The Sword and The Shadow


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Leguna. An orphan. His life changed dramatically the day the thieves’ guild happened to select him for training and development. He would go on to become lifelong friends with a loyal mercenary, the partner of a beautiful magus who was cold as ice, the savior of a mysterious disfigured dark-elf girl with a talent for the Breath, and the unlikely caregiver for a feisty young maiden. And yet, who would be with him to the very end?

In a twist of fate, the child who fought stray dogs for food emerged to be the most infamous assassin in the world. But the intricacies of power are not so easily grasped, and the price of protecting those that he loves is not as simple as he once thought…

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CreamPuffDelights rated it
June 27, 2018
Status: c146
I dont need to say anything about the plot. Fairly normal strong to weak. The problem lies therein; I can't say how this will change in future chapters, but after enduring for nearly 150 chpters, I've already lost count of how many freaking times our dear MC will scream to the sky because some idiot young master somewhere let their d*cks take over their brains, try to take the girl, get his ass kicked, involve his guild/family/ancestor, get someone hurt badly, or murdered, or raped, and yes, it happens which... more>> is surprisingly good since it means people will die.

My point being, once his valuable people suffer from whatever said guild/family/ancestor has done, he will go berserk and scream, regretting his weakness, and utterly lose his sh*t, leading him to do VERY stupid things. This rage will result in him going into his Bad ass mode (the black eyed, black everything mode someone mentioned in an earlier review). Sounds good right?

Not exactly. Said mode will let him deal with the matter at hand, except the people he kills are usually just the middle boss at most. So the big boss is still around, and causing trouble. And it DRAGGGGGS on and on and on. This pattern, repeats itself AT LEAST five times (before I lost count). Despite ALL his f**king upgrades, grandma ghost and what not, he's basically still a weak as sh*t (comparatively considering the enemies his facing at that point of time), emotionally imbalanced 15 year old with a horrendously self damaging legacy.

I got nothing against the plot, its normal. A lot of powerful people take interest in him for whatever reasons, all of them step in to stop him just right from dying (PLOT ARMOR FTW AIMIRITE?) but they won't do a single thing to stop the suffering. They help him get strong, give him armor and education etc, but it's never really enough. The story just doesnt get going, and the MC stays weak, always playing catch up while the people he values suffer.

Long story short, pre-150 the story is draggy as sh*t, the protag is whiny/weak as sh*t and quite frankly, I really feel like torturing myself by reading about a whiny/weak protag. <<less
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Skoll028 rated it
February 6, 2018
Status: c31
I personally saw the tags Harem/Action and decided to check it out. Glad I did.

While the story is nothing ridiculously revolutionary, it is still interesting. Our main character is an orphan, and as many orphans do in medieval-esque settings, he became a thief. Sadly, our thief was in the wrong place at the wrong time, which led to him being caught (by an extremely strong individual at that).

However, he didn't get apprenticed to this person, nay! He instead is jailed, and shipped off to be a slave!

... more>>

He escapes of course


By the time we finish with the short portion of the story that is up until the leaving from the ship, we realize there is something... unusual about our main character. Personally, it is this bit of unusualness, as well as the main character's rascally nature that keeps me going. If I were to compare the main character's personality to a well known character, I would have to use Zhou Weqing from Heavenly Jewel Change. Albeit, this character is a bit more of a coward initially. I hold hopes for him getting better

especially after seeing his Determinator/Superpowered ultra focused state from chapters 28-31


If this doesn't sound like it's for you, I would wait until around chapter 50 to give it a go, but at least our wonderful translator gave us 31 chapters at once to cut our teeth on, and thank goodness they did, since it gave us a glimpse of what to expect in the future.

TLDR: If you enjoyed Zhou Weqing's personality from HJC, give this one a go. <<less
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February 5, 2018
Status: c13
Saw a mass release. Thought: Why not, I'll try it.

Dropping it at c13.

Mainly due to this,

... more>> Its dry AF. Ignoring the story completely, there is no style to the prose. It is rigid with large amounts of info dump and detail (and not the good kind that actually tell you anything.)

The dialogue is awkward too. Seriously people dont talk like that... but seeing as how its a translated CN, that might just be due to the losses in translation. It seems like the characters are talking from a script rather than actually conversing.

Actually, dont take my word for it and read it for yourself. Regardless of the plot, the execution is terrible and almost as basic as can be. <<less
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Tobi rated it
May 17, 2018
Status: c54
It's bad.
You see, one of the things that made this novel kinda unbearable to me is the lack of the MC's development.

54 chapters have been dedicated to purely side characters with a few hints of the protagonist's contribution to the story.

It's like this. When you're expecting a good food that you ordered and you waited for over 2-3 hours, then came the waiter shoving side dishes straight down your throat expecting you to like it, there are some that like it and there are some that go "What the... more>> f**k dude?". The latter is me.

The plot is scattered, one second we're on the pier of meeting the mercenaries, next second we're on the random and forced plot of Orc "Subjugation".

The dark "split personality" that the MC suddenly decided to take part of is very... forced? Granted that he is still a kid and still naive, but talking about naivety... you have been living in the slums, basically treated like hot garbage and tragedies happen around you, you change, you won't still be naive after experiencing such childhood, but the MC doesn't f**king change! This... is forced to me. <<less
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slaider23 rated it
March 23, 2018
Status: v2c78
Started reading this today and it turned out alot better than I expect... only regret it that I couldn't wait for more chapter before I begun reading. Before I hesitated whether to put it on my list bcuz of the first review about the info dump but then I realized that was literally just one chapter that explained the entire world setting I kind of regret not starting to read this earlier.

Story so far is just about this orphan kid who although is rash at time he knows when to... more>> not overestimate his abilities to the point that he is actually at the start very cowardly. But as he grows slowly he starts dropping all those negative tendencies he has and starts to develop into someone dependable. Through a lot of circumstances we already know from the get go that our MC isn't normal, but when a little bit about it is revealed later it wasn't anything mind blowing but it allows you to understand why other have an interest in him.

MC is a shadow dancer which is the term given to people who are born with high affinity to darkness elemental attribute. There are naturally also people that have affinity with other attribute like him but they are all very rare.


MC is a bit naive in the beginning as naturally he's inexperienced and still growing and almost everything he is encountering is a new experience to him but most of these change after the time skip a bit later on. The characters introduced are pretty good and help to develop the Mc's growth especially the Mage (Waifu #1).

Overall I can't really say much as even though 78 chapters are down so far nothing really significant has happened in terms of our MC's story (Well alot has happened for other characters but yeah) as right now he's just trying to get stronger but there also some prophecy he received a while back and we know he will encounter a few tribulations on his path so it's something to look forward too. I'll give it a 4/5 for now as it has me interested and I hope it continues to get interesting... <<less
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Minokyuu rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: c33
The story was average at best.

The protagonist has boring personality, it doesn't have anything interest but rather dull, I'm already at chapter 33 nothing interest interest me yet, It couldn't be considered slice of life, but its not some interesting action either.

At chapter 31.

After being indecisive and being a coward which is fine with me, he suddenly transforms into a bad ass black eyed cold blooded killer? What the f**k is this sh*t? The power of rage?/revenge? Seriously the most boring fact is that it will probably happen, it felt... more>> like any shounen type of novel/manga where at the brink where everything is going down the protagonist will suddenly become op after a short period, so my judgement is 2.5/5 not bad, but not good it lacks something that will make it interesting, the story don't flow right it feels like it was written by an amature author. <<less
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Anonymousse rated it
October 10, 2018
Status: c201
Theres a reason why this novel is unpopular.

Half of the book is about how MC progress from a dumb naive midget to a rather decent MC. sometimes he goes berserk with blackeyes (reminds me of the demon in supernatural tvseries), but most of the time he just a joker who made alot of unecessary mistakes/troubles. his personality also doesnt progress much. hes reckless, arrogant, ignorant, the braindead type of character that died as fodder in other novels but not here, bcoz hes this novel MC with super thick plotarmor.

A gametheme... more>> world with all the jobs n creatures (rogue, berserker, orcs, thief, mage, werewolf, etc, etc,). but still... boring? bcoz so much filler in it. lots of unnecessary problem that appears bcoz our MC is kinda dumb... u might wonder why with his past of slum n poverty life he still doesnt grow up brains n be mature? me neither...

So far MC party include a braindead brawny swordman as party leader, a busty archer girl with temper, the first fodder rogue guy who died early for the sake of plot, a poor naive cold introvert mage girl that fell without reason to the MC (probably bcoz hes the first boy she really know...), and the joker MC as an assassin bcoz he hv a really thin pressence... n probably more ragtag team member in future chapters.

Overall, if u a manga reader, u`ll be familiar with this kind of plot. a stupid protagonist brat with his ragtag team who kickass all over places with super thick plotarmor. <<less
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Suzzie rated it
March 14, 2018
Status: v1c54
I enjoyed it a bit, maybe you will too. The story basically revolves around an orphan who gets under certain circumstances and meets friends that will travel with him. It’s a little bit slow and most of the time you’ll get annoyed if you don’t like weak main characters. However, that is understandable at the moment because he’s still a kid. It’s obvious he will become op eventually. The reason why I’m going too stop readin this for a bit is because I highly predict that many close to him... more>> wil eventually be killed off. Rip fellow mate #1 <<less
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The Reading Knight
The Reading Knight rated it
October 17, 2018
Status: --
It definitely feels like like a novel written to appeal to young teens. Once you are about age 18 or older the novel loses a lot of it's appeal. The characters in the story have a personality and mindset that would would appeal to young teens, even the adult characters in the novel. To me it feels like a novel written for a younger audience.
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OrderedChaos rated it
April 10, 2018
Status: --
Dialogue's a bit weird but thats probably due to chinese syntax and translators style. The story is a great one even with all the cliches and predictability (mostly, there are surprises though). It's been a while since i've actually read a story that actually has adventuring (which most stories leave very very quickly) and has a better build up than suddenly thrusting the "hero" and "save the world" to MC. Rather than that, the MC trying to survive is a very common plot point yet the main difference is that... more>> he isn't op, just lucky and talented, due to this we can actually see character development that most novels in this site sorely lack. Characters actually have some sense (most importantly feel alive and realistic, imagine yourself living in their world and putting yourself in their shoes, the way they live fits the world they are in) and the reasons for conflict aren't so stupid. The politics serve to keep the plot slightly more interesting (though I do hope "people who can blow up the world" wont show up as that will probably f**k up a story like this). The main drawback of this one is just the general cliches of medieval fantasy but otherwise if you're looking for an adventure novel not to dissimilar to western medieval fantasy, you should try this.

Edit: Well looking at it again, basically, after the big fight, MC's development has stalled and kinda made him stale. The writing's also gotten weirder in later chapters so thats a thing too. The story quality dips to 2-3* but still enjoyable. <<less
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Athrun101 rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: v5c120
Honestly very new to WN with TS2 being the second novel that I've begun following. Thus far I've zero regrets on doing so. FYI: haven't been able to bring myself to read many (a. Don't want distance myself from the characters and story lines by reading to many.) (b. Crazy as xxxx names that don't envoke any intrigue.) Really enjoyed everything that had come to pass and hope for greater suspense to come. Post read in forums slightly relieve fears of Leguna losing himself and everyone he holds... more>> dear. Wishing, praying that his girls make it through the hell that will come upon him. Although some translation apps sometimes leave me confused, I still feel justified in my decision to use them. The MC's life being twisted by the evil ambitions of others some ever so close, after many setbacks still persists and to be rewarded by the most unlikely of events. Can only say, it must be tough being in the hearts of 3 young women in his life. He can never seem to catch a break. Would probably have waited another year for the translators to reach this point in the story, as for the head scratchers encountered I still go back and read keeping up with the current post. Gods and rules and a mysterious man at the center of the founding of the war. How this orphan is related to them all, excitement is one feeling that drives me to continue but lingering fear cause I'd be naive to think that the tossing and joys felt currently will not be shattered soon. <<less
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