The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training


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The prince, who had a fiancee, was waiting upon a lady that wasn’t me.

Then that means, he’s breaking it off?


With this, I’m delighted that I can finally escape from that strict princess training. As I gave the both of them my thanks, I went back to the countryside.

But for some reason, the prince ran after me. He won’t break it off? Why!?

A highly exciting love comedy of a prince who chases after a lady that runs away.

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Hikyouiku kara Nigetai Watashi
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New DoorMatte rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c11
The author tries to play it like this is an endearing romance, but its really just a guy forcing a girl to be his wife against her will, and her slowly succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome since she has no other options

You could argue that its "Yandere", but in my opinion Yandere love only works if the love is mutual, in this case the female lead is clearly uninterested so she's just a prisoner
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TamaSaga rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c4
This story is kind of hard to read. I get that the MC is kinda dumb, so you have to hope that luck will play a part in her escape, right? Nope, she's really damn unlucky. Failure after failure with frequent private moments in between. And after thinking about it a little, the direction of the story soon becomes obvious. You're basically left with the realization that this story is basically like watching a rat navigate a maze. Totally railed and under control. The rat isn't going to be smart... more>> enough to break walls/dig holes. Nor will the rat be watchful of guiding hands keeping it in bounds. Ergo, the ending is predictable.

Read for the sappy romance I suppose, but give up on any interesting escapes. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: c10
ML that falls in love first.. so what? Let's get some facts straight without being blinded by the "romanticness".

This is not the usual story of broken engagement and cheating prince. Nope, instead MC was forced to be the prince's fiance for pretty much her whole life, ok that may be fine, but MC never loved or even liked him one bit for 10 years.

Imagine being forced to do 10 years of harsh training for something you never wanted in the first place. Then imagine getting kidnapped, strongarmed and imprisoned for... more>> marriage. Like who gives a sh*t about your choice or whatever you say. Your fiance is a sociopath who doesn't give a single sh*t about what you wanted all your life, which was freedom, especially the freedom from him and royalty. You have no choice but to fall in love, whether you like it or not.... because there's literally no other options available. Actually even falling in love isn't required because you'll never escape. Everything is forced, a forced romance.

But hey, if you like this kind of "romance", this will be the story for you. <<less
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Cassistant rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: v1c1
It´s the first chapter so I can´t say much about it yet.

The mainstory is nothing new: Female, married to the prince, but the prince likes someone else, breaks of the engagement but she is happy about it. She want s to life happy but nothing goes as planned.

But the beginning is just awesome.

The text is easy to read nothing complicated, the chapters not that long and with only 41 Chapters the story won´t take all that long to be completed.
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YoriMei rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c13
Its a cute and light hearted story of a small animal our MC the tomboyish Leticia and our black bellied pursuer stunning prince Clark! Akin to watching a mouse attempt to run from a cat, Letty is strenuously trying to avoid an engagement to the prince due to the fact that the training is utterly awful. Sadly, the prince only has eyes for her and she's never escape lol. It's fun to see what sorts of plots Letty creates to escape only for Clark to foil them at every turn.... more>> If you're in the mood for a fluffy, prey and predator-esque story then this is the one.

And to address the previous review, about the "forced romance" did you clearly not heed the yandere tag? Name me one yandere male lead who wouldn't be labeled psychotic in real life. This story is clearly appealing to those who just want to daydream a bit about a relentless pursuit by a man whose handsome, a prince (rich and powerful) and has high specs, what's wrong with that? It's not meant to be deep, there's no need for the parting sarcastic shot, who are you to judge what people read for enjoyment? And before anyone comes at me with "fantasy influences reality", well yes but if someone is building their entire world view on romance novels alone, you're either too young for the internet and need to leave or the society that is immediately around you has failed you and you need to speak with your school or your parents/friends and adjust those views. <<less
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sharon.nayoung rated it
July 24, 2019
Status: --
this novel makes me sick. to the person above who said that this is a harmless fantasy fulfillment, you can have fun fantasizing about psychotic and controlling characters who get off on imprisoning women, but me and every other sane person in the population finds the ML disturbing and psychotic. I actually love yandere ML more than any other genre. I love possessive and borderline obsessive characters because I find them interesting. but this? yandere only works in a satisfying way when the MC accepts the yandere traits that ML... more>> has and acknowledges the obsessiveness.

this novel's MC clearly does NOT LIKE the ML, to the point of attempting to run away because of how awful and controlling he is. knowing all she wants is to be free, the ML shuts her in a confined tower.

if you actually believe that the classic yandere who kidnaps, extorts, forces, and harasses women in an act of "love" is romantic or likable, you don't live in the real world. fantasy aside, being in awe or wanting to be MC and receive all of ML's disgusting and creepy actions is a problem in itself.

once again to the person above, the way you describe this story shows how deluded you are. "This story is clearly appealing to those who just want to daydream a bit about a relentless pursuit by a man whose handsome..." lol I also like relentless pursuit novels, but the relentless pursuit novels with high spec ML's I LIKE don't ever resort to

trapping and kidnapping the MC and forcing her to have ML's children

. the only kind of people who think that controlling, sociopathic, uncaring ML (who kidnaps and psychologically tortures the MC) is romantic are neets and incels. I'm going to criticize this novel because of how this novel's portrayal of healthy yandere relationships is so far removed from anything remotely okay in any other body of fiction or real life. this isn't a novel about "handsome man relentlessly pursues little cute MC", and the fact that you dilute it down to that point shows your ignorance.

I'm someone who likes reading about controlling and possessive characters, but there's always a limit. the ML in this novel isn't even a real yandere.

he gets another woman on his arm to make MC jealous,

why is that so satisfying for young girls to read? lol if you like it then fine, but don't attack others for criticizing this rightfully.

if you like the kinds of novels where the MC's autonomy is taken away and she is given no other choice than to be with the ML, then this is for you. it's sad to watch her running in a maze where the end prize is always the sad***ic, sociopathic, and uncaring prince. if you like novels where the ML is a classic yandere who doesn't care about MC but only cares about himself, then this is for you. there's no real love in this novel, it's literally Stockholm Syndrome. <<less
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Akumie rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c8
So far so good I guess. I like these types of stories where the male lead falls in love or is madly in love first. The heroine is kind of meh to me for some reason. But I will not judge her fully since it is just the beginning!
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