The Spoilt Wife’s Happy Life with the Commander


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Lin Qing, an ordinary girl, had never imagined that her life would be thrown upside down after attending a wedding. She gains the attention of Mu Li, a young and powerful Commander as well as the perfect Mr. McDreamy of every woman in the city. By chance, they sleep in the same bed the first night they meet… On the next day he asks her to marry him! What happened? Probably every graceful and kind girl will finally meet her Alpha male, and the shy girl is willing to have a try. After they get married, everyone in the city knows that proud and patronizing Commander Mu spoils his little wife so much. But nobody can imagine, in the end, such an affectionate man will treat her in that way…

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March 9, 2020
Status: c58
i honestly was not taken by the characters/plot-

in the first few chapters the book seemed very interesting and for me it was a bit unique as the FL was really indifferent towards pretty much everything esp the ML.

so after their flash marriage which was literally of not even 24 hours of knowing each other started out not bad but again NO FEELINGS INVOLVED-ok pretty normal in such settings-but the FL literally has just had to suffer heartbreak and hasn't even stopped liking her previous crush, the ML knowing that pretty... more>> much leaves her with no choice but marriage (FL's mom is super strict bout these things).

the summary says that she readily accepts and tries in their marriage but its not really very true. the FL is completely dense and slow in fact honestly I think she has some mental issues.... idk but due to her not being able to adapt very quickly and unable to refuse her senior (previous crush) who somehow starts to take an interest in her despite being married off recently causes couple of misunderstandings btwn the FL n ML -i feel sorry for him- the ML in my opinion becomes completely insecure and as a result agressive, obsessive and possesive. Their first time could almost be called r*pe if not that the dense FL didnt understand what's going on and then consented willingly after futile and petty struggle. His insecurity and lack of proper communication btwn them made him mistrust her all the time even knowing thers nothing going on he's always suspicious when she's near males, although both sides are to be blamed for everything.

i have read a lot but so far im not happy-they have their sweet moments but it's truly overshadowed by the shortcomings in their relationship which is so new and fragile.

i especially hated how he always tries to control her and how he forces her to leave her job.
this was not the only unsatisfactory part of the story but also how lacking it is of a plot and backstory so far we know nothing of how her crush for her senior had begun... what led him to marry his wife (e.t.c) also I was very disappointed with the F.L's parents they just gave her away without care and honestly does'nt even seem to care about her opinion or whether or not shes treated right.

overall I DONT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK! especially to guys out there who have read many decent stories with generous plots. For people who have recently started novelupdates/chinese novels you might enjoy this idk...i have to say that ive only read till chapter 58 of raws but cant go any further but if you feel the story isn't too bad then feel free to enjoy.

*this review is based on MY PERSONAL opinion not professional nor structural view. <<less
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hithere rated it
January 19, 2020
Status: v1c3
This one is really addictive, engaging and well written.
It's well translated and edited.
Has a compeling story with more than a plot happening at the same time, keeping it refreshing.
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