The Me Who Wants To Escape The Princess Training


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The prince, who had a fiancee, was waiting upon a lady that wasn’t me.

Then that means, he’s breaking it off?


With this, I’m delighted that I can finally escape from that strict princess training. As I gave the both of them my thanks, I went back to the countryside.

But for some reason, the prince ran after me. He won’t break it off? Why!?

A highly exciting love comedy of a prince who chases after a lady that runs away.

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Hikyouiku kara Nigetai Watashi
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YoriMei rated it
June 14, 2019
Status: c13
Its a cute and light hearted story of a small animal our MC the tomboyish Leticia and our black bellied pursuer stunning prince Clark! Akin to watching a mouse attempt to run from a cat, Letty is strenuously trying to avoid an engagement to the prince due to the fact that the training is utterly awful. Sadly, the prince only has eyes for her and she'll never escape lol. It's fun to see what sorts of plots Letty creates to escape only for Clark to foil them at every turn.... more>> If you're in the mood for a prey and predator-esque chase story then this is a good one.


And to address the previous review, about the "forced romance" did you clearly not heed the yandere tag? Name me one yandere male lead who wouldn't be labeled psychotic in real life. It's not meant to be deep, there's no need for the parting sarcastic shot, who are you to judge what people read for enjoyment? And before anyone comes at me with "fantasy influences reality", well yes but if someone is building their entire world view on romance novels alone, you're either too young for the internet and need to leave or the society that is immediately around you has failed you and you need to speak with your school or your parents and adjust those views.


Edit: someone let me know there was a response to my review, so here I am again ¯_ (ツ) _/¯. You can criticize the novel all you like, it's fine if you think it's Stockholm syndrome or unromantic, that's the point of the review section. The author needs this sort of set up to be able to write the type of shenanigans they want, so I don't bother judging it on logistics or morals. What I WON'T stand for and the point of my argument is attacking or judging people for what they like to read, full stop.


We're not fighting over the same thing, in fact I AGREE with what you're saying (ML is psychotic on real life terms, this novel is not meant to be looked upon as a guide to healthy relationships), my problem is passing judge on what people like to read in their spare time. However, you clearly state "... [the] high spec ML's I LIKE don't ever resort to...", which is great but so? Why are the only yandere ML's that are okay have to be the ones you like? Just because this yandere doesn't work out to be satisfying or what you personally think what yandere should be doesn't mean it's not "true" or "healthy" yandere. ANY sort of yandere in real life is Not Okay™, a relationship partner who is controlling and obsessive in real life is called an abusive relationship. As for attacking others, where in this entire paragraph have I attacked anyone? You've called me crazy, deluded, ignorant, and "don't live in the real world" for liking a fictional story. At best I called others sarcastic, too young or that their surroundings failed them if they are building their view of life on romance novels alone.


All arguments under spoiler cuts because the review section is for people who want to know more about the novel, not for fighting and I apologize to anyone who didn't want to see this and left my previous criticism unrelated to the novel out in the open. <<less
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SunsetChaos rated it
June 6, 2019
Status: c10
I'll never understand how this and similar stories are considered romance/romantic.

ML that falls in love first.. so what? Let's get some facts straight without being blinded by the "romanticness".

This is not the usual story of broken engagement and cheating prince. Nope, instead MC was forced to be the prince's fiance for pretty much her whole life, ok that may be fine, but MC never loved or even liked him one bit for 10 years.

Imagine being forced to do 10 years of harsh training for something you never wanted in the... more>> first place. Then imagine getting kidnapped, strongarmed and imprisoned for marriage. Like who gives a sh*t about your choice or whatever you say. Your fiance is a sociopath who doesn't give a single sh*t about what you wanted all your life, which was freedom, especially the freedom from him and royalty. You have no choice but to fall in love, whether you like it or not.... because there's literally no other options available. Actually even falling in love isn't required because you'll never escape. Everything is forced, a forced romance.

But hey, if you like this kind of "romance", this will be the story for you. <<less
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Bookworm52 rated it
August 30, 2019
Status: c14
theres so much needless drama here lmfao, y’all need to chill it’s such a niche novel. Who cares if it works, if it’s yandere it’s yandere. If you don’t like twilight or think it’d romantic it doesn’t stop it from being a vampire romance novel.

Anyways, it’s a cute novel if you just take it to face value and don’t think too deeply. Idk about romance or how the author’s gonna spin that sh*t but if you’re just into the “chase” you’ll be entertained. I giving this a 5 just to... more>> balance out haters, it’s basically a 3 or 4 star though. Read whatever you fking want, the back button exists too. <<less
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TamaSaga rated it
June 9, 2019
Status: c4
This story is kind of hard to read. I get that the MC is kinda dumb, so you have to hope that luck will play a part in her escape, right? Nope, she's really damn unlucky. Failure after failure with frequent private moments in between. And after thinking about it a little, the direction of the story soon becomes obvious. You're basically left with the realization that this story is basically like watching a rat navigate a maze. Totally railed and under control. The rat isn't going to be smart... more>> enough to break walls/dig holes. Nor will the rat be watchful of guiding hands keeping it in bounds. Ergo, the ending is predictable.

Read for the sappy romance I suppose, but give up on any interesting escapes. <<less
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Cassistant rated it
February 3, 2019
Status: v1c1
It´s the first chapter so I can´t say much about it yet.

The mainstory is nothing new: Female, married to the prince, but the prince likes someone else, breaks of the engagement but she is happy about it. She want s to life happy but nothing goes as planned.

But the beginning is just awesome.

The text is easy to read nothing complicated, the chapters not that long and with only 41 Chapters the story won´t take all that long to be completed.
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pseuds rated it
December 8, 2019
Status: --
If I could, I would give this 0 stars. I found much of it genuinely upsetting to read as even as the MC is imprisoned, sexually harassed, and sexually assaulted by the ML, she is disregarded and told that she brought this on herself. It sets a horrible example for what "love" should be as the MC is frequently disrespected, has no one on her side, is blamed for what happened, and is overall stuck in a terrible situation with no outs.

This novel was one of the worst experiences I... more>> have ever had while reading and I felt genuinely uncomfortable with the clear warning signs being played off as jokes. Much of the novel was just warning signs being played off as jokes. Sexual harassment was treated as something funny.

This is not a "cute" novel. This is actively and chronically a woman falling into Stockholm Syndrome and the author treats it like a joke. The reading experience was claustrophobic and overbearing. Under no circumstances would I ever recommend this to a person I care about especially if they've been in an abusive situation. Nothing the ML does is good and it's actively treated like a sweet romance between a belligerent girl and a doting guy. That is by no means the case. I can only hope that this novel doesn't get into the hands of someone who will be even more affected than me as it was, truly, the most anxiety inducing, sickening, and despicable novel I've ever read. <<less
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DoorMatte rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: c11
The author tries to play it like this is an endearing romance, but its really just a guy forcing a girl to be his wife against her will, and her slowly succumbing to Stockholm Syndrome since she has no other options

You could argue that its "Yandere", but in my opinion Yandere love only works if the love is mutual, in this case the female lead is clearly uninterested so she's just a prisoner
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Akumie rated it
April 17, 2019
Status: c8
So far so good I guess. I like these types of stories where the male lead falls in love or is madly in love first. The heroine is kind of meh to me for some reason. But I will not judge her fully since it is just the beginning!
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moto rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c15
It's honestly not bad.

It's a well translated novel by the translator and a decent read for a laugh.

Honestly, the story isn't suppose to be taken seriously due to the premise of the story and background for each character.

It's a rom com with a dense protag.

... more>>

alot of reviewers are complaining because the MC is basically kept locked up in the castle by a borderline puppy yandere prince. Which is half the joke because it's a set up for her to try absurd escape plans only to be captured again while she screaming freedom.

Why I say puppy is that she can basically make him do whatever she wants but is dense/s*upid. Tom girl she is.

He built a running river for her and basically exempted her from any royal duty to accommodate her.

It's even a joke about the queens training being harsh when you consider girls in this time period go through as much rigorous training to be ladies. Its basically stuff like not making noise while drinking tea or being disrespectful in public.

Anyway no rape, only forced thing is he hugs her and whispers wedding plans into her ear and is trying to keep her from running away from the wedding.

Literally the only issue MC is fixated on freedom is because she got schooled from 7 to current 17 and all she can think about is high school finally ending so she can live her life as a laid back country girl.

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Akemilly rated it
September 2, 2019
Status: c14
I have a serious problem with this one. Why? Well... it's probably because

... more>>

Everyone just ignores that the MC is being kept captive in the royal palace because the Prince wants to marry her when she clearly don't want to and all the other characters are all like "you are being too cruel Miss MC, the Prince truly loves you"

It's true that the said Prince love her (at least that's what it seems), but he is ignoring her wishes as much as the others and I'm pretty sure that he already noticed that she is suffering with the situation, so why he don't let her go? At this rate she will just be a prisoner of his one sided love for eternity (or she will desenvolve Stocolm Syndrome)


Now that the thing I disliked the most was said, time to talk about the other thing.

The story itself is not that interesting. All because it doesn't have a plot. It's all just about the Prince trying to convince MC to Mary him with questionable methods and the MC trying to scape from him.

I don't recommend this one. <<less
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kyonshi rated it
May 24, 2020
Status: --
I expected something lighthearted and romantic.

This is creepy as hell, and not in a good way. Here we have the story of a girl who has been confined and isolated since she was 7, desperately wanting to escape this situation, now being further confined, harassed, and sexually abused until she gives in.

In addition he seems to have made passes at her since she was 7.

And its played as a romantic comedy.

This is gross.
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Nyahmanya rated it
September 12, 2019
Status: c8

I can't stomach to continue this. The protagonist is being held like a prisoner/s*ave om the castle training for 10 years just because of one-sided love from a prince that she didn't even look for the same 10 years? Poor lass, and my gosh, how the low hells is the prince 'pitiful'?We could say that the Protagonist is dense AF, but hey if it's a sane person she won't even last that long (how would a 7 year old that time could take that grueling training that she can't even cry?Poor sweet girl). 'Pitiful', hahaha! Those family of hers should have helped her but no, they also think the Prince is 'pitiful' and somehow the Protagonist is an idiot and not pitiful at all (because she will be a queen?She values freedom because of their 'torture'). Goodness I look for a fluff, but somehow it made me realize Stockholm syndrome fetish is core of this story.

End of Rant

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hahahatdog rated it
May 26, 2020
Status: --
People ranting that ... more>>

MC was help captive by the prince for 10 years or so

y’all forget the settings right?? This was a medieval (idk what the exact term for the king & queen era so...) era where PEOPLE IN POWER can do whatever to whoever they want. She is just a daughter of a Noble house while HE IS THE PRINCE of the country. Please do keep that in mind. Also it was tag as MALE YANDERE. Don’t expect fairytales. Actually, it was pretty light to be tag as male yandere. Probably a manipulative OR possessive tag is enough.

ps, I accidentally click 4 star idk how to change it lololol <<less
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DoS1412 rated it
February 4, 2020
Status: c15
There's not much scandal. It's good to relaxing your heart from heartbreaking one, bcs I found it funny somehow. Hope another translator will continue translate it.
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Afishinthesea26 rated it
June 24, 2020
Status: c14
If I was younger I probably going to like this story but as the age I am right now I just find it disgusting and irritated.

The FL got imprisoned 10 YEARS because the prince likes her. And he did not do anything for her at all? ML you can at least help her escape those boring lessons and bring her to some plave so she can relax and that is also a chance for ML to grow some feeling to her but in fact he DIDNT do any sh*t of... more>> it and FL had to suffer 10 YEARS of imprisonned in the castle. Also what if she cant take it and she becomes one of the boring royalties and wont be so "lively" as he thinks about her will he even love her again? Do you feel hapoy about destroying a person for youe own selfish wish ML? Thank god that FL still keeps her personality and I really happy for her when she can escape from the shitty royal castle but then she got kidnapped and imprisoned again. This is how you express ur love ML?

I come here after I read the first chapter of manga and oh boi its such a dissapointed story.

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Needyneedle rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c15
I don't normally rate and provide a review if I didn't complete the series, but I just have to voice out my unneeded opinion.

First off, the narration is very laid back but that didn't stop me from becoming frustrated as I read the story. The only reason I continued reading this mess of a novel was because I really really really hope MC gets her freedom or at least a compromise from both sides. Don't give me the reason not to treat this novel seriously or "it has Yandere tag! What did you expect?" When clearly, people with these mindsets are enabling authors to continue writing stories like this. You do know that novel stories can unconsciously influence readers, right?! Young ones at that!

I first read the manga and fell... more>> in love with the premise. I was overjoyed as she was when she thought she was finally free! For ten years, ten years, she was forcefully sent to train as a Princess. It was painful for MC because she never wanted to be one, but everyone was, and still is just against her favor because the Prince is in love with her. Nobody, when I say nobody, chant it with me here, nobody ever considered her side. Her two days of freedom was thoroughly destroyed by her getting kidnapped, imprisoned -- oops I meant house arrest, and was just stripped from any choice other than marrying the Prince.


He even moved to a room next door, unbeknownst to the MC until she figured out the secret room. He didnt fail to make my heart flutter in destain when he warned her not to block the hidden entrance - I mean the bookcase ever again.


Furthermore, she mentioned that this forced engagement literally took ten years of her life that she will never get back. What did the people reply? To just resign to her fate. What an absolute soul-crushing moment. If you still think I couldnt take a joke then ok, we have our differences. I'm not forcing you to stop liking this novel.

Hey! If you like forced romance or something laidback even though MC is literally forced, this will be your cup of tea.

Side note: I do read novels with Yandare ML but this story was just beyond me. <<less
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Smtha rated it
June 8, 2020
Status: c15
So sad it was drop😭 its a cute story.
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MikiES rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: --
From the way it was described in many comments, I expected something truly tragic, but that's not the case. The novel is an unrealistic and very comic story, not very different from many others.
The FL is the daughter of a duke, she is forced to become the consort of the future king and for this she undergoes a very hard training... She isn't in love with the prince (this is new), but she doesn't hate him either. When he seems to want to break the engagement, she is happy... more>> because she thinks she will be free to relax and enjoy her life as much as she wants.

But the prince is in love with her! And when he brings her back he ends up locking her up because she wants to escape. But she doesn't want to run away because she hate him, but only to live a lazy life.
Plus, even if this is absolutely extreme, it is presented in a comical way. The protagonist herself does not see the tragic part of it.

All in all, the story is nice, but not exceptional. Above all, it should be read without high expectations, just to laugh a little. <<less
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Takitori rated it
May 20, 2020
Status: c15
I like this kinda story. Though I pity the FL for having to go through such harsh training but I really love how the ML is a yandere. And this is not like those villainess stories that I often read so it is a kind of new experience for me.
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