The Magician’s Daughter


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Born into an old sorcerer’s family, I didn’t know how to use magic until I turned 10 years old. Unlike my brother, who’s called a genius, I was a disgrace to the family and a useless child.

“Tell the Master to throw her away!”

I know I’m not my parents’ child. I have a real dad. I went to find my real dad with a sad heart.

“You are my daughter?”

The wizard, my real dad did not recognize my face. He is a scary perrson! Can we get along well?

“Don’t worry. It’s alright.”

“Try this too!”

“This too!”

Unlike my nervous mind, when I want to leave, people here are a bit weird. You’re too good to me.

Associated Names
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Daughter of the Archmage (manhwa)
대마법사의 딸
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