The Prince Wants to Find True Love “I’m No Longer the Next King, but Are You Okay with That?”


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Most royal marriages are set up when the couple is young, and the fiancée is chosen for political reasons. The couple stays together unless there is a big problem.

But in the Kingdom of Catalonia, the royalty selects their partners and announces them, along with their future entourage, at the Royal Academy graduation ceremony.

Other countries’ royal families envy this system because it allows them to choose the partner they want.

Although the system is well-liked by the other countries’ royal families, there is one person who is not pleased: Catalonia’s first prince, Cyril.

He’s tall and fearless, with blond hair and blue eyes. Outstanding academic achievements. He is a promising next king, surrounded by sons and daughters of the high nobility, all with a glazed look in their eyes, saying “I want to be queen” or “I want to be a close aide.”

This made Cyril’s school life extremely difficult.

His brother Luke was wondering if there was anything he could do to assist.
Then an idea struck Luke.

A crazy idea, but if it works, it will solve Cyril’s problems once and for all.

With a grin, he said.

“Brother—I have an idea!

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New kawaii12345 rated it
June 21, 2022
Status: Completed
4 Stars

Would have liked to give this 5 stars just on the basis of the readability and flow of the writing but unfortunately not only the writing was transparent, but the story was as well. It's a short story so there is no characterization to speak of and the plot points can be seen coming from the synopsis. That said the story does a nice job of playing with the concept of "TRUE LOVE" and the choices that go into making a marriage. Overall it's a nice 15 minute read... more>> that does find yet another way to handle the Villainess themes. <<less
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