I Became the Hero’s Bride!


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There was once a hero.

Unique black hair. Excellent eyes. Contrary to his delicate features, he who had abnormal strength was called the Otherworldy Hero.

At the hero’s long adventure (up to the point where his wooden sword that had been kindly granted to him by the king was replaced by the holy sword blessed by the holy maiden) he saved the prince that had been kidnapped by the demon king, and so the kingdom was swept by worry.

The hero’s strength that could fell the demon king was deemed too dangerous to leave unrestrained.

One advisor spoke up. Why not marry him to royalty?

The king thought that was a viable option. Family, to an alien from another world would be the best of chains. There was one problem. The king was abundantly blessed with sons and had princes galore, but not a single daughter.

Ho, and it wasn’t like I could marry off two boys.

At a burst of inspiration the king slapped his knee.

That was it!

You just had to turn a prince into a princess!

And so the hero ended up in a position to be marrying a man.

This story, is a tale of the aforementioned otherworldly hero, and his bride, the former-prince-now-princess and their ridiculously hilarious marriage.

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용사님의 신부가 되었습니다!
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Sherrynity rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: --
It ain't gay, you fool! Lay your sight onto the genre list!

There's no yaoi in there!! It's completely safe! Believe me! He's cute!**cough** I mean,

SHE'S CUTE... !!

... more>> Synopsis:

In the time immemorial, a fujo demon queen reign supreme in her castle. Her fetish preferences had spread terror in people's heart, and so she was sealed...

Was, because she's finally free!

After hundreds of years of being prisoned, her ambition reached its peak. She kidnapped many princes (plural form of prince, not a typo of princess) ..... and paired them together!

Oh, the horror!! Imagine all of those fujos screaming in the background!!!

But as the darkness fells, so does the light arises.

The kingdom, to protect their princes' chrysanthemum, summoned a hero from the other world.
(sadly the hero was quite imbecile but meh let's just skip it)

The hero, assisted by one of the prince as his moral support **blooming roses**... and by the help of his other exhibitionist degenerate slut teammates, finally able to defeat the ultimate fujo Demon Queen, and so the era of peace has come in the whole country.......

..... and then he got betrothed to the said prince.

He's a cute one. I swear it ain't gay. <<less
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Nvelist rated it
August 25, 2017
Status: --
I just put 5 star why? Well it is unique from the Isekai trope of the Hero and Princess heroine from the old ones not those harem cliche where the protagonist Hero choose over someone who is not from royalty completely as the likely interesting to him most of all his harem. The most unique this novel have is *cough*gender-*cough*bender, gosh my throat is aching today. I understand this is not gay or any modern term of gender social conduct but a medieval common sword and magic world sense of... more>> everyone else common belief.

30 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
laexdream rated it
September 21, 2017
Status: c11
This story was so jokes it's gold.

From the very first paragraph of chapter one, you can already sort of tell how the story will go - that is, super great. It's definitely a light-hearted read with hilarious moments. The characters themselves are all interesting with some quite quirky bits, but lol.... The narration is on point, and I really have to give credit to the translator for doing such a wonderful job.

It's a unique read that I guarantee you'll enjoy. Read it~~ You'll laugh your pants off. Or choke. Or... more>> die with laughter. <<less
17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Seregosa rated it
May 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Okay, don't get me wrong, maybe the novel itself was pretty funny, but I couldn't enjoy it and I became so frustrated that I almost ultimately dropped it. I was really disappointed after all the praise this novel has received from others.

The issue wasn't really the novel itself, it was fairly funny in its own way, but I couldn't feel anything because of the translator. I can't even properly judge the novel because of this. Overall, it's just a really wacky comedy story that shouldn't be taken seriously in any... more>> way. It's also really short, so won't take much time. You should get a few laughs out of it at least, and it won't take long to read.

The thing about the translator is that he, and the editor, is clearly not good at translation... or english for that matter. At times stuff is written in a kind of wanna-be old-school british type of way, at other times it seems the translator is camping around a dictionary and uses it to find weird words. He even described a photo as a bromide and I had no idea what it was before I checked it up. It turns out silver bromide was once used to make photos or something like that, so a photo was sometimes named bromide, which is now a completely obsolete and pretty much grammatically incorrect word, it's not even in dictionaries anymore. He also wrote things like "manyth" to make it sound more like old english or something, I guess. At times he clearly has no idea about what something is supposed to be, so he writes some random gibberish instead.

However, although all of this is annoying, that's not what killed it so much for me. The big issue is that the translator is horrible at some parts of english grammar, he can't make a story flow at all. There's a lot of excessive punctuation marks where there should've been either none, a colon, semicolon or a comma. Sometimes he splits a single sentence into several parts with punctuation marks, periods, which fully interrupts the flow and makes it a headache to read. Yep, he often treats punctuation marks as commas... It's really annoying. Sometimes he forgets to even put down a comma or period. But that's not all. As if that wasn't enough, there're other parts where the grammar is horrible, sometimes words are wrong and often the sentences are written in the wrong order, with words that shouldn't be there, lacking words or having an almost reversed structure from what it's supposed to be.

Overall, I feel like this person did a really bad job. In a single chapter, I found dozens of errors that interrupted the flow and annoyed me, breaking all immersion and screwing up my enjoyment completely while giving me a headache, I even noted around 14 of them in a row with explanations on what to change, although the moderator will probably remove the comment before it's even properly posted, which would explain why there's no negative comments at all in the comment section and no complaints despite the grammar being so utterly horrible.

Let me tell you, I read machine translations now and then... but this is a grade worse, because although the missing parts are more in machine translations, at least the flow is fairly acceptable and it's not that hard to read. In the end, I decided to skim through the rest of the chapters and not read it properly word for word. This was a good decision and I recommend you to do so as well. It's a good way to spend an hour or two of skimming with some laughs, but not more than that. I don't know if the original was much better, but the translation is indeed like this.

Oh, just going to add that I appreciate all translators even if they're not that good, there's a lot of effort going into the whole process and they grant me so much joy in life with their translations. However, that doesn't mean that I will ignore the flaws and sugarcoat my words. The translators need to know what they're doing wrong so they can improve, even if it's harsh to the ear, just like someone who's shitty at cooking needs to know what you didn't like so as to remedy it and improve. As a leecher, some may claim that I don't have any right to say anything since I don't contribute with anything and just get it for free for these fan-translated novels, but I feel that, in a way, I'm helping them by providing some solid criticism. It's never anything personal and I don't look down on their effort. <<less
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XanTheInsane rated it
December 30, 2017
Status: c26
Help! Call a doctor, my sides hurt!

I don't remember laughing this much when reading a comedy series, even Konosuba didn't get me to laugh so hard every few chapters.

This series is extremely short but man does it cram funny scenes everywhere.

... more>> You think you've seen the most evil Demon Lord in previous stories? Think again! The Demon Lord in this story is a Demon Queen and she's a... HARDCORE FUJOSHI! THE HOROR!

And this is only the start of the ridiculous world and the characters in it. Everyone in this story is utterly insane (save for the Hero and the Prince) in different ways.

As for more serious scenes, one of the best moments in the story is when:


The Hero finds out that the King arranged for the prince to get turned into a woman. The Hero walks up to the King and punches him in the face hard enough to knock out a few teeth.

8 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kailyria20 rated it
January 22, 2020
Status: c35 + epilogue
Translation was ok, prince turned princess was needlessly, despite his slight blackening in personality, was still too forgiving for things I find unacceptable.

Hero was fine normal.. got tricked here and there but reaction is normal.

Ranting Ahead, some people say to not take it seriously but from how badly it was written or maybe it was the word choices, I couldn't take it lightly.
... more>>

Just about every other significant character that was meant to be funny needed to be tied up with the author and thrown into those dirty situations the author thought was funny then finished off by being thrown into a lava flow to be turned into ash.

As a parent myself I cannot imagine exploiting and manipulating my child for selfishness to that extent and then making "mistake after mistake" and glossing it off as carelessness or for their own good at the expense of your child's mental, emotional, and physical breakdown.

As the parent of the prince they turned him into a princess against his will, then coldly "pretend to imprison him/her as a disgrace to the royal family" to force the hero to "help/marry" the princ/ess without considering what impact it had to the child to be suddenly to be blamed for being transformed AND imprisoned for it.
Like wtf makes you think its ok?

And the princ/ess took it in a stride and forgave them for it anyway despite still being upset.
Then said parents fking ran away when a riot broke out because of this fiasco, then fking invited a priestess that was jumping into the hero's bed every chance she got (because she loves the hero) try to teach the princ/ess s*x ed for the wedding night only to fking almost get r*ped by that priestess via tentacles.. like seriously.. parents fking forgiven again?!

Then when the princ/ess was depressed and talking in such a manner, instead of comforting him/her gently, you fking slapped him to show that even the princ/ess himself shouldn't say bad things about self... like goddamn f*ck the hell of you shitty excuse of a parent.. you brought all this sh*t on to him and still had the nerve to hit him too.

Its so fking illogical and s*upid and the damn author musta been high on something while browsing hentai while writing this.
I'm just mad that the princ/ess was so forgiving about it all... and everything is treated so lightly despite it just about being R-18... apparently the author was not that vague about it but was relishing it enough to provide details... xx doesn't really leave much to imagination when the words of humiliation, pain, and even disgust was experience by that princ/ess.

I'm surprised the princ/ess didn't just mindbreak and went completely mad from wave after wave of psychological torture going his/her way.

7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
The1Rin rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
This story should not be taken seriously, I liked it at first but by the end I was just pissed

Everyone is way too perverted ... more>>

Everyone obsesses with boobs

Womb power

CLC group full of crazy people

The priestess being a s*x Addict

Demon King having a collection of boys and wanting to see them violated

Worst of all for a perverted novel there was barely anything sexual between main couple

Hero and princess kept getting interrupted

first confession by fireworks

wedding kiss by demon king, then the hero was taken instead and it pissed me off more



and the orc was the best character!

As the betrayers just got beat up not arrested or anything. Some other characters like parents also suck and a bunch of reasoning for s*upid action scenes are glossed over

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
bkwrm rated it
September 24, 2018
Status: Completed
Pretty fun read, but keep in mind there's really no action.

I will say there are some yaoi undertones (which very much is not my sort of thing), mostly because the prince was an insanely feminine acting and looking boy before the change. Especially in his interactions with the hero. But he does full on become a girl, an insanely hot one might I add, and it can't be reversed so it's more gender bender at the end.

Half the fun is in the other characters, they are all delightfully insane. I... more>> think the hero is the only full on normal person really. Like EVERYONE is batsh*t crazy. Even the prince is a bit out there mostly because of their own gender confusion even before becoming a girl. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
MyRAMEN rated it
June 23, 2018
Status: c3
It was really nicely written, mostly for comedy I think andis a short novel so should be read. I just dont want to continue reading though as I dont like guy x guy books (atleast thats how its looking like). The romanceis also cute so wont bebored if reading this
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SayMrrp rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: Completed
It got pretty derpy. Kinda feels like high quality crack. Funny though. The romance was cute.


Watch out for attempted r*pe in the late chapters.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
apocolypse101 rated it
March 3, 2019
Status: Completed
Phenomenal story. Not only did it make me almost die of laughter, but it also was very sweet tale. I hope that this author writes more stories like this one.
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