The Perfect Examples of Malevolent Curses


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Adrian was dead. It was all because of the curse. Adrina was the curse of Adrian.
People began to call Adrina ‘Adrian,’ mistaking her for the curse itself.
Adrina, who became a knight in place of her her brother, encounters another cursed individual while serving at the palace.

“Is she the subject of another rumour?”
“Yes, Your Grace.”

The man thought of the young man whose gaze was slightly higher than his own.

The one with a face closer to that of a woman than a man who looked at him with a strange gaze.

“If you don’t like her, I can request a change.”
“Leave it.”

Later, ironically, the man finds clues to counteract the curse through the woman who embodies the curse itself.

The Duke entered the bedroom and spoke.

“Yes, Your Grace.”
“Come here. You have work to do.”

The Duke, Yules, inserted his leg between her legs as he sat.

“Your Grace, excuse me…”

Their proximity was close. Their lips brushed against each other, and she blinked. Her long eyelashes entered his vision.

All crimson. Yules, now fully awake, wiped Adi’s lips with his thumb.

“Witches, huh?”


“Romantic, isn’t it? A curse that breaks when you kiss.”

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완벽한 저주의 나쁜 예
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