The Vicious Female Support Wants to Quit


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Gu Ningyou found out that she was just a vicious female support in a novel only after she had died. After she got reborn, she no longer wanted to be a tool controlled by the novel plot.

She will abandon this responsibility this second!

“Who would like to play the role of this vicious female supporting character, anyway, I won’t do it.”

But as she went to great lengths to change the plot, someone seemed to have changed without her knowing…

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New miomiao rated it
July 3, 2022
Status: Completed
When I first read this story im already think that ML love FL deeply, but why in the previous life, the ML so cruel to FL. After I finished, finally I know that it's so heartbreaking for ML. I love ML character so much, because he is still trying so hard for FL after FL dead, it's not like story about FL dead and ML want to dead too. I love it.
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New Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
June 25, 2022
Status: Completed
This is good read and got interesting plot for a smut novel. Got some plot similarities to "I Am Not Fit to Be the Male Lead's First Love" minus FL not having cheats.

The FL (Gu Ningyou) was rebirthed as supposed villainess female supporting character and ex-wife of the ML (Pei Si Yuan). The difference with other transmigrating stories was she can't easily changed the story or control her moves.

Also, I was ready to hate the ML but...

... more>>

It turned out that ML was also rebirthed. He was already rebirthed 9th times excluding the present which was supposed to be the last one. In every life, he loved the FL (Gu NingYou) and always awakened few times but controlled by author... however, the past life (9th one) made him outrage bc he only wished for FL to have happy life despite not being with him so he followed the script but the creator still killed FL, his angered and hatred made him cut ties with the creator and later on due to creator loosing power and ML investing time travel machine made the world spiraled and many characters rebirthed including him, FL and OG FL


The pro was also the OG FL was not demonized and also got her happy ending. I'm glad that they get all happiness after being played and controlled. Actually, no one was villain except...



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pikachudoll rated it
June 17, 2022
Status: Completed
Hi I am the translator of this novel. And I want to say a few words tho I might be biased.

Only a few smut scenes (around 6 but it takes 2 chapters atleast) with plot AND TW!!!!

(there's a wine bottle play which might not sit well with some readers)

Also, this is not like the usual rebirth novel. The FL realises she's a vicious supporting character of a novel but there's no face-slapping and counterattack. She doesn't have that kind of personality nor that kind of mind. FL is pragmatic.

1. Again I'm saying there's no white lotus, green tea b*tch, villains and dog blood dramas. If you're here for that then you'd be disappointed.
2. This novel is more focused on the FL trying to break free from the control of the plot of the novel world. Ofc there's romance and a HE.
3. The novel is fast paced. The time span is not long. So yea this is again not for people who are into fast romance.
4. There is dual povs- FL and ml, the ML pov comes later when the novel is already more than halfway through.
5. The ML can be paranoid at times when it comes to his feelings for FL. MAJOR SPOILER OF WHY

(he's already in his 9th life so he's pitiable too)





There's the hateful creator/ author of their world. Ugh I hate her with every single fiber of my being after reading the ml's pov.

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Kodiak rated it
June 19, 2022
Status: --
While the smut was good, the plot was AMAZING!!! It's rare to find a plot where the characters are in the book, not transmigrated. It gives a whole other flavor to the book.

Won't go into detail as other reviews cover it. It's not a long read. The author gives just enough detail without bogging the story down.

If you're looking for a short sweet read give this a shot.
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June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
A well written story for a smut novel. I am really amaze by the depths of the story. Well, initially ngl I'm only here for the smut. But smut + good plot never fail to amaze me.

The MC is a likeable girl while the ML has his reasons for all his bad past behaviour. Everyone has their scar to heal and the reasoning itself was the best. Please tler dont drop this story. I really hope it is completely translated
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