The Male Leads Are Trapped in My House


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I was reincarnated as the heiress of a conglomerate in the novel. However there was a problem, this world was about to be destroyed by a virus monster.

All I have left is money, I quickly bought in the countryside and built a shelter to avoid monsters…The world went down much faster than I expected, f*ck!

And somehow, even the male leads are trapped with me in my house. But it doesn’t seem like these two wanted to leave. Why is it as if you guys have no intention of going to the female lead?

“What the hell are you?”

“I think she knew about the fact that the world would be destroyed.”

They had a lot of questions for me but I couldn’t answer them. It’s not like you’re going to believe me anyway, right? Now, in my eyes, they just look like good manpower resources.

“Now let’s get to work, pay as much as you eat!”

If we manage to find a cure for the virus, the cause of the world’s collapse, our hellish times will be over. So, let’s roll the male leads until then and hold out!

But there’s one problem. This old mansion I bought turned out to be quite suspicious. What the hell is going on in my house?

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우리 집에 갇혀버린 남주들
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shrey_si rated it
June 18, 2023
Status: c120
This story is absolutely amazing. I read till chapter 120 and the rest I couldn't find anywhere. Somebody please find this gem and translate it.

The story starts with our rich and pretty female MC recalling her previous life and realizing the impending doom of her current life. So, she goes off planning her survival until the original fMC and her team could find the vaccine. However, due to the butterfly effect, her actions set off a different chain of events that leave our cute yet strong fMC dumbfounded.

The rest... more>> will reveal spoilers, but rest assured, it's amazing. <<less
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Fiona6 rated it
June 10, 2023
Status: c145
Somebody please pick this up. This story is gold.

It's a transmigration and it's got lot's of humor, action, mystery, tense drama, slow burning romance... honestly I could go on and on... oh and it can be a bit gory but it is well done and needed for the story. This is NOT a martial arts fighting type story. It's mainly a survival type romance combo.

It's got a dystopian slightly steampunk apocalyptic setting. So we have the frilly dresses with tea hats along with trains, guns and crossbows. The wrighting style... more>> is excellent. The FL is the main POV but it does switch to other characters. Many ML's all with their own unique skillset. The world setting drives the story, so far at Chapter 145, the environment remains as the BBEG (Big Bad Evil Guy) that may change at some point.

This is such a refreshing break away from what has become the standard transmigration romance type novel, with the European setting and stone faced ML. It deserves a good translation so it can be enjoyed. <<less
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caroviee rated it
September 12, 2023
Status: c263
It's really worth reading! I've been looking for something interesting and I'm glad I found this one. It will keep you interested in every chapter. It's very entertaining and engaging!

Our main character, Cherry, discovers she is in a survival-romance book while regaining memories from her past. It's a survival world setting so before the end of the world where monsters (like zombies) run rampant that carry infectious diseases, she begins making plans for how to survive. As a result of her actions, the main characters in the novel stuck with... more>> her because of the changes she made to the original plot. So instead of staying with the ogfl, all of the main characters were on her side. Other characters lack depth especially Aurora (ogfl) since it was said that she's one of the key to end the disaster yet she haven't done any much to alleviate the situation. Well, considering it is centered to Cherry, she has the upper hand. Although the progression is kind of slow, it wasn't tedious or draggy because the comedic tones and dynamic between ML and FL will keep you entertained since they banter a lot lol I love their chemistry! They're a great combination. <<less
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September 20, 2023
Status: 100+
I really love the interactions lol. The male leads are basically be strung along, while the protagonist is trying her best to survive. They're drawn to her mysterious nature, but girlie just wants to have smth to eat, sleep and have a roof over her head before the apocalypse.

Her randomness with her super strength is quite funny tho. Like damn, all the male leads are like damsel in distresses Infront of her.
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