The Struggle of a Young TS Yuki-Onna


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Or The Struggle of a Young TS Yuki-Onna Poster Girl.

Yukiya Kitahara was his father’s only son. For all his life, he helped at his father’s restaurant in their ski resort hometown. Until on his 14th birthday, his father told him something that will change everything.

His mother is a Yuki Onna.

Yukiya couldn’t believe that, but things began to spiral out of his control.

His mother’s dominant genes began to awaken in him, turning him into a her, and also a Yuki Onna as well.

Going to school? Running the store? How will Yukiya deal with these new problems?

Thus, Yukiya’s TS slapstick Yuki-Onna life began.

Note: The title also contains (看板娘). Which translates into “pretty daughter that attracts boys to their parent’s shop.”
Note of Note: Or as they say “看板娘” Kanbanmusume – a shops “Poster girl”, the non-BS translation.

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