any case, it’s a gratifying place

What this novel is not is pure fluff romance thing. They are many characters, their encounters and relationship all have value, the friend, the mentor, the brother... and obviously one of them slowly becoming a bit special, without anything like making that a stronger focus...

so fluff, but not that much romance fluff, of course, it’s very pg (albeit a bit « game » bloody), so if you love a tale of sincerity, without too many artificial gimmicks, you might enjoy as much as I did. If you dread explicit bl, that one will never traumatize you :) (t least, so far...)

as an absolute grade i’d give a strong 4 or 4.5, but it’s so much better than lots of things that I rated it 5

that’s it, many thanks for the awesome translation and the comment s that brought me to that tittle. It’s probably one of the very few tittle I will wait expectantly to read in good conditions ! So how is it « jaio ! » translator ! <<less
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Darkness7913 rated it
November 7, 2019
Status: c61
My rating will stay as that until I know who the ML is!!! Since there are 2 (?) possible candidates... Or the other is my wishful thinking... Anyway, the MC is cute and fun but had this really weird ideas.. he does have character development and we can really see how he progresses, he also has cool parkour skills and is able to break dance...

Possible MLs with some spoiler details...

    • Ji Meng: his probably the ML since he has a lot of screen time with MC alone, likes pets and has one friend IRL aside from his family and relatives..
    • Du Kou: he just wants a human combat-pet and quickly switches to treating a new human combat-pet like a daughter (who's technically too young to play the game)...
    • Li Zheng: MC's shifu. I like him a lot because he's the usual cold and strong guy... had been defeated once due to lack of human combat-pet, he had actually rejected a human combat-pet (who was his ex or his shifu's ex?) proposal before... He also knows MC is a combat-pet and almost had a contract with him!!... He had also expressed his preference of a human combat-pet to MC which actually refers to MC characteristics!!!
    • Zhen Jiu: really close with MC but maybe not since his usually PKing DK and crew most of the time due to an incident in the past. Treats MC like a lil' bro... Protected MC in a shield when MC didn't leave when ZJ was being PKed by a lot of ppl.

I like the plot overall.. there's game mechanics as expected from a game type story... such as family (guild? clan?), PK and such...

I also like how the other charas have their own lives and don't normally rotate around MC... and they actually accomplish things like raids, PVP, guild fights and unexpected events.

Only read up to 61 since I was unable to find the rest...
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albreo rated it
August 25, 2019
Status: c21
The story is very funny and refreshing. The author nailed all the banter excellently. The Yaoi-ness is real high. I almost drop dead from purpleness. Good Translation quality overall. Nothing to say much at the moment until I scour raws. Definitely recommended.
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BaiYihan rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: c20
The MC is so pitiable. But the MLs are so.... idiotic (?). They just want a pet but the MC just wants to live his life. Granted, it would be easier for him if he was a bit more careful but hey, he's playing a game. And this is a novel, there's got to be a plot. And I am definitely not complaining about this one. It's so funny!
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YellowNoodle rated it
May 4, 2020
Status: Completed
... This book is so good I never want to read it again!

How... how could the author do this!? How could Xiu Luo torture us like this!!???


... more>> Even though I know who the ML is, I just... my... second and third male lead syndrome....*sobs*

How could this happen? My heart.... hurts...

--R.I.P Inner Dilemma

The book starts off with our MC Ling Xioalu, a recent undergraduate at a prestigious university who is on his way to buy the latest Virtual Reality pet fighting game.

As he finds a new understanding of these high tech gadgets that give him easy access to the game, he decides to try on a collar; A newly designed interface for Human based based pets.

However, this collar has a high chance of not working due to its special requirements and any lucky person to be synchronized with the collar will embark on wondrous journey to be carried by the golden tagged benefactors! They're the rich of the rich! The tyrants of the VIP's!

Unfortunately, our unwilling Xiaolu had locked himself to this fate due to his curiosity.

So then begins his journey of cursing the pet radars, the pet immobilization, and of course, the pet aphrodisiacs.

I give it a 4/5, the extra star is for the translator.

The mtl is easy and the comedy is gold. I seriously couldn't help but laugh out loud at the player's bickering about "What you want to do!?" (You'll find out about this bit in future chapters)

The story is mainly 4 stars because of the HUGE misunderstanding and brain holes of everyone towards the end. As much as the miscommunication is hilarious and further pushes our two protagonists together, ai, it was just so painful to read because I really just wanted them to get everything resolved.


Why? Because there's a bit of angst once Xiaolu signs his life away. You'll understand when you read it.

(There's angst towards the end too)


I enjoyed the book I felt the resolution a bit rushed after that stretched out misunderstanding. Plus, all I can say is... Xi'er handle your husband ah. Damn zero.

Also, just a heads up, you will tear up. I am serious. You. Will. Cry. The ending is bitter sweet, not for the main couple but for one of the side characters.

4/5 +1 because of translator

Adieu and Enjoi! Shifu and Zhen Jiu are mine! Papa Dou is my heart and Nan Xun is a good girl, she deserves the world. (///^♡^///) <<less
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YaoiMom22 rated it
September 14, 2019
Status: c12
This story is so hilarious! I absolutely love the MC and the ML (s?) !

Honestly though, I am hoping beyond hope that this will end up a harem. There's so few yaoi harem novels and this one would be perfect for it! I srsly can't decide which one of the guys after the MC I like more. Lolol

My only other wish is that it would update faster but I'm still grateful to be able to read what I can.
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Naats rated it
December 29, 2020
Status: c10
I really want to like this story but I can’t get into it.

First problem is that despite the author affirming it’s a 1v1, you’re introduced one by one to a harem of potential gongs. The one that feels he’s supposed to be the ML is also the one you’re the least interested in. He gets all the sexy interactions from the start but is not credible for an instant.

Second problem is the s*upid settings. The MC gets a spray so nobody can remember his face in game but also outside... more>> the game. Why outside? He can’t remove the collar thing so he would be recognised anyway. It’s 100% percent useless inside the game as demonstrated by ML candidate number one a few paragraphs later : you can see ppl name in the game so even if you don’t remember the face you can just get their ID. The GMs can’t remove the MC from the pet radar until the same day a few hours later in the middle of a server rush.

My main problem: dub con. So in this game if you’re one of the rare person who can wear a special collar, you can participate in a special beta and be a human pet for the vip customers. You get a lot of in game benefits AND a salary. Despite the material being said it’s not that special MC can’t remove it and is forced to wear the collar. If he want to play the game he has to be a human pet because it would break the game otherwise? What nobody tells him is that absolutely everything that can affect a virtual AI controlled pet can affect him. Like bait that makes him go in heat and treats that makes him act like an addict or skill that can just freeze and not able to move. One guy just kidnaps him to a dungeon and he has no way to leave because he is weak. Only slight redeeming factor is that apparently all 18+ content in the game has to be consensual but I am very doubtful.

The MC is great, I like his interactions with the fake pet GM and the other ML candidates but I still can’t get into the story. <<less
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longing rated it
November 23, 2020
Status: c109
I cried, it ended so, so fast and suddenly, the feeling of happy ever after, which I hate the most, is hilariously strong. Author could have at least write few extra chapters to show their future lives, and the happy ending wouldn't be so depressing.

So, the MC's cute and not annoying, and the ML's super kind, they're great together. Every other character is sympathetic too. Personally, I'll miss them, to be honest.

The main pair is fluffy, and there's also a sad story hidden in one of the side characters.

Also quite... more>> funny how the main conflict of the novel is caused by the future capitalistic society. Always read the contracts big companies gave you!

There's a question about AI treating morality, and it is not well-covered enough, so if you're here for the future and technologies topic, you can be disappointed.

I threw all the curse words I know in the author's direction, when the main plot twist happened.

I was furious about how s*upid was the situation and how unenthusiastic MC was to solve it at the time. He even was kinda unemotional about all he's lost, I couldn't believe it. Luckily, it really was not a long time to long.


Also the feeling of the time in novel was... near to nonexistent, vague. Three months seemed like three weeks. And there was no MC's emotional conclusion about his feelings. I think, it would be better to have a pause to think about what's happening, at least when the bad thing happened.

To sum up, the story is funny and warm, and if you need smth to spend two or three days happy and excited about, here it is for you. <<less
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