The Youngest Son of the Eunhae Merchant Group


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Eun Seo-ho is born with the talent of a natural-born merchant.

As he rises through the ranks, he encounters those who would stand in his way.

“Why is the Murim Alliance after me…?”

“You’ve grown too big to the point of nuisance, so you’re an eyesore.”

He returns to the day he started working for the group and makes a firm resolve.

This time, he will never regret it.

“I will destroy them with the money they look down on so much.”

With his genius mind and exceptional talent for martial arts,

The journey of a great merchant emperor who will leave his mark on history begins!

Associated Names
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Eunhae Clan’s Youngest Son
The Youngest Son of the Silver Sea Merchant Group
은해상단 막내아들
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