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Jiang Zhige got transmigrated into the book he was reading and became the notorious villain “Demon Emperor” who was getting besieged by many cultivators including the male protagonist and female protagonists, making him fall into a fatal situation.

Just as Jiang Zhige was about to die, he unexpectedly awakened the Life Memory Editing System which, as its name implies, could rewrite Demon Emperor’s past and reveal it to the world.

As a result, parts of heart-wrenching memories appeared on the light curtain projecting in front of the world, laid bare for everyone to watch.

“Rou’er, you must always remember, be a beggar rather than a s*ave. As long as I’m still alive, I will never let you become a s*ave or a maid.”

“Ziyan, if it is for you, I have nothing to lose in becoming a demon. What’s the harm in being an enemy of the world?”

The world would finally understand his actions when everything comes to light.

Everything he, Demon Emperor, did was to shelter his loved ones and protect the world.

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Deguredolf Hitanyalier
Deguredolf Hitanyalier rated it
September 3, 2022
Status: --
I just really love the empathetic story of the past memory protagonist, I just really wonder why the past memory editor system had to be implemented, this story would've been better without the original MC transmigrating into the body of the original villain smh.

I wish it was a pure fantasy without system elements or a fake past, it just ruins the immersion.

Still giving out a 5 star because the sad past memories are always well written and make me cry.
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Knightwraith7 rated it
September 8, 2022
Status: c241
I really loved this novel. MC is not a schemer or a h**ny bastard. He just want to survive from getting killed in the begining. The system lets him edit the past events and memories. But I am still not sure that if its actually letting him edit the scenario or those things actually happned. Even the MC is confused about his sytem half of the time and assuming his new identity. Heroines are really well written. No h**ny moments in this novel. After knowing what they have done in... more>> the past was just misunderstanding and they were returning kindness with hatred, they start blaming themselves. The original hero f the novel was just a h**ny beta male. Side characters are awesomely written as well. Like this one young master type character name Lu Tianjiao. Who used to like mc's adopted sister (who love the MC, while MC only see her as sisterly way) and after spending years with both MC and her and realizing that his love will never be realized, He tries to kill the MC. After a little bit of fights happens MC beats him but still forgave him. From then they turns into eternal brothers. Even when the whole world hated the MC cause he was a demonic cultivator, Lu Tianjiao has his back. He also tries to help MC when he was going through hard times. Even after losing his cultivation cause of MC he still never complained once. Well That's just one character. Overall for me this novel is 10/10. Give it a try. <<less
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Stormykiss rated it
August 20, 2022
Status: c3
Usually I don’t like leaving a review but for me the title itself caught my attention. Although the description is about the MC gaining the Life Memory Editing System, which allows him to alter some memories, it still did not stop me from wanting to give this a read. So I wanted to leave a review that I look forward to reading more of this and would like to take the time to thank the translator (s) that took the time to translate this into English and sharing for a... more>> reader, such as myself, to read and enjoy.

I always pity the villain that always gets the death sentence in the end and everyone focused mainly on the bad they did instead of the good they may have done. If by chance they got a glimpse of how they became to be how they’re now, would they continue with the punishment of death or perhaps give them a chance to start a new. So far the translation is easy and not confusing at all like most I seen every now and then. Although it’s 3 chapters so far I must admit I enjoy it so far and look forward to more chapters. <<less
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Matt1plus rated it
November 15, 2022
Status: c10
Reading this so far I’ve really liked it. Although merely 10 chapters in the MC seems pretty levelheaded, and the hero on the other end seems selfish, which helps to not feel bad for him whatsoever.

One heroine in so far and the story progresses nicely, not too rushed nor slow. Hopefully won’t become too cliche, or have the other characters be cardboard cutouts. And it’s pretty nice to have other characters, outside the main ones have decent dialogue, which adds to the story finely.

Overall great read, can’t wait to read... more>> the rest. <<less
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ExtremelyLazy rated it
April 27, 2023
Status: Completed
It was a pretty enjoyable novel. While I wouldn't consider it too fulfilling of an ending, it was all wrapped up very neatly and the major characters that showed up in the memories weren't forgotten. At first I thought it'd be a complete plagiarism of another novel, The Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness, but it turned out that other than the initial setting, it took it's own path which I liked.

As you'd expect from the description, it's a harem novel. In total there are ... more>>


The memories are mostly about the first 3 heroines.

Over half the story takes place in memory with the powerhouses reacting to the memories in the present. The author doesn't skimp out in fleshing out the protagonist's relationship with the heroines spending a good time developing feelings between the characters. There are some heart-wrenching moments that definitely gets you teared up. The protagonist does not have a happy ending with the heroines in his memories. Either due to misunderstandings or to protect them from harms way. In the end, everyone realizes that the protagonist was never a blood-thirsty tyrant but a guardian that did everything in his power to protect those he cared for.

Now once the memories are completed, the plot becomes a bit less interesting. As the protagonist is a traveler from Earth, he doesn't believe he needs to reciprocate the heroines' love due to manipulating the memories.

Once the memories end, the protagonist fakes his death and dips. He leaves hoping to live as a free man.


You might be wondering why this is happening and, more importantly, wtf happens to the system?

The system never existed in the first place. It was simply conjured up by Heavenly Fury, a great being who gave the protagonist the devil dao and stuck with him throughout his journey to supremacy. His reincarnation on Earth is also planned and his actual identity is still that as the cultivator. Everything was done simply to cut his obsession with the heroines and further his dao, but his original personality holds too much affection for them to do so.



You might be wondering, what's point of the 4th and 5th heroine. The 4th heroine, senior sister, shows up during his memories with his sister. She felt love at first sight with the protagonist, but because of his unrelenting love towards his sister, the senior sister couldn't take this heart pain and left the sect. Later in the story they'll meet once more and reconciliate they're feelings. Because of dumb plot where protagonist doesn't want to reciprocate the first 3 heroines feelings because they're too heavy. She becomes the first official lover as well as the first to birth his baby. She essentially helps the protagonist understand his feelings and his heart. The 5th heroine, the blind girl, feels like an addon. She doesn't show up in the memories and is the first girl he meets in the present. Because of the protagonist's benevolence and kindness, which she has never had ever since she became blind, she completely falls for him. The problem is the protagonist doesn't reciprocate her feelings but decides to give her a chance if she returns from a 10 year journey and feels the same. Unfortunately, she dies a horrible death just a few miles away from returning due to a villain forcing her to commit su*cide. Other than to sadden the protagonist, setup a tiny future plot device, and get rid of a villain, she wasn't really necessary. Although, I admit that I enjoyed her character and was sad about her death.


Now the biggest question. What was all of this for? Like any cultivation novel, to become the ruler of blah blah blah.

There are nine pillars that run the universe, Heavenly Fury being one of them. I forgot to mention that the 4th heroine was working for the pillars. A bizarre and unnecessary plot twist. There are 3 candidates for becoming the sole ruler, the protagonist, the 3rd heroine, and Heavenly Fury's previous candidate, a million-year-old devil emperor. The protagonist and demon emperor pursued different devil daos. The protagonist focused on guardianship for everything he cares for while the demon emperor focused on becoming a perfect god. The 3rd heroine was focused on ice-cold indifference but it's impossible due to her affection for the protagonist. The final battle is essentially a race and their speed is dependent on how strong their dao was. Obviously, the protagonist wins. He becomes the ruler, kills the remaining villains, and revives the 5th heroine. A bit before the final battle he concludes his identity crisis and decides to finally reciprocate the heroines' love. Then last portion of the story is the wedding day between the protagonist and the 4th heroine while they all reintroduce themselves to the now unconfused protagonist.


Although this is a harem novel, the author does a great job giving each heroine enough time to develop their relationship with the protagonist making each of their love for him fulfilling in my opinion. The rest of the novel is slightly more generic and the pacing does ramp up at times. Honestly, the relationship plots were far more interesting than the worldbuilding and overall plot, but considering how long and tedious the usual CN webnovels are I'd say it's a plus for not lingering too long. Overall I'd give it a 4/5. <<less
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yamatorules rated it
January 9, 2023
Status: c312
This was pretty good read up until the last 30 chapters or so. Reason being it just starts getting ridiculous with what is going on to the point it feels like it drags on longer than it needs to. He does end up marrying one character at the end so the tags are accurate.

... more>>

If you want that true harem ending then stop reading after Jiang Zhige breaks out of his fatal situation and imagine your own ending. Otherwise you're going to have to make do with an ambiguous? Harem ending (isn't really a harem, just called it that for the possibility in the future we don't see).

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
LuoHuo rated it
August 3, 2023
Status: c312
Honestly this is one of the better exposed memory story, MC is a hero, lets get this fact straight, and even after all the expose happens, he is fundamentally a good person and he will save everyone in the end, so if u expect MC to after escape to live for himself then turn back because that only happens for a few chapters, then every heroines find her and you know the drill.

heroine 4 is the main wife (the senior sister who appeared during the first half of the MC... more>> sister memories expose), she is one of the fate person who was there to guide MC to know who he is, and all the transmigration he went through to reach that point of cultivation and let go of his obsession with heroine 3 (the ice lady and the one who actually had MC on hold with the heavens chain).

Heroine 1-3 are the cases of misunderstanding which is the main plot of the story so I will not spoil that too much.

Heroine 5 is the extra girl who was basically used to break the relationship between MC and heroine 3 for good.

ending is with MC getting married to heroine 4 and its a bit of an open end as all of them are together. So its upto readers interpretation. <<less
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Sneezing rambler
Sneezing rambler
December 31, 2022
Status: --
Is this a copy of the Reincarnated Villain Makes The Heroines Tearfully Beg for Forgiveness or did this one come out first? Such outstanding and shameless plagiarism is just Woah.
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