The Laws of Love


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A flight, an encounter.

Shen Huiming knew that an adult’s love-at-first-sight is actually a matter of desire.

He became interested in a flight attendant named Suo Yang.

Suo Yang saw the following sentences in Alain De Botton’s book:
1. Someone at 30,000 feet high must have been fiddling with our fate.
2. The philosopher in the bedroom is as ridiculous as the philosopher in the nightclub.
3. It is difficult to separate passion from love, infatuation from adoration.
4. It is easier to fire Cupid’s arrows than to receive them, easier to give than to receive.
5. We needed to be duty-bound to think about two people getting old together.

He felt that these few sentences in “On Love” perfectly presented the laws of love between him and Shen Huiming.

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DeanRae rated it
October 3, 2022
Status: Completed
Very sweet. I didnt want to read this at first because it seemed very serious and heavy and all I wanted was something fluffy. The vibes I got after reading this book was like being snuggled up on the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate watching the rain. Loved the couple, they were a perfect model of respecting each other’s work, life and personality while providing support where needed. I’d recommend this book if you’re after something sweet and relaxing after some heavy angst, annoying characters or plots that... more>> dont make sense or are unrealistic :P <<less
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