The Villainess of the Mary Sue Novel


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Loner Mo Yanqiu transmigrated into the world of Mary Sue. However, he found himself in a girl’s body; a villainous supporting actress who always lost to the protagonist. She was even looked down by the protagonist’s sister, slammed as the traitor who wanted to kill her own sister to get the admiration of their father. With no ability, and just a system which was also unreliable, how would she survive? Moreover, the opening scene started from the confrontation with the protagonist.

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Undermine rated it
October 14, 2022
Status: c34
The novel had a good start I enjoyed it for what it was but after chapter 26 it got extremely convoluted to the point where it barely makes sense. The Main Character has a system but it's only been used once so far mind you the raw for this novel only goes up to 90-ish and by chapter 34 she's not even close to using the roulette again and even the first ability she received from it hasn't been that useful before chapter 27.
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Brasdf rated it
July 16, 2022
Status: c12
Early review. Pretty fun. The female lead is intelligent and domineering. Surprising amount of justified head stomping. The setting is a high school. Random, but enjoyable, mecha battles occur. What? More details ?

The MC is the eldest daughter of the highest ranked noble family in the kingdom. However, her family consists of at best ambivalent father and an ambitious step-mother step-sister pair, so the MC is surrounded by enemies and has relatively few resources. The only things keeping her alive are two loyal retainers and the desire of the family... more>> to keep up appearances. Alas ! Now that the MC no longer lives in the family mansion due to starting high school, her future tragic death seems to be fast approaching. The one issue with this one is the translation is not great. Minor errors are common and sometimes paragraphs don't make sense. Mostly readable though, and I like it. <<less
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skilodracus rated it
July 16, 2023
Status: c63
This story goes downhill after the first twenty chapters or so pretty fast. MC becomes an imperialist war criminal who sponsors civil wars and revolts like she's the american military industrial complex; the author writes like they have a fetish for american foreign policy except with a lick of Chinese red paint.

As such any decent character development or plot development gets sacrificed for narratives about the MC shipping weapons to random groups of people in poor nations like she's the head of Wagner, while the love interest is basically deleted... more>> from the story except for the occasional chapter where she spend the whole time acting as elitist as possible.

Basically this is a novel for anyone who wants to read about a fascist imperialist destroying the world because of.... Actually why is she doing all of this again? <<less
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TigerTerror rated it
October 4, 2022
Status: c20
At twenty chapters in, this story has picked up a lot of really common plot concepts, but it doesn't introduce or juggle them well. As a result tone and its focus is all over the place, and it doesn't have the writing necessary to carry that weight. Rather than have these issues feel like the result of being stuck in a bad story world (as it should), it just ends up a mess. It could have been fun, but instead I have to recommend giving it a miss.
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