The S-Class Hunter Doesn’t Want To Be A Villainous Princess


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She had transmigrated into a hunter constellation fantasy novel, and after 10 years, she finally attained the No.1 Hunter ranking and cleared the tower…

But now she transmigrated into a Romance-Fantasy novel as an exalted and infamously evil princess?

【The ‘Vicious Blood Cult’ asks where on earth are we.】

【The ‘Monarch of Waves and Healing’ is confused.】

【The ‘Lord of Temptation’ is delighted with the familiar world.】

But if you look closely, this princess doesn’t usually live a bad life, does she? Every day, there are assassination attempts and all kinds of schemes…

【The ‘Vicious Blood Cult’’s skill ‘Unsinkable Poison’ LV.999 purifies the Mandrake’s poison!】
【The ‘Monarch of Waves and Healing’’s skill ‘Blessing of Water’ LV.999 heals wounds perfectly!】
【The ‘Lord of Temptation’s skill ‘Temptation of Sleep’ LV.999 puts the assassin to sleep!】

But, what the hell. Everything’s so dull compared to my previous life.

I planned to leisurely clear my missions while savoring the moments when I’d be able to take a break and rest,

But now, her older brothers and the male lead, who had previously tormented the villainess, began to follow me around…

I will take revenge for you and grant you everything you want, so damn system, please send me back home!

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Class S Hunter doesn't want to be a villain princess
S급 헌터는 악역 공녀가 되기 싫습니다
The S-Class Hunter Detests Being A Villainous Princess
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Rizen Lizz
Rizen Lizz rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: c137 (epilog)
I rarely make comment because sometimes. But I will put simple review for this novel.

The plot have great consistency and character development + world-building. It like a story about how a Hunter regressor + transmigrator finally kill the evil existence & transmigrated again to rofan (romance fantasy) novel.

And the story was something like how the lonely regressor finnaly can get rest & salvation for themself.


In that world the quest system that at first was about Hunter change to quest to make our MC to love & trust people.


The systen forced MC to doing quest that demand her feeling.

But the story here was cider (the story are not make reader feel suffocated).

Thiso Novel also give balance in the story. The power scale, romance, action, politic, intellegent, and the daily life have balance in proper way. So, the story was like it seems familiar but in the same time unique. In addition, our MC/FL are not damssel in distress type. She was a badass FL who know how to done thing &

don't want to be puppet of quest system


The story can be counted

happy ending

Don't worry about getting second ML syndrom. LMAO.

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koco2018 rated it
October 24, 2023
Status: Completed
    • MC's strong personality is consistent throughout the novel. Relationships and trials did not change her to be weak or unrecognizable. She decides what she'll choose to do, it's a give and take only, and she will not be used unfairly. Pressuring her won't work, threatening her won't work, she has the strength to do what she wants.
    • New creative plot until the end. Author wrote the novel and ended it, no bullshit/filler/dragging out. Until the very last chapter I was reading new interesting content about the world/system.
    • Side-Characters aren't braindead. Some aren't the smartest, some are too smart and got crooked, everyone can be reasoned with, and author gave us so many POVs to understand the world and character's choices.
    • ML's overall is attractive. At first, his personality needed boosting but when he decided to pursue MC in earnest... that personality is sly hahaha.
    • Constellations are fun/crazy/lovable/grandpas and elder sister. It's heartwarming and funny to read, they've all been together for 500 years. They're MC's family and she includes them a lot.
Spoiler Drop: I'm not pulling punches, so these are heavy tidbits. I will try to hint at the contents tho.

- Saintess --- Reason for Disappearance


Lien (or whatever your translator wrote)

The archbishop summoned an unknown entity into Lien's body hoping for the descent of God's Apostle to raise the Church's authority. What he got was the 'Master of the Tower' that was newly murked by MC.

Lien's soul fought long and hard against the 'Master of the Tower' that tried to take her over. She ran away to quarantine herself while losing control of her body... Or the newly summoned 'Master of the Tower' ran away while getting his mind straight...

The timeline of 'when' Lien had the 'Master of the Tower' is unclear. Whether the 'Master of the Tower' was summoned into her before she left the priest camp or after is unknown. Princess Idin seemed to have met the 'Master of the Tower' before or early during Lien's disappearance. In the priest camp, Lien cried out from nightmares saying 'save me' and escaped, then the charred corpse was found at the merchant's home she stayed at... It's really unknown.

But that specific doesn't have any impact on the story.


- ML --- Who


Sedan (or whatever your translator wrote)

My buddyboi has a servile temperament at first and you'll think 'how is he in the running, this cobweb' but he'll slowly gain confidence and WHAM when he wakes up to his feelings he'll seduce MC with his full energy.

Even though MC is dull and realized her feelings much later. Novel's like these that have 2 ML candidates are awkward when MC emotionally feels for both, but here, MC only feels for ML.

She called Isir an uncute bastard from start to finish.


... what else you want to know? oh.

- System --- Complete Spoil.


'Existence' (or whatever your translator wrote)

A complete soul resting in an unknown dimension that was nestled in a crack between dimensions. More powerful than anyone, more lonely than anyone. As a single soul is split 10, 000 ways into 10, 000 dimensions, it's rare for a single complete soul to live, that is why 'Existence' that lives in the cracks of dimensions grew more powerful than anyone.

'Existence' was bored. What if they found another complete soul? So, they searched and found MC, a soul that was only split into 2 halves, the most semi-complete soul 'Existence' has ever found. As the soul only split twice, each half will face an overwhelming misfortune that should've been distributed over 10, 000 copies. 'Existence' thought, I can relieve most of this misfortune since I've taken interest in you.

Lee Young, born to be loved by everyone but never love anyone.

Renee (what's the last name?) born to love others but never be loved.

Perfect halves.

'Existence' decided to train Lee Young to his level as she was the closest existence to 'Existence' having a soul only split into 2. They saw a novel Lee Young read on hunter regression and constellations, they created the world and threw in Lee Young. 'Existence' gave Lee Young quests and rewards through the 'system' which is essentially 'Existence''s will and communication device.

As the goal was to train Lee Young, 'Existence' spent 500 years watching and system guiding Lee Young, but Lee Young was becoming harder to control. She wasn't following the quests properly, and she wasn't doing what 'Existence' wanted. Even more, the novel they created this time had a bug. A character appeared that 'Existence' never wrote in, and they were confused on how it even appeared.

When the chance came to check the bug's soul to find out what error caused the birth of this bug's existence... 'Existence' realized that it was them. Their will to relieve Lee Young's misfortune was powerful enough to create an existence to carry out that will, the split soul's fate that was never meant to be loved had a being created solely for them.

Sedin and Sejin. An existence created for each half, for Lee Young and Renee (no seriously, what's the last name?)

Then 'Existence' got all pouty that he made a mistake since he didn't mean to create a being through that will... so he threw Sedin's soul in the corner of the unknown dimension and went to sleep for 100 years happily knowing that Lee Young won't find Sedin for the rest of her life.

I honestly see 'Existence' as a void-black baby that's as big as an elephant. It's described as a huge grey/black mist... but the giant void baby suits better.

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