The Sovereign’s Ascension


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As a lawyer back on earth, Lin Yun had never lost a case. He owed his success to three things: two blessings he received at birth (a photographic memory and the ability to comprehend anything he studies) and an indomitable will he forged himself.

While on a trip in Shandong province, he decided he would pay a visit to Mt. Tai. Just as he was cresting the peak, he felt a sharp pain in his chest and his vision went black.

Upon waking up, he found himself in the world of Profound Amber occupying the body of a sword s*ave who had shared his name. The last thing he remembered before dying was the image of a sword piercing his chest.

Through the memories his body retained the sword s*ave’s life, Lin Yun came to understand the brutality of this world. If he sought respect, he would have to earn it through strength. The weak found no compassion here.

Refusing to leave his fate in the hands of others, Lin Yun set out to become a sovereign. No man or beast would stop him from achieving his destiny.

With his sword in hand, he would overcome any obstacle.

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19 Reviews

Dec 06, 2020
Status: c60
It started out ok, standard isekai into a useless character trope.

There is swordfighting, cultivation and a mysterious love interest.

Author was probably pretty inexperienced when he wrote this novel.

... more>> Previous owner of the body loved cultivation so much he sold himself into s*avery, and from then on anything MC does doesnt matter, bc he always be only a "swords*ave".

He defeating a opponent with a higher cultivation - you are still a swords*ave

He defeating the honor of the sec - you are still a swords*ave


Also author is reusing the same scenes every few chapters.

For example: MC defeating smbdy, their dad comes and saves their son and trying, but failing to attack MC.

The inexperience of the author shows.

Translation is pretty good but cant save this mess.

2.5 stars <<less
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Dec 07, 2020
Status: c10
Sadly the Story and Charakters seem to be Bog Standard. I had hoped that, with a successful Lawyer as the main character, we would get someone with a balanced personality and not a hothead who fights for no gain (First battle gains him 2 more pills an enemy and selfsatisfaction) and is dismissive of others just because they did something he didn't like (He gave back a sword the person taking cleaned it, dismisses the pills he gained).
I have only read up to chapter eleven but I can't see anything that has to do with him being a lawyer (someone who is inquisitive, an orator, who twists words) in his last life he could have been any genius like person and the story would have been the same.
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Tyki Mikk
Tyki Mikk
Feb 28, 2021
Status: c153

Complete tr*sh, to be honest.

After reading 10 chapters ou immediately understand that MC starts in his respective universe's lowest realm's probably the weakest world's one of the weakest country's so so sect.

The story goes like this MC gets stronger, go to a stronger place, face slaps all the young masters because young masters always underestimate this MC and tries to kill him for some s*upid reason :) by the way, he will always be underestimated, and in his fights people around him will always talk like, MC cannot pull this... more>> off (even though he pulled that exact thing of two chapters before) or MC cannot beat that person because blababla.

I assume you get what kind of story from what I have written so far. There are tons of xianxia/xuanhuan novels with the exact storyline like this with different cultivation levels and powers. When there are tons of similar novels out there, the author and the writing is important because they make the difference and make you continue to read, albeit their novels are full of cliches, they still manage to capture your interest.

But this author is both inexperienced and does not seem to get experienced because the writing style never really gets better, it is dull and not captivating. The story is also full of plotholes and the author forgets lots of things.

In one chapter author says ''character A'' is in the x realm's 9th stage, then 2 chapters later he writes ''character A'' might be in the y realm, then 5 chapters later he writes ''character A'' is actually in the x realm's 10th stage.

Also, we do not even know, how the MC exactly looks like because the author never bothers to explain the physical aspects of the characters, not only the characters but even the world, making the worldbuilding extremely bad.

All in all the story is complete tr*sh in my opinion. The translation is also so-so, there are some grammar issues along with typos and editing problems. <<less
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May 16, 2019
Status: --
This novel is based on fairy tales. The background is Wuxia World. The MC fights against fate, perusing something beyond the limitations of his body. This book creates multiverse. In this way, it has its originality. The hints of foreshadowing later development is widespread in this novel and the plot is unpredictable. Besides, the characters are multi-faced. They have their unique personalities. The descriptions of scenes are vivid. In a word, I recommend you to read it.
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May 28, 2020
Status: c1221
Very 'Slow' novel. Reading this is like experiencing 4x the depth and value a normal fighting experience you'd get from a triple-a novel. Though that is the charm of this novel as fights are detailed and growth is well thought out as expressed in conjunction with those fights.

Plot armor exists to maintain our protagonist and it happens at the same time for all his issues; ... more>>

meeting someone who either cuts in to attack him after he went through a gruesome ordeal of one-man army or some one with a higher cultivation sniping him at the end.

It doesn't harm much of the read so is negligible.

Romance, probably the first one introduced initially is the main love interest.

It's a harem btw. 10, 000 yr old Loli-phoenix confirmed (though termed as daughter). Another two other women that become the core importance to MC's life in each arc appears.

Very little romance focus writing as author focuses quite heavily on expanding how MC growth with his skills are.

I recommend only if you have literally nothing else to read and are not in search for a fast pace, romance driven novel. <<less
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Feb 05, 2021
Status: c184
Series like this are why I read xuanhuan! Great stuff!

The only understandable "complaint" I've seen repeatedly is that the MC is supposed to be a lawyer but doesn't have a lawyer's mindset. A lot of people were expecting some sort of cunning genius who uses words and rules to outwit people. While the MC is quite smart, he doesn't display that kind of ability.

But here's the thing: the MC wasn't a successful lawyer because he was cunning. He was a successful lawyer because of his comprehension and photographic memory. His... more>> backstory is just there to illustrate that his mind was so powerful that it allowed him to excel in such a difficult, complex field. Now that he's transmigrated, that ability to grasp and remember things is part of what makes him such a freakish genius at martial arts. That's it.

Still, ngl, the jokes in the comments are pretty funny. Apparently, he never lost a case because he was working for the CCP... 😂 <<less
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May 22, 2021
Status: c26
No good. Plot and world building are bare minimum. But that would be OK if it wasn't One of those novels where everyone but MC is basically an evil bastard. The story fills me w dislike towards all these arrogant cruel manipulative selfish characters, it would be OK if it was just the bad guy and his crew, but every character is like that. There is no nice fatty or sweet beauty to lighten up the world. If I lived there I would... I would transmigrate again.
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Cute Potato
Cute Potato
Aug 26, 2022
Status: c100
Unintentionally hilarious.

The synopsis says that the MC is some sort of genius super lawyer, so I was expecting a sharp-tongued, quick-witted MC who can not only defeat the enemies physically, but also mentally and verbally. But man, the MC must have been a tax lawyer or something. He's awkward, often tongue-tied, and always received verbal abuses without retaliating, unless you count playground insults as "retaliating". He never won an argument, like at one time a kid accused him of cheating and instead of using his wit to prove his innocence... more>> (like lawyers usually do), he strips down and let people search his body and storage rings. I'm surprised he doesn't also bend over, spread his cheeks and let everybody there body-cavity-search him. I literally could come up with several arguments to refute this claim, yet this genius lawyer couldn't even defend himself. SMH.

He's also got negative EQ, and aside from his monstrous battle technique comprehension, never showed any intelligence and maturity a genius lawyer should have.

It's like the author wanted a smart MC and asked himself, what kind of profession filled with smart people. And since he's Asian (like myself) he probably thought doctor or lawyer. And he chose lawyer. He should have picked doctor, it would have fit the MC's character better.

Other than that glaring weakness, the book is also generic, repetitive, and predictable. But hey, so do most xianxia/Xuanhuan novels. Worth reading if you're bored, but I suggest you do something better with your life and time than reading this. <<less
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Dec 20, 2023
Status: c2282
Please give this novel a chance if you're looking for a feel-good Xianxian novel. I heavily recommend this. I read this as a feel-good novel (and you should too), and it gets really good, like really compelling plot and fight scenes naration. I've read up till chapter 2282 and I honestly cant wait for more updates, I'm even tempted to peek at some machine translated works.

If you can look past the glaring flaws, I believe you will enjoy this novel too. Have a good read!
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Jan 10, 2021
Status: c75
There are a lot of inconsistencies in this novel, even to binge read it. Furthermore, the cliché for the names of cultivation techniques, classical face slapping of young masters, sudden power up from one chapter to another, or the poor choices for the names of the characters, etc... make it difficult to focus and enjoy the reading if it's not your first wuxia-like novel.

Also, and surprisigly for wuxiaworld. com, the translator/editor work is a bit sloppy, and thus, some sentences are quite confusing. A better work of translation would definitly... more>> increase my choice of rate from 2, 5 to 3, 5. <<less
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Oct 12, 2019
Status: --
There are some good fighting scenes, enough originality. Cultivation process is nicely described, which is very refreshing to me.

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Jan 29, 2024
Status: c210
This read like a mish-mash of several other novels. Generic premise of a young girl with powerful background helping him, then disappeared and MC has to get stronger to find her. Along the way, MC gains a bunch of potential love interests. Similar to Battle to the Heavens with some differences.

The translation is horrible. Bad grammar and terrible choice of words used in the translation. Such as "Age Sutra" when it really should be "Time Sutra", or "Pellet Hall" when it should be "Pill Hall". The MC background as a... more>> transmigrated lawyer with photographic memory, but he might as well be a plumber with photographic memory since the lawyer job is never mentioned again or used subsequently. <<less
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Jan 18, 2024
Status: Completed
I had this novel in the back of my mind for a while and had some preconceived notions about it based on reviews and hearing about it from time to time. However, the novel turned out to be completely different from what I expected. I initially believed the main character to be a rash individual who constantly courted death, which contradicted the character identity established by the author (a lawyer and a very good one). Instead, the MC is actually a patient and kind individual. He endures a great deal... more>> of disrespect and insults but remains lenient and respectful. He also generally avoids killing unless absolutely necessary. Moreover, he is quite intelligent and not easily angered.

My problem with this novel lies in the storytelling itself. The narrative lacks finesse, and the series is rather generic and predictable, it also has a few cliche plots. The story also always leads the MC to the next thing he currently needs whether that is going up a level in his skills (skills are attainment graded) or getting some treasure. The MC has a few cheats, the most notable being his exceptional comprehension abilities. He can comprehend techniques and skills far quicker than others. However, it remains to be seen if this ability will be balanced out as he progresses through the world, as everyone will become a genius with top-notch comprehension.

Despite these shortcomings, the novel isn't bad, I would rate it a decent 6/10. I have high hopes for the novel due to its popularity and the fact it is a wuxiaworld novel. I assume the author's writing skills improved as the series progressed, which contributed to its popularity. Overall, I haven't experienced anything too annoying yet, so I will continue reading. However, there seems to be an ongoing trend of peanut gallery characters belittling and looking down on the MC, as well as arrogant individuals with fragile egos and impressive backgrounds targeting him.

I finished this novel recently, and here's my overall impression:

Entertainment Value: It's not bad, like decent popcorn entertainment. However, it took me around 500-600 chapters to truly enjoy it. It requires some investment, and it wasn't until chapter 800 or so that it really hit its stride.

Writing & Worldbuilding: The writing is fairly basic, and the power system isn't very fleshed out. That being said, it's easy to understand and enjoyable for newcomers to the genre. The main character is also decent.

Predictability: This is where the novel falls short. It's incredibly predictable. Lin Yun, almost always has an advantage in swordsmanship thanks to a special sword within him. This makes him progress faster than others and reach higher realms, even if he starts lower. He also hides his true sword intent, using it as a trump card. Additionally, he's constantly underestimated due to his lower cultivation level, leading to predictable conflicts where he proves everyone wrong. These conflicts typically follow a set pattern:

Lin Yun encounters arrogant young masters who look down on him.A fight is avoided/interrupted, or Lin Yun enters a secret realm.
He gains power-ups within the realm.

He easily defeats the arrogant young masters.
He faces the strongest figure in the area, initially struggles, but then triumphs.
He reaches the same level as his opponent and gains recognition.
The cycle repeats with a larger world, stronger enemies, and new secret realms.

Despite the predictability, it's not a terrible read for beginners to the genre. If you're looking for light, popcorn entertainment with swordsmanship (or music dao) themes, and don't mind predictable plots, you might enjoy it. I'd personally rate it a 6/10. <<less
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May 20, 2022
Status: c601
Start kind of 'better than average', then it goes down to 'average', then it goes down to 'less than average', and after I read this till 600 chapters it goes down to 'boring'.

The story is the usual meta CH MC, MC beat up thugs, thug senior comes, MC beat up thug senior, thug ancestor comes, rinse repeat. Its oooookay using this kind of development, but the author just doing the same thing with the story, similar lines, similar thug temperaments, similar personality, mostly all the thug template are the same,... more>> only different clothes, names *that I don't bother to remember cause its a waste of brain cells*, different parents/seniors name, higher realm than the thugs before, but they are mostly same...

If you like boring read after 200+ chapters I guess you can give this a try, but if you not, just look for similar story but with better thug lines and story development. <<less
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Mar 19, 2022
Status: c200
The repetition in this novel is very startling even for a generic xuanhuan. Where most CN get repetitive at least its like a 100-200 chapter cycle. This novel repeated the same generic troupe like 5 times in 200 chapters.

the main character gets cornered by some arrogant dbags and ends up entering a "sure death zone" where he cant possibly escape only to eventually receive some incredible treasure or inheritance to level up and turn the tables on the people that chased him. This happened 5 times in 200 chapters and... more>> twice in a 20 chapter span. If you're going to get repetitive at least space it out. There are many novel regardless of how generic and repetitive still keep me reading. Just had to put this review out there because of how many times this author used that troupe, if it happens again in like the next 50 chapters im done with this novel. As of now its about a 2.5 for me <<less
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Feb 16, 2021
Status: c121
Very generic. I mean like copy paste plot + copy paste characters from pre existing template.

Weak MC + plot armor. Became OP after few chapter. Defeating higher cultivation level enemy. Plus somewhat tangled love story and many more plot armor.
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A big fan of novels
A big fan of
Jul 08, 2019
Status: --
Awesome story! Very funny most times and is quite a good read. I’m glad I was able to read it and I really enjoyed it. It may be a lot simpler than other stories but it was really a good read and made me want to reread it!
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May 23, 2019
Status: --
The previous chapters are vivid and detailed. The personality of every character is showed incisively and vividly. The author must know what story he writes and sticks to write it, therefore, the layout is sensible. The ML, Lin Yun, is a lucky person, becoming more and more powerful but the reason is receivable. But this novel sometimes is plot-muddled.
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Mar 03, 2024
Status: c717
Read if you're bored.

There are good parts, there are decent parts, and then there are many illogical part. 700 chapters in, there is no relation between the previous transmigrated self and the current character, and he might as well just be a non-transmigrated person and there will not be any difference. The main character sometimes acts like a teenager and sometimes acts like a 6 years old. The main reason of immersion breaking is how illogical sometimes the interaction and psyche of characters are so far. Not illogical in terms... more>> of our common sense, but illogical based on world building written by the author. <<less
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