The Scavengers


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The world: The MC sucks!

Xiao Mo: My restoration is the best!

The world: This MC is so indecisive but nosy; how irritating!

Xiao Mo: Broken bones, missing innards, scarred faces; need me to restore them for you?

The world: This MC is so unlikable; really want to pinch him to death!

Xiao Mo: Police officer, is your gun broken? Leave it to me. The army’s airplanes and cannons can’t be used? Leave it to me! Aircraft carriers, spaceships? No problem!

The world: This MC is so wishy-washy! He even wants to sympathize with a monster; is he the holy father?

Xiao Mo: There are treasures everywhere you see in the apocalypse; just pick anything up, bring it home to restore, and it will be as good as new ^^

Hence, Xiao Mo that worked as the boss of the recycling shop became rich in the apocalypse… pui!

Before this, he still has a very big problem to solve: If he doesn’t complete the mission, what should he do when he gets killed by the system?

Xue Li Hong: Boss, why don’t you hire me. A mission a night; once the mission level rises, the number of times increases.

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Shi Huang Xiao Fen Dui
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New idlehands rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c32
The idea is splendid, I really enjoyed the novel for the first 25 or so chapters.

But the author obviously thinks that men can't be r*ped, or better put, "won't lose anything" by being r*ped.

I think it's the first time I've come across a non-Yandere ML who regrets that he didn't r*pe the MC instead of "only" sexually assaulting him, of course the MC didn't really mind for some absolutely bonkers reasons.

The author should be ashamed of herself.
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99herbaltea rated it
March 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Hello, Translator here. My very first translation work, and I dedicated it to 易人北, my favorite author!

A BL set in the apocalypse with a system, this novel is full of action and suspense interlaced with sci-fi elements, as the main characters race against time to save humanity.

Here's a summary:

Xiao Mo, the MC (Shou) runs a second-hand/ recycling shop before the apocalypse. One day, he sees Xue Li Hong, our ML, sleeping on the bench. Worried for him (ML was a kid then), he feeds him.
From there on, a series of unfortunate events happen as Xiao Mo gets stuck with an almost inhumane and cold system, and tries his best to complete the missions. The ML tags along with Xiao Mo due to the little act of kindness from the very beginning, and helps our MC with his physical prowess and his magical backpack full of tools. As they stick together to clear missions and survive through the apocalypse, feelings slowly develop.


The romance doesn't appear till the later chapters though, so do sit tight! Do note that the ML is only a kid temporarily, so nothing forbidden here.

More on the Main Characters:

The MC isn't your cold-hearted OP protagonist; he's quite imperfect actually, but he does have some cool abilities. He is a little Gary Sue in the sense that he tries to see the goodness in everyone, but he acknowledges this and tries his best to curb it. Overall, he's a little too s*upid, a little too kind, and a little too trusting. Luckily for him though, he has the ML to balance it out. The ML, on the other hand, is your typical cold-faced and analytical OP ML that is indifferent to everyone but the MC. The both of them complement each other very well, and with the other teammates that join them in the future, they make a very holistic team.


Warning: Some description may be a little gory, with the zombies, mutated monsters and even human experiments. I will do my best to update the tags and put up warnings before every chapter.

Thank you so much, and please enjoy! :D
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bohda27 rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c21
As far as I am on the 21st chapter, the novel plot is not bad. However, the MC is a complete ret*rd. He is even more annoying than a typical shoujo heroine.
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Seaflutter rated it
June 21, 2021
Status: Completed
This is actually a really interesting read. The use of cards and spatial distortion was unique to the plot. Well the whole storyline was unique for end world apocalypse setting. The characters are well thought out and the world. Building is good. The MCs family life was quite sad and the MLs history is even more heart wrenching. Will make you cry. This novel will bring a Rollercoaster 🎢of emotions. Happy ending. 😊. Kudos to the translator.🙌
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