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Fukaya Yuto (17), lives as an omega in hiding. As such, Yuto acts as a caretaker for the beautiful blind alpha, Kunishiro Aoi (19). Although wishing to be a free man, Yuto cannot help the deep attraction he feels towards Aoi. Even as it is, he wishes to stay by his side as a mere servant, but the desire to be Aoi’s『mate』is instinctual. Approaching soon is Aoi’s 20th birthday, and the discussion of eye surgery is raised. At this time, Aoi’s older brother, Ren (25), in preparation for Aoi’s debut in high society, begins his search for the perfect omega…

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cutekittensmeow rated it
August 11, 2023
Status: c10
This is a cute, but cliche, omegaverse novel.

The alpha ML is rich, tall, well built, beautiful, successful, good at everything, every omega wants him, and has an overbearing family. You know, like every alpha ML in the omegaverse. But he just happens to be blind because you have to give your perfect alpha ML some sort of reason why they absolutely need the omega MC (in other omegaverse this is usually something like intolerance to omega pheromones).

The omega MC is poor, small, delicate, beautiful, has huge debts, acts childish in... more>> an endearing way, has no reliable family, and is a servant/subordinate of the alpha ML. You know, like every omega MC in the omegaverse. He even pretends to be a beta, like 50% of all omega MC (the other 50% are s*x workers).

There's a thousand misunderstandings to drive the plot because adults won't use their words. Even when there's no misunderstanding there's shady family members and the class divide to get in the way. You know, like every omegaverse novel/manga.

It's incredibly cliche, nothing in this novel is going to surprise you. But it's still a solid 4 star novel because it's well written, well translated, and you can't help but cheer for the romance. I recommend giving it a try, especially if you're a sucker for omegaverse like me. <<less
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leleix rated it
November 10, 2023
Status: c16
Definitely has a lot of cliches, but delightfully devoid of the "ML alpha is insufferable a**hole" one. I love nothing more than a simp ML and this one gets a gold star for that. So far it is very cute and unproblematic with not much angst (the usual "misunderstandings" get resolved quite quickly.)

I will probably binge the Japanese at some later date, but the English translation released thus far is excellent.
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