The Werewolf Young Master’s Caretaker


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To support my family, I become a male prostitute.

One day, a suspicious man offered me an outrageous sum of money and asked me if I can become his ‘Nephew’s Caretaker’.

I thought this was absolutely suspicious, but I decided to accept the offer.

Then I was taken to an old mansion hidden in deep forest.

There, I meet with Yuria. A tall, dumb, but incredibly gentle young man.

My life as a caretaker was more peaceful and ticklish than I had ever experienced.

But Yuria has a dangerous secret…

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Jinrou Botchan no Sewagakari
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madudellatorre rated it
April 19, 2020
Status: c9
First, I would like to apologize for my English, since it's not my first language. But even though, I wanted to leave this review so here it goes.

I juts casually came upon this story and it was a nice surprise. I'm not very found of angst, so when I read on the summary that the MC was a male prostitute so he could support his family, I was a little wary that there will be a lot of drama involved in this, as there is in a lot of novels,... more>> you know how it goes: 'I have to sell my body so I can feed my family but I am so disgusted with this and I'm so dirty...'

I' not saying this line of thought is not understandable (for the one who has to be a prostitute, I mean I couldn't pass it over a an easy thing, but it's not okay for a third person to think like that, I don't think anyone can judge one's situation without being in the other's shoes) but I found it very refreshing when I read this novel and the MC (Ban) just treats it like it was any other work that gave him money to feed his siblings, there was no 'I'm a victim, poor me', like I said, it was refreshing.

But anyways, his life as a prostitute didn't take even half of a chapter, so there isn't a lot to take from it, but I guess it was something that made me see Ban in a different light, as a protagonist I would like to read about.

The true plot line follows our MC as he accepts a stranger's offer and goes to work as a caretaker of the stranger's nephew. Summary talks about Yuria's (the nephew) dangerous secret, but since the novel's name is the Werewolf Young Master's Caretaker, I will do a bold guess and say this dangerous secret has something to do with his werewolf identify.

Up to this point (ch. 9) there isn't a lot of story going on, Ban just met Yuria and they are still on the begging fase of getting to know each other. Anyway, Yuria is adorable, Ban doesn't know about the werewolf part as of yet, but he already sees Yuria as a big dog, with puppy eyes and wagging tail which is cute.

At first, I thought it would be a fluffy kind of story, of a MC who has gone through a lot but still had a caring heart (but not those s*upidly saint people, more like a somewhat cold person who has a soft spot for spoiled children (?) since he does care for his siblings a lot) and then a ML who acts as a puppy and is cute and just wanted someone to care for him because he grow up alone without any friend or family warmth in a cold mansion in the middle of a forest (and for someone like me who reads a lot of novels, I can see Yuria as a loyal dog for his love but that will turn into a wild wolf if anyone tries to bully his beloved), and you know, I would be totally in for that.

But then, while I was reading the prologue, I don't know, I have this feeling that the fluffy of the first chapters could be hiding something a lot darker, which half worries me and half makes me intrigued.

Anyway, I'm looking forward for how the story goes. Thanks for the translator for making this novel available for us poor readers who can't read JP/Korean/Chinese. Ah, it seems the novel's author knows about this translation and is happy that other people from other countries are reading their story, which is good because it means they won't ask for the translations to be put down.


So, I'm super in for random theories, my guess is, maybe ML's uncle and grandfather are actually vampires? My theory doesn't go that far, if maybe Yuria is not blood-related to them, or we may be talking about a hybrid (?) or something totally different, I just have this random thought because it seems the uncle had to wait until night so they could trave (?) And there was something about how the maids on the mansion didn't find it strange the late hour they arrived, like it was normal, and then there was something about how the uncle's hands were cold, or about how the uncle was like 'oh, so it's been 10 years since we last saw each other?' And the nephew was like 'Yes, uncle, you left and said you would be back te following day but then 10 years passed by', and also when Yuria hugged Ban he was like 'oh, you're warm' and Ban answered 'that's because I am alive' and Yuria was like 'I see, so you are alive...' I mean, rings the bell for some night creature we know? But again, I'm just thinking.

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