The Supporting Female Character Is Not Behaving Again


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It was rumored that a woman beat her weak, poor, helpless husband in the middle of the night.

It was rumored that a woman gave up working hard to go to school with her bamboo stick.

It was rumored that a woman …… was simply not human!

Meng Changjin pressed her throbbing temples: “And it is rumored that today’s dinner would be simmer-fried carp!”

Fish System: Hey, hey, the host is not behaving again ~

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09/25/22 Travis Translations c26 part2
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09/20/22 Travis Translations c24 part1
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09/18/22 Travis Translations c23 part1
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09/15/22 Travis Translations c21 part2
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09/12/22 Travis Translations c20 part1
09/11/22 Travis Translations c19 part2
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New 93millionmilesfromthesun rated it
September 16, 2022
Status: ---
Read this novel! It's good! Meng Changjin is one of those protagonists who doesn't actively seek revenge against others, as long as it's not her client's long cherished wish (the mission in the mission world), which is always refreshing to see in QT novels. Living your best life is the best revenge. I love her! After she completes a mission world, she can save one thing, and she loves learning about modern tech and is a foodie, so she saves things like her motorcycle and cake! ≪3

I like Meng Changjin... more>> because she was originally a cultivator, but she's not too OP. She has a weakness in each world, not serious, but it humanizes her! In the first world, it was motion sickness, and the second, she had trouble with learning English.

The characters are good too. Like Cheng Mangjin's daughters in the first world, cuties! Second world, her classmate, a rich girl who may or may not have a crush on her. <<less
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