Running Away Hand in Hand with the Second Female Lead


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Qin Juran finds herself transmigrated into an old-fashioned campus romance novel one day. The original character was a typical pretty but feeble “white lotus.”* Nothing but a dense crybaby, ignorant in many ways.

After being used as cannon fodder, pushed around through and through by the male lead, she ends up happily ever after with the same male lead who did nothing but look at her coldly throughout the entire story.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Juran finds herself standing on top of a podium, a black minidress-wearing, smokey-eyed, pretty younger student standing besides her. She held a letter in her hand, saying, “Qin Juran, you say that you don’t like Fan Chuan, but your love letter sure says differently!”

Amidst the stares of all the classmates around her, Qin Juran curved her lips and grabbed the letter, ripping it apart in a single motion. She stepped closer to the girl and leaned one hand on the blackboard behind her, tilting her chin up with the other. “What, are you jealous, babe?”

Ruan Nan: ???

The rest of the class: ???

Ruan Nan: “Qin Juran, actually, I never liked Fan Chuan in the first place. I just wanted to steal something of yours.”

Qin Juran: “What do you know, I never liked Fan Chuan either. I’d rather steal your heart.”

“My name is Qin Juran, ‘Ju’ as in ‘unJUst desires.’ “My name is Ruan Nan, ‘Nan’ as in ‘iNANe life.’”**


As Qin Juran read that old-fashioned campus romance novel, she hated the white lotus main character, of the same name, from the start. Instead, she was fascinated by the cool, brave, dashing, straightforward “evil” second female lead. She always hoped that one day in the future…

“Ruan Nan, do you know what it means, to long that for ‘one day’”?

**The Chinese character for “jū” in Qin Juran’s name is the same character as in the term “jūxīnpǒcè,” which means to harbor ill intentions. Similarly, the character for “nán” in Ruan Nan’s name is in the term “Tài nánle,” which is an expression for “life is too hard.” These were the closest equivalents I could come up with English.

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12 Reviews

Mar 08, 2021
Status: c13
This female protagonist is so cool lol. And it's pretty cute so far, the romance isn't overly fast or overly slow. It's soooo fluffy.

Gonna go MTL it right now, I'll come back to read it once it's done translating.

Finished MTLing. You know, I feel a sort of deja vu. Last time I liked a yuri web novel so much that I read the MTL of it, I had a math test the day after and didn't get any sleep studying for it. Coincidentally, I have a math... more>> test tomorrow that I haven't studied for as well...

Either way. It was really really cute. <<less
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Apr 04, 2021
Status: Completed
Demn. I love this! I got a massive headache while MTLing this, so I'll reread the proper translation.

The story is good, and the pacing is just right. The development of these two is great! Ruan Nan needs a lot of assurance because of her insecurities, so they took their relationship slowly but surely. There's a lot of misunderstandings and drama on their way, but this couple is reallyyy capable and smart so no worries xD They fixed all of it immediately. Oh. Also, both of them have a dominant personality,... more>> so the one on 'top' is a merciless teaser (Qin is usually the top, but Ruan found the beauty of being top and teasing Qin). The chemistry is entertaining and lovely. Their personalities are compatible.

Qin Juran... Gurl, she's an aggresive seductress HAHA! Ruan Nan, the FL calls her a 'fox' lol She teases Ruan Nan a lot (what a devil). Anyways, she pursued our FL the moment she layed her eyens on Ruan Nan. She's reallyyy attentive, so she fixes their relationship problems as soon as possible. Also, she's not really attached to her past world, but FL made her love this current world.

Ruan Nan, our FL is soo CUTE! You'll love her!! She's cold and arrogant just like Qin Juran, and she's regarded by almost everyone as a villain. However, she's kind and gentle, but pretends to be delinquent and mean (seriously, Qin is more of an delinquent and mean person Lol). Qin Juran, our MC sees her as a 'little cat' or 'bunny' cuz Ruan is really helpless when Qin makes a move on her. Anyways, she has a family problem and and bad past which made her insecure and cold. Nonetheless, Qin to the rescue! She assured our FL a lot, and they built a lot of trust and security together. That's why Qin's origin is not a threat to their relationship.

My favorite part is the revelation ah. Ruan Nan noticed these abnormalities before, but she confirmed all of it when she talked to Qin in spanish. The Original Qin is good in spanish, but Qin Juran is not familiar with it. Demn, it's really smooth huhu. It ended well because Ruan Nan loves Qin as Qin. I think she became more obsessed when she learned about it o_O She became top too HAHAHAHA


Original Qin and Ruan Nan's past


Ruan Nan had a friend who became disabled, and Original Qin and Fan Chuan, the "Male Lead" were involved. She hated these two so much that's why she had a grudge on Original Qin. However, current Qin Juran investigated the incident, and she revealed that it's not intentional.

Ruan Nan thought about this, and she realized that they blamed Original Qin too much. She also wondered why Qin Juran needed to investigate when she was on the scene that day. Then, the 'revelation' happened (the one above).


Qin Juran, Ruan Nan, and 'Male lead'


Nuan Ran didn't like Fan Chuan, the 'Male Lead', but she heated him and Original Qin. Original Qin is really obsessed with Fan Chuan, so the guy thought that the Current Qin Juran is just pretending to dislike him.

Ruan Nan is scared that the current Qin will leave her once Fan Chuan pursued Qin, so Qin Juran fixed this problem by clearing up the misunderstanding on public. She said that she likes Ruan Nan, and her feelings for him disappeared. Finally, the problem got solved! Tge couple proceeded their relationship to the next stage. YAY!

Sadly, my only regret here is that we didn't get to know the original Qin. They showed some scenes that are talking about her, but we didn't know what happened to her. Why did she disappear? Where did she go? Geez, I'm not sure if it was revealed and I missed it. Furthermore, she's a mystery. She's a white lotus and doesn't make friends much. HSJSJWIOW just message me what chu think. <<less
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Mar 23, 2021
Status: Completed
I finished mtl-ing this and this hella sweet. Flirting 101 taught by QJ.

Can't wait for the translator to finish this so I can reread it again.
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Jul 07, 2021
Status: c27
So far, I find myself looking forward to the updates of this novel because the chemistry and dynamics of the chracters are unique and the plot is so sweet! (There is also angst but I trust juran to win over ruan nan ><)

My favorite enemy to lovers novel! &Lt;3
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Mar 10, 2022
Status: c43
Okie high key love this and it’s my first GL too so I can kinda get why ppl like it. The CP is so very sweet and the family drama is ok tbh.

MC is so amazing omg I’m head over heels for her! She’s so sweet and straightforward too, which is the best part. She’s also self reliant and hard working which is nice.

FL is also really cute I wanna hug her! Gosh I wanna smack all those who wronged her but Qin handled that well. Her friends are really... more>> cute too I really like how supportive they are.

ML kinda annoys me but it is a GL so yea it happens ig. I wonder to what extent he’d go nuts for her?

Okay so I’ll give this an 8.5/10! <<less
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Sep 03, 2021
Status: Completed

I liked the way she changed everything from the start. There's no much to say about the plot, she wakes up in another world without the original body's memories.

Romance was sweet, a couple misunderstandings but solved fast.

Family relationship... both MC&FL's biological fathers are just interested in $. At leas MC's adopted family accepted and loved them ^^

Wanted to read about their daughter, but little niece was also nice. The last extra chapter is a world where FL goes to MC when she's still a minor, probably after they both died in their world (?, there's no explanation but it would be interesting to read.

Also, author put a little interaction between MC & her (?) other novel's characters.

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Apr 06, 2022
Status: Completed
Sweet story. Both MC and FL are strong willed and drama is not too much and in just right amount.

A good read.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Well written, the characters and the plot are realistic, the romance scenes between the MC and FL are very cute and fluffy. But since I'm not really a fan of heavy romance, I mostly skimmed through it.

The ending is sweet but felt a bit abrupt.

... more>>

It felt like there's no closure to some matters, the original ML Fan Chuan stopped showing up after the MC announced that she no longer loved him at his house party, he showed up at the end during graduation and that's it. He's barely worth mentioning. He secretly offered an internship to MC through a small company, but the MC rejected it after she found out, I really love her personality in this part. She rejected the help from her biological father as well, because she doesn't want to owe him and let him control her eventhough it would make things easier for her.

There's also the FL's family, her father had problems with his business, so in desperation he asked the MC for help (he wanted MC's father's help actually), but since she didn't want to, he followed his wife's scheme to pressure the MC to help them or her sexuality will be revealed to the public, the father was dumbfounded at the information and got mad for a moment until MC's biological father showed up and threaten to reveal the wife's dirty secrets. MC's biological father was a very rich and powerful businessman but the MC didn't want to acknowledge him, mainly because he came to her merely because she had potential (she got her own business at a young age), his other children were either in juvie/jail, have depression, or dead (the one switched with MC at birth)... but of course he backed down in the end and respected her opinions, sometimes he would also helped her behind the scenes, though he was unhappy that he couldn't announce his relationship with her.

I was hoping I could see more interactions between MC and her biological family, but there's basically nothing, and I wish I could see the FL's family's ending but it ended with MC's biological father threatening them.


Overall, the novel is worth it for those who prefer heavy romance and enjoys seeing strong-willed characters working hard from the bottom to become a successful CEO. <<less
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Jul 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed the story. This is the first time I actually finished reading it from the MTL because the story is just that interesting. But I'll still reread it once the translations are finished.

The interesting points are that the MC is hella smooth. She is also intelligent and mature, well, both the MC and FC. They really have great chemistry and their interactions are just fun and the best. I also love how they try to solve their misunderstandings, where they don't try to prolong it. Their growth throughout... more>> the story is done really naturally.

I promise you, you woudn't regret reading this. <<less
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Jul 15, 2021
Status: c28
The main character Qin Juran is so smooth and cunning. I love how she's not a pushover at all and uses everything from her past life to her advantage in taking care of the canon fodder in the story. Her pursuit of Ruan Nan is simply hilarious and entertaining to read and Ruan Nan's initial distrust yet intrigue is so endearing to read. There is a push and pull between the two of them in the beginning but things are starting to get spicy. Qin Juan's game is way too... more>> strong. I'd sign up to be in her harem if she were real LOL <<less
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Dec 02, 2022
Status: c55
I really like this. I like how she navigates her life after transmigating and takes it seriously. With her intelligence and set skills, she'll surely be able to get back to being president qin. Some conflicts are a bit childish like about the forum but the MC and fl's sweet interactions make up for it. I love how sweet, cunning and flirty Qin Juran is and how much of a tsundere Ruan Nan is. But her tsundere type is not over the top. She's so cute 🥺

ugh. I can't seem... more>> to read MTL without being dizzy. I really want to finish it but the translator in fox took 2 years to translate up until chapter 55. So I think he/she will take another 2 years to finish the whole series. So I'm thinking of reading it in MTL since I cant wait anymore. <<less
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Mar 17, 2021
Status: c14
I read more on the MTL and I have to say I like where this story is going. I'm going to wait for the rest of the chapters to be translated but from what I've read so far, it's really good.

The MC is transmigrated to a novel and became the MC. She's strong-willed and smart thinking, she doesn't give up and she doesn't let herself be beaten. She's attracted to the will of the FL and there's definitely some drama (history) between the two. The MC finds out the original... more>> her definitely did something wrong and this was the reason for the animosity between the two, but since she's not the real MC she feels frustrated that the girl she likes will not be easy to win over because of what the original her did. BUT, the MC's feelings are real and sincere so we got nothing to worry about.

There are a lot more backstory and stuff, but I'd rather read it translated instead of MTL. I definitely recommend this as a good read. <<less
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