The Unintentional Path to Immortality


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In the remote wilderness, amidst the whispering winds and ancient trees, Song You, a wanderer from a foreign land, treads a path of solitude with no intention of becoming a celestial being.

For two decades, Song has immersed himself in the rigorous discipline of mountain cultivation under the guidance of his master. Unexpectedly, his master instructs him to descend from the secluded mountains and explore the world of demons, monsters, and the myriad facets of human existence. Song embarks on a journey to witness the diverse landscapes and encounter the supernatural, seeking out renowned mountains and mighty rivers rumored to be the abodes of true immortals – the epitome of authentic spiritual cultivation.

Little does Song realize that his quest will lead him far and wide, traversing the vast expanse of the land. In a surprising turn of events, he discovers that the celestial being he seeks is none other than himself.

As Song journeys through the bustling regions of the north and the serene landscapes of the south, he unravels the mysteries of his own existence. The people he meets, the challenges he faces, and the secrets he uncovers become integral parts of his transformative journey. The pursuit of enlightenment becomes an odyssey of self-discovery, and the boundaries between mortal and immortal blur.

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