I Accidentally Entered the Female Supporting Character’s Route


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One day, an extremely handsome man handed her a seven-figure cheque.

She looked at the cheque and then at that handsome man. Sure enough, she agreed!

Money is desirable, but that man is even more desirable!

Then that night, Yun Shu remembered her past life. She learnt that she transmigrated into an entertainment industry romance novel!

The domineering CEO, who financially provides for her, is the male lead, but she is not the female lead, let alone the female supporting character of the novel!

QAQ She… She seemed to have accidentally stolen the female supporting character’s part… What should she do…

Deep down, Yun Shu felt like quitting. However, when she looked at the cheque in her hand and then at the handsome man in front of her… She…She chooses to be an obedient lover and automatically back off when the female lead appears! [Obedient.jpg]

Who knew that she would be so successful to the extent where she entered the female supporting character’s route and left the female lead with no recourse.


Fu Ran, a domineering president, is young, handsome and a late-in-life virgin. Then, in the twenty-ninth year of his life, his notions were evoked by lust when he saw a young celebrity.

After successfully acquiring her, he thought his feelings for her would dwindle. But to his surprise, he became addicted and then failed to quit this addiction for the rest of his life. Instead, he fell deeper and deeper…

In the end, it turned out she wanted to run away?

Fu Ran straightened his cuffs and sneered. She shouldn’t even think about that!

Pretty, gentle and sweet but salted fish third-rated female celebrity X Unknowingly fawning domineering president.

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    3 Reviews

    Jeez Louise
    New Jeez Louise
    Oct 21, 2021
    Status: c10
    Fu Ran, the ML, has the potential to be on my top list of fave MLs, no joke! His character seriously is super endearing. He blushes easily around the FL but he still strives to let her see him as the cool and flawless sugar daddy President kekeke. And how much do I love that he's a chaebol who actually knows how to do house chores because he's had experienced having to earn a living when he was abroad?? He's like a unicorn in the CEO world! 😩👌 Their first night sleeping (they literally just slept) made me laugh coz

    FL was very willing to do the naughty with him but ML thought the opposite so he decided to wait until she's ready to open up *wink wink* to him. Fu Ran BEST BOII 👏👏


    As for the FL? I've got nothing but praise to my salted fish comrade. Not only was she given some moolah by a virgin and adorable sugar daddy, but she also gets to eat him too?!? LUCKY DOG FISH! 🥲🤣

    I do believe I found me another gem 😍 Can't wait to come back and read more tl chaps! Thank you for your hard work translator-nim 🙇‍♀️
    0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    New emmyazzy
    Oct 15, 2021
    Status: Completed
    I am the translator of this novel. Hence, this review might be biased. Before I start on my review, I will like to say that there are only a few smut chapters, 6 to be exact, even though they are a few times longer than the other chapters. I felt like I should emphasise this first before anyone reads this novel hoping for there to be many smut scenes. I feel somewhat conflicted and guilty on whether the smut genre is necessary. This is one of the smut novels I enjoyed a lot. The reason why I enjoyed this novel compared to other smut novels is because there is a plot that is not too melodramatic/dog blood. The reading experience of this novel feels like I am reading a jjwxc novel with some smut chapters.

    I really liked the FL's and ML's personality as well. For the FL, although she could be considered lazy or unprogressive, she still handled her work professionally. She isn't overly reliant on the ML. For the ML, at first, he appears to be your typical domineering boss. But as time went on, he is possessive yet dotes on the FL and he was always considers what is good for the FL. I also enjoyed how the FL and ML will discuss things openly.


    In one of the chapters, I believe the ML asked the FL whether she liked him. The FL told her that she is unsure and asked him back. The ML also told her that he was also not sure. In his thoughts, he recalled how he gave her the cheque because his notions were evoked by lust. But as they got along, he felt something deeper for her, just that he was unsure.

    The reason why I liked this communication is because unlike other novels with a financial backer and his lover type of relationship, there is always one side that is unsure of how the other feel towards him/her. Or the lover would have deep feelings for her financial backer but either the financial backer only liked her body or she thought that the financial backer liked her body. It sometimes feels frustrating? Maybe because I am a weakling in angsty plots.

    Hence, I prefer clear communications like this FL and ML. Further, they were on the same plain field as they were practically lusting over one another's body. Haha.


    I am fond of the other supporting characters as well such as Jin Yuan (the original villainess). Jin Yuan always had the mindset that it was better to not be too dependent on others. She remembers how the FL had helped her and works hard so that she can provide another recourse to the FL if something goes wrong.

    As mentioned earlier, there are only a few smut chapters, which, yes, it is a huge con to people reading this novel for the smut. In my opinion, it was sufficient and it was a good balance between the smut and the plot.

    In case you are wondering, the first smut chapter is at Chapter 27.


    In short, I will recommend this novel to someone who wants to read a smut novel with decent plot. I would not recommend this novel to someone looking for a novel with smut in every or most of the chapters.

    Finally, to those planning to read or are reading this novel, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did. ≪3

    In summary, here are the pros and cons of this novel:


      • Light, fluffy and short novel
      • In my opinion, it is not dog blood/melodramatic.
      • Characters with good personality
      • Clear communication between the ML and FL
      • A different and happier version of financial backer and his lover type of story

      • Very little smut chapters. Not as smutty as some would like.
      • Consists of a relationship with someone being financially provided for.
      • The writing of this novel is rather modern with internet slangs and may contain a lot of ellipses.
      • Short chapters (?)
      • Although the FL has transmigrated, she is not a FL with golden fingers (special abilities) or exceptionally smart, rich or possess impressive martial arts skills.
    7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
    Oct 15, 2021
    Status: Completed
    I mtld this and it is a sweet, HE, no drama, some s3x and an easy read. Something to pass time with or to decompress from heavier reading.
    2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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