The Seeing Eye Dog


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Lu Chengye’s dream was to live freely and have fun until he died. Unfortunately, he inherited a company and was worked to the bone!

After finally taking over the company, he had just prepared to begin his carefree life when he was hit by a car and died. His last thoughts were that it would be much better not to be human in the next life.

And so, Lu Chengye was reborn as a Labrador.

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Legend rated it
May 29, 2019
Status: Completed
The description up top is pretty vague but basically MC (who's the CEO of a big company) gets into an accident and finds himself in the body of a new born puppy. ML (15 or 16 yrs old) buys him from the pet shop and takes him home, and later MC becomes ml's guide dog.

... more>>

There's actually only a two or three year difference between MC and ML because MC went back in time 10 years.


I mtled this so my understanding of the story might not be 100% accurate, but overall mtl was pretty easy to understand. The novel also only has 60+ chapters so it's a fairly quick read. MC and ML are very sweet and the ending is happy but there are some sad moments, especially in the beginning and towards the middle of the novel.


MC notices that ML is going blind fairly early and feels helpless because he isn't able to do anything about it. Ml's family is also pretty dysfunctional and after his dad and mom divorce


His dad learns that ML isn't his biological son


One thing I really liked is that even though MC helped ML get back on his feet, ML isn't dependent on MC.

After dog MC dies He saves ML from a car accident that involves his human self and dies in the resulting crash. This part was really sad because not only does he leave ML in a foreign city all alone but no one else seems to understand how important dog MC is to ML Also, MC dies after being with ML for five years but he wakes up is his human self before he became a dog. So there are five years after dog MC dies that ML has a bad impression of human MC.


Also, MC is basically a wife slave who'd do anything for ml's praise, and ML is definitely in charge in the relationship. <<less
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Lizonka rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: Completed

Okay, I decided to give this novel a second chance after dropping it once, but my rating still stays the same. What first drew me to this novel was the heartwarming interaction of ML and Dahei and what really nailed it in for me was the ML coz even tho he's blind and has suffered so much, he never gives up. He kinda reminds me of the MC from PSWOL who also has sh*t family relationships.

But later on, the plot becomes predictable... Heck, it becomes so similar to what happens... more>> in Reborn into a Hamster for 233 Days, except there's less drag and drama

I'm still turned off by the slight sexual insinuations between Dahei and ML... but you can pretty much skip over it (I wish I did... I'm still traumatized by that one yuri on ice dj that it reminds me off uuugghhh)

Ending was a bit flat, but it ties everything up nicely.

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unluckiestdisciple rated it
November 30, 2019
Status: c7
okay I'm the translator so I mIGHT be biased but hush hush let's get on w/ the review

this novel starts off happy, quickly gets sad, then gets happy again. I'm translating as I read and I'm only to chapter 7, but I'm loving it so far! MC is cute, ML is cute, and I absolutely despise all the crap they're going through, I just want my babies to be happy!

but, yes. You should read this. Not because I'm the translator, but because it's adorable.

edit: I'm the current translator bearly translating,... more>> I'm too lazy to make a new NU account and change the username lmao <<less
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BobChan rated it
December 21, 2019
Status: c16
A beautiful and heart wrenching novel. I would highly recommend reading it. Such a beautiful and immersive story. Just like rollercoaster, the author is able to take you on a myriad of emotions—through the ups and downs—touching your core.

Though do be careful, you’ll need quite a lot tissue boxes.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Anami01 rated it
December 20, 2019
Status: c16
At first, I really hesitated to read it. I’m not fond of human x non-human relationships at all. But like, the story is too damn good!! There is plenty of fluff, but there’s also angst. The characters aren’t stupid and annoyingly naive, instead they’re already quite mature, they grow even more mature after experiencing the ways of the world. I feel very sorry for the ML and what he’s going through, but I know it’s going to get better.

The main character becomes a dog after all, I didn’t quite like... more>> it, but that was before I actually started reading the novel.


This can’t really be considered a spoiler since I didn’t MTL, but I have a hunch that the MC will become a human later, it’s just a hunch of mine.


Well, I hope you give this novel a chance. I rarely write reviews, but this is just that good. <<less
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Novel otaku desu
Novel otaku desu rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: c12
This is becoming one of my fav novel... I have only read until 12 chapters and I fell in love with this (basically when I see the title, picture, and synopsis, I have fallen in love with this novel but after reading 12 chapters, I fall deeper XD)

I like their cuteness, relationships, actions and reactions. I am hoping that the story will not become boring because I really like it now...

You guys should prepare some tissues cause I believe you will need it :')
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
whereismori rated it
December 24, 2019
Status: Completed
I personally very much enjoyed this novel. The writing and translation is well done and easy to mtl if that is what you are into. Nice and easy novel for those with 2-4 hours to binge. Also bring tissues.


Honestly the ending fell a bit flat for me even though it was what I expected

2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
mainethequeen rated it
January 9, 2020
Status: c26
Plotwise, the story is getting better. I love how the story explains the side of shou. His suffering is really sad. I just don't like those hints of bestiality.
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