The Magician Kunon Sees Everything


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Sometimes all it takes is one word to change your whole life.

Kunon Gurion was born blinded by the curse known as the “Hero’s Scar.”

Unable to see, or even see the meaning of life, he spent his childhood in apathy.

Then one day, a water emblem appears on his body, and it turns out he is capable of magic.

So what?

Regardless of whether he has magical power or able to use magic, the fact remains that he cannot see.

Kunon was still unable to see the meaning of life.

Though an unexpected comment that was not intended to be such awakened Kunon.

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Majutsushi Kunon wa Mieteiru
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Fluffums rated it
October 29, 2021
Status: c30
Solid 4/5 for me, though people looking for "Action" and "Adventure" will be disappointed. If you like stories about OP protagonists constantly surprising people and being surprised at them being surprised, this is basically a condensed version of that... to the verge of parody, so people who are tired of the genre might still get a kick out of it.

Despite the lack of plot (treat it as a somewhat fast slice of life), the many quirky characters sell it with their personalities. There's a real goal to work toward and... more>> there's occasional progress. I typically dislike "OP protagonist who lacks common sense and gets scolded for doing amazing things" but this novel gives solid reasons for him to lack common sense and solid reasons for him to be scolded, and he doesn't make the same exact mistake twice (yet).

My only reservation is that you should have read several "OP reincarnated child" novels first before reading this. Not because it refers to any of them specifically, and this protagonist isn't a reincarnator, but because it subverts or parodies several of those tropes and it won't be as funny if you didn't read stories about OP kids (whether you liked them or not). <<less
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Goldoire rated it
October 8, 2021
Status: c40
The way I'd describe this is a fun and relaxing read.

I'm almost caught up on raws, and was pretty interested because it's popular. It's easy to read and keeps you going.

The primary "pros" of this series include:

  • Not isekai
  • Unique premise (he starts off blind)
  • No harem
The interactions are well done, and it's interesting to see MC's growth.

It subverts most of the tropes found in isekai. The thing is, it's just that. There's no huge underlying plot, mysteries, twists, either. It's a good read to pass time.
9 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
milinaqua rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: --
To be honest, it's a very good story to relax, I like the protagonist's personality and I love his jokes. The characters are well written and each has interesting personalities, their conversations and interactions are hilarious. The only problem that I (in my opinion) didn't like was the womanizing side of the protagonist, it's the only problem for me, other than that, I loved it

sorry for the english mistakes (since it's not my first language)
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
l2aYz rated it
September 13, 2022
Status: raw
3.5 /5 This novel needs a slice-of-life tag.

Overall, It's pretty good but lacks a goal. At first, It gives you a unique feel about MC being blind but after MC goes to Magic school the story turns stagnant. In the school arc (till chapter 200+) The story heavily focuses on magic development meanwhile ordinary people can't think out of the box only MC and a few individual characters can.

sometimes Author will drop some lore but mostly just a hint. There is no big reveal for MC so far.

I can't grasp... more>> where the story will lead in the future. A war between countries? Uncover the truth about magic? Or keep on living? It feels like MC wants to graduate from Magic school. Well, try to imagine Harry potter without Lord Voldemort. <<less
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