The Thread Creator Goes On A Dungeon Attack.


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【DAG】I, a Special Attack Daredevil, Earn My Dungeon Attacker Qualification lol

A certain thread sparked on an internet bulletin board.

The thread’s participants either teased or worried about the thread’s owner, diving into dungeons while chatting on threads and streams.

The thread owner will be at the center of a global uproar, not just in Japan, but that’s a story for another time.

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07/20/24 Story Seedling c38
07/19/24 Story Seedling c37
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New aborednerd rated it
July 19, 2024
Status: c37
I quite enjoy this novel. This is not for those who dislike novels with a heavy use of forum threads (ala things like 4chan) as chapters. MC seems to be in the category of strong to stronger, but we don't really know the origin of his strength yet. The chapters could be longer in my opinion, but there are enough to get a decent read in at this point.
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