Medicine Immortal Reincarnated With a Heavenly Martial Body


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“For a medical practitioner, there is no righteous or unorthodox faction. There are only patients!”

Kang Choryang, the Medicine Immortal, treated his patients with kindness and excellent medical skills.

But the repayment for that was a cold blade that pierced his heart…

“…How am I alive?..”

For reasons unknown, the Medicine Immortal Kang Choryang has possessed the body of Sa Seongcheon, the heir to the number one sect in the unorthodox faction — the Black Sky Guild.

His enemy being the Murim Alliance Lord, Neung Unsaeng, he was glad to have possessed the legitimate son of that person’s arch-nemesis, Black Moon Martial God, Sa Gunak, but…

“Isn’t this guy a complete, complete… loser?”

…he was also frustrated to find that his dantian is deformed and can’t accumulate internal energy.

“Oh, oh my!”

Then, he realized that his new body has the constitution sent by heaven – it’s a Heavenly Martial Body!

The story of Sa Seongcheon, who heals his dantian and takes revenge on the Murim Alliance Lord Neung Unsaeng, begins!

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약선은 천무지체로 환생하였다
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