The Villain Family’s New Daughter-In-Law


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Luciel is a [Crystal Fairy].

Someone who can create jewelry when she feels strong emotions.

She died after being exploited and returned to the past!

‘This time, I will never live like that.’

In order to avoid the worst future possible, she even proposed a contract marriage to the Empire’s top villain family.

But something became weird. The start of this relationship was definitely temporary.

“How about becoming my daughter instead of a daughter-in-law?”
“I always wish I had a granddaughter, this is just perfect.”
“When I grow up, I will marry my sister-in-law.”

How come they are doing this to me when they were said to be villians?

“Whether it’s a jewel or a flower, it doesn’t matter to me what you make.”

The reaper of Bellstein.

The man who was in ruins in her past life said so with a fresh smile on his young face.

“If you get out of my sight, I’ll chase you to the end, Luciel.”

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The New Daughter-in-Law of the Villain Family
악당 가문의 새아가
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12 Reviews

Mar 16, 2022
Status: c185
3, 5/5 ☆

Edit: I wish translators could find another group to do the work, at least for a while, instead of ghosting their stories. When the updates are way too infrequent, people lose interest and even forget the characters' names. Sadly, I dropped reading this too.

Main Review:

I have to be honest. Even with all the unlogical parts and that one arc I found quite badly written, this novel is PRECIOUS. My main problem was the way that MC manages to live with ML's family. At first, it was... more>> quite lousily done. Didn't make quite sense and it was way too convenient for the MC but if you close your brain the rest is worth it...

Except for the phoenix arc. That was highly messy. I'm glad I continued though. I really enjoyed the relationship that MC and her new family have. I want to hug each one of them.

Thank you for translating this!

Edit: I just read Becoming the Villain's Family and it's super SUPER similar to this one. TVFNDIL published after the BTVF so you know what I'm pointing at. I've read enough webnovels to know there are many stories like this but in this case the similarities are just too many. <<less
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Apr 10, 2022
Status: c98
There's nothing really special about this book, its just a happy sugary slice of life. There are a few plot holes like how much knowledge she has of the future that conveniently moves the plot along and other plot devices like how the people who ab*sed her are idiotic enough to go up against the duke, I'm not going to bother going into detail about this since that would require me to go into a few paragraphs explaining how x means y is possible that basically sums up to its... more>> an incredibly f*cking s*upid idea. The entire reason her past life ab*sers are written to be s*upid enough to try to undermined the duke is just for the plot justification of "Even if in the future they did horrible things, they are still going to try to do it in this life meaning its justified to kill/torture them"

While there are issues in the book like that its still something you can read without wanting to die inside from all the plot holes and shitty world building like some of the books on this site (some of which are popular for some reason despite major holes in the story) so I'm giving it 3 stars since while not bad I wouldn't call it good. <<less
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Apr 06, 2022
Status: c149
A very sweet story. Like sickly sweet. Every chapter gushes about how adorable MC is, how much the people around her love and dote on her, etc. Also it's not really believable that she has so much useful knowledge from the future, given how poorly she was treated in her first life.

Having said all of that, there is some enjoyable story here. I skimmed past all of the stuff about cuteness and was reasonably entertained by the story. So if you are looking for an excessively sweet story with a... more>> plot of political intrigue, this is pretty good.


By the way, I personally can't get over how her jewel ability is portrayed when she's trying to hide it. The author starts talking about how she's talking with people when she will have to suppress the urge to make a jewel. She quickly excuses herself then runs off to some private place were she just lets go and... plop. Drops one right on the carpet. I know that it's a jewel but seriously, it sounds like she's soiling herself. It makes me giggle, I can't help it.

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Oct 22, 2022
Status: c182
RECOMMENDED FOR: People who like found family tropes/family fluff

NOT RECOMMENDED FOR: People who despise family tropes/baby mcs

PERSONAL THOUGHTS: I honestly really adored this novel, especially since I love family-centered novels! So far, there is little romance and I am already 100+ chapters in but I find it fine since the fluff scenes make up for it. FL and ML are a cute duo.


    • FL and ML have character development. They communicate very well with each other too <3
    • The male characters in this novel aren't that obsessed with the FL to the point they can't function correctly. (I honestly do not prefer this kind of tropes in novels/manhwas).
    • Hot female characters

      The mother and the grandma are BEAUTIFUL editions to this novel

    • Good translation

    • Has a VERY similar plot with "Becoming the Villains Family".

      Such as the MLs mother being ill and the whole FL saving her, her being a rare being (crystal fairy), and etc

    • Uses cliche tropes
    • Slow romance development. 182 chapters in and theyre still children.
    • Sometimes it can be unrealistic but that's understandable bc it's fantasy after all.
Side note: I was supposed to rate it 5 stars but I accidentally rated it 4 stars oops.
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Mar 06, 2022
Status: c102
I reallyyy like it! I mean, it has the same usual trope of being ab*sed in past life, escaping and finding a new family and stuff but besides those I really like this one. Lighthearted read, there's some angst but they're usually her past feelings and memories from her previous life but besides that everything is nice.

What differentiate it from other child MC with new found family is that the family is complete! Completely different from the usual only dad and siblings that novels usually do. Luciel has a grandpa,... more>> grandma, mom, dad, the love interest, and even a younger brother here. There's even an aunt too! (Though, she's only shown for a few seconds)

So yeah it's nice. I definitely recommend this and I'm excited to see them grow up and to have more cute moments of her and kizef and to see how successful she'll be in the future <<less
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Jan 19, 2022
Status: c14
The story is just pure fluff and super cute!! And the interactions are quite sweet too but I gotta disprove one rating

it seems that they've already knew who she was since in the letter to Luciel's fiancee something is written about the tr*shy count

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Wilson Yui
Wilson Yui
Sep 04, 2023
Status: c194
The story is good, I really like it. I'm not going to put a spoiler since someone has written it before.

The author describes their childhood well, some of the problem that coming up one after another is solved step by step, so it's not forgotten

BUT one important tips for you who want to enjoy reading it is to SHUT YOUR BRAIN OFF because this story has sooo many things that illogical and has no common sense, well it's understandable since this is fantasy plot and the work from author's wild... more>> imagination. So I'm not going to point that out

Anyway, before you read, you better be ready to accept the fact that a 10 y.o children have a wedding and act lovey dovey like a normal adult with her spouse who is also still a child (14 y.o)

(If I see some scene that is too cringe for me, I just skip it to the next chapter lol)

I agree on previous review that fl's character could change easily depends on the situation like sometimes she acts like a normal child and at other time acts like an adult. But it's understandable since the FL in the past life is treated like a bird inside the cage since baby, so she has no chance to grow her mentality like normal human that's why some of her character is still childish and the adult mentality is from the her feeling of anguish, revenge, deep anger and other negative feeling

I enjoy reading it only to pass the time, so I have no problem with the plot development or the character as long as I'm enjoying it

If this is your cup of tea, go ahead, if not then just skip it <<less
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Mar 28, 2022
Status: c102
So far this novel is A GEM!!! The MC is cute but she made me cried so much! Her past was too much so I am sooooooooooooooo rooting for her to be happy and protected this life. The ML and his family are a gem too. They have their own story too and their own sufering, so I am happy that the MC get to that house. I am basically hoping that all the people in the duchy end up happy and healthy. That's how much I love them
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Aug 30, 2023
Status: c119
I like the novel, but I'm going to do an honest review so you don't go with too much expectations...

First, the writing is basic, very basic. It's not a translation problem, (the translators are amazing), the problem is more how basic the story, characters and world are. Some explanations are insufficient and the author likes to fill the basic plot by adding new information that doesn't connect much with what has already been written. This novel definitely suffers from the problem of an author inventing something on the fly... more>> to justify the plot.

"You know that problem that just came up? Puff, take this new information, never mentioned before, to solve it right now." Why create problems if you don't want to go to the trouble of inventing a solution? The author also does this with conflict resolutions. To be honest, it doesn't usually bothers me that much, If there are other interesting things going on, if the characters are likable, or if you can feel good reading, I don't mind reading something more silly, but the problem is that the things mentioned before happen frequently, and the story gets all messed up

I've been writing this review honestly thinking that the novel isn't sooooo badly written, because I still managed to entertain myself enough to read this far... but as I saw the many problems I had to mention and others I left outside because I don't have the whole day to do this, I realized that the novel has more problems than I thought.

Still, you might have fun with it and not care so much about plot holes.

Bad points (that I can make without spoilers) :

  • MC is OP, but hardly uses her powers, she produces gems whenever emotive, but the author doesn't create opportunities for her to use those powers.
  • The author doesn't create good reasons for everyone to like the MC, but I have to admit that I've seen stories that are much worse at this point.
  • Full of information added in a hurry to try to justify a plot point, but it's poorly done
  • MC changes personality when it's convenient for the plot.
  • Author can't keep track of subplots he added and forgets about them for several chapters
  • Instead of writing good conflict resolutions, or writing a story that is naturally light, the author decides to present problems and then ignore them for a while until a botched resolution comes along
Good Points :

  • The author spent time with the childhood of the characters instead of putting an immediate time-skip once the fluff was delivered
  • Some characters are well written and I like that the author gave them a backstory instead of just giving them 3 traits and ending there.
  • The fluff manage to still be good.
  • The age gap between MC and ML isn't far-fetched, and their relationship is pretty innocent so far.
  • The power of the gems adds a problem for MC as every time she has strong emotions the gems start to appear around her, since the author ignored other problems, this helped keep things interesting at times.
.Examples that gradually diminished my enjoyment of the story:

Spoilers from the very beginning:


The sister's fiasco.

The MC had a sister who had the same powers as her, only she was a little weaker. When they were children, this sister dies and MC becomes the main source of jewelry for the Count who bought the two as s*aves. When MC goes back to the past, she spends several days in bed without understanding what was happening. Later, a chapter or two at the most, it is revealed that MC's sister died three days ago. That is, MC had already gone back in time, and her sister died while she was in bed. I mean, it's understandable but if the author didn't want to put the sister in the story anymore why not say that she came back after her sister's death? That way it leaves a bad taste of missed opportunity. And no, this is not commented on in the story, MC does not acknowledge this fact, and this is not mentioned anymore. Which makes me believe that it was a writing error, probably the author did not even notice.



MC's escape & Why author made Villain and reason for marriage irrelevant

MC was apparently trapped in this attic/room.

She manages to escape, threatening to tell the Count that the employee guarding the place stole various things from the mansion. The servant lets her go, and even calls a carriage for her. And so she manages to escape... Apparently, the coachman, the guards who usually stay at the gate, or any other servants didn't think it was suspicious.

MC then meets the former duke, father of the current duke, and he takes her to the Bellstein family mansion, "the villains" who will be her family. Soon she conquers everyone, as usually happens in this kind of story.

The author overlooks the fact that the Count technically owns her, and the family refuses (as they should) to return her. The problem is:

the resolution is virtually non-existent, it's pretty obvious that the author didn't care about the various problems that could arise from a family practically kidnapping the girl. For example, she is a child who needs the guardian's permission to marry, this is mentioned, and then forgotten. Eventually the earl is captured, and held prisoner. And NOBODY questions this, nothing happens. Even when everyone thinks the heir's new "bride" is his daughter. The Count's wife is also never mentioned again.

They never told MC that the Count was already captured WAY before the marriage. (He was capture in chapter 35~36 and the wedding happened at chapter 76~78) .

So, technically, MC still believes she has to get married to get rid of the Count. Of course, at this point, even if the MC knew, she would still choose to stay with the Duke's family, as she feels indebted because the Crown prince used her jewels to annihilate the Duke's family in the past life, also she loved them. But the question is... why the wedding then? Why not say "Look, we've already captured the count, and if you just want to stay here with us, you can". But I think that then the author would have to think of a more original development for the couple, right...

For me, since the author did not explaind the reasons why the duque never told her that the count was no longer a threat, the whole situation just seems icky.



MC forgiving people for dumb reasons

In the story there is a problem with the glass market, which has been monopolized, and glaziers are facing problems for that.

MC remembers that in the past life, glass decorations became famous because Empress got a gift. The empress has a lot of followers on instagram... no, wait... The empress is an idol so everything she wears is popular.

MC then decides... TO USE THE WORK OF THE MAN WHO MADE HER GLASS CELL in her past life. YES, ladies and gentlemen. She apparently doesn't see anything wrong with that, because after he saw her, he said"he had no choice because he needed to earn a living.". But seriously... someone who has the courage to make a glass cell to imprison someone, and not a criminal, obviously, since she was the prince's concubine... It's just ridiculous. She recruits him to make that present, this happened at the beginning of the story, but it still hasn't been resolved because the author is extending it as if it were a very interesting plot. and I assure you, it's not.


This is a personal observation, but one of the things I love most about this "I'm back in the past and now I can make the right decisions" trope, it's when MC finds solutions to problems that happened in the other life. I don't care if it's cliche, but the ones in this novel are just boring and barely there.


MC forgiving people for sumb reasons OR

does the author not realize that we should know the circumstances?

In the MC's past life, she was trapped by the prince in a glass cage. During that time, the prince does several experiments with the MC's jewels, and she mentions that a mage named Erika helped him. Until then, I thought Erika must be a villain too... because MC was being forced to use her powers constantly and was already mentally and physically wasting away. Never, until chapter 119, which is as far as I read, was it explained why Erika was helping the prince. Maybe she was forced, maybe she was blackmailed, or any other reason that would help the reader understand/forgive the character

But then Erika appears in the story, and MC once again decides to recruit her. She needs to find out more about her own jewelry, so it's understandable that she uses Erika who in the other life had managed to discover a lot of things. BUT, it is extremely confusing, because Erika is introduced, but it is never explained whether she willingly helped the prince or not. MC just says he wants to recruit her, so surely Erika can't be a villain... right... right?

There's no way to know, because the author doesn't say anything. Of course, he might mention it later on, but it should have been mentioned earlier, when Erika was introduced or at least shortly after, because the MC already has a history of apologizing to people she shouldn't.


Slightly more advanced spoilers:


ML's reason for not wanting marriage forgotten and made irrelevant

ML at first refuses the marriage, and it is later explained that this is because he made a pact with a dark creature. He will live forever fulfilling his promise and that's why he doesn't want to get attached. Finally, he accepts because MC says that as soon as they reach adulthood, she will file for divorce, as the marriage is just to get rid of the Count. But when he takes a liking to the MC, and MC mentions that she's going to file for divorce when she reaches adulthood, ML just forgets why he rejected the marriage in the first place, and tells not to run away... Again, the author does not deal with this. It's not like ML is conflicted about his feelings, or the situation.

That's because... The author went back on information he gave.

At first, ML says that because of the pact he made with Raven he will have to become a Reaper. According to him, once he's reaper, he'll live forever until he finds a replacement, and that's a burden he doesn't want to place on anyone else.

BUT THEN the author gives super convenient information a few chapters later: ML will only give his soul to Raven if one of two things happens: 1. ML kills 3 people. 2. ML die.

So... if he's only going to become a reaper when he dies... it means he can live until old age normally... of course, he can control himself and not kill 3 people.

But then why didn't he want to get married? I mean, it's fine if the author just didn't say the reason, but why give a reason that's irrelevant?

it's just confusing.



Author saying something is urgent, then forgetting life-or-death subplot.

Eventually Soliephe, ML's mother, returns from the "battlefield". This happens around chapter 60.

At this point, the fact is soon introduced that Soliephe has a deadly disease and that is why he has been missing for two years. She decided that she didn't want anyone to see her die, and that she would rather die on the battlefield. But when after two years she still hasn't died, she decides to return home to see her family one last time.

MC decides to help her, and for that, she has to resurrect a phoenix that appeared in the story at another point. As the duchess has limited time, it was to be expected that this was MC's priority, since she decided to help. But she, *cough* the author *cough* forgets this for several chapters, and says she forgot because "she's been too busy". No, she wasn't busy resolving some major story conflict, as the story hasn't had any so far.

And so far, chapter 119, some time has passed in the story, but the Duchess' illness is almost never mentioned and still unresolved. Even though she was presented as having one foot in the grave.

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Apr 08, 2023
Status: c118
I love the story and every Bellstein character on it, they are very touching (mapapasana all ka nalang) and warms my heart that the MC found a very good family that she can rely on. I'm very happy I found this book, maybe fate bought me here. Overall, the story is very good.
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Sep 27, 2022
Status: --
I really enjoy reading it. Yes there are several novels with similar plots but this one was a lot more enjoyable to read.
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ex devil
ex devil
Jan 14, 2022
Status: c32
The novel is good but it's kind of cliché but that's what I'm here for.

the MC is really too cute.


The only thing that I don't like about is that the male lead family is... kinda um... to unguarded to the MC it doesn't seem like they are vary of her at all especially the male lead's grandfather he took her into there house without knowing her identity (I know that she told him but still...) with no investigation. Other wise it's really good.

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