Love Genius Qian Xiaoke


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Also named 《Love cheater Qian Xiaoke》

Jiang Tongyan was entangled by a little drunk at a friend’s birthday party.

The little drunk hugged him: No one loves me, I’m as pitiful as cabbage in the field.

The next morning, both of them awoke in the same bed.

Little drunk: You slept with me, I’m dirty.

Jiang Tongyan: I heard that one is not able to have s*x after drunk.

Little drunk: I don’t care, you must have slept with me for sure.

So, Jiang Tongyan really slept with him.

Then, Jiang Tongyan tried to be responsible for him, but Qian Xiaoke said: Nonononono, better not.

Jiang Tongyan believed that this guy named Qian Xiaoke was a love cheater, deceiving him and his heart.

Qian Xiaoke: I’m only 20 this year, but I was already slept with you, I’m so pitiful.

Jiang Tongyan looked at his identity card: Damn! You are already 27! And you are the one who asked me to sleep with you!

Qian Xiaoke: I’m only 20 this year, and have loved 100 people, but none of them loves me.

Jiang Tongyan: Please I beg you, just shut your mouth.

A more joyous story about typical friends who became lovers.

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Honefuusen rated it
August 23, 2020
Status: --
MC is so wacky, lol. ML is long suffering. But ML is too annoying for me.

I would have gone to the police and put restraining order against him, romance be damned. I'd rather have my work and peace, thanks. But then if that happens MC and ML won't be together.

Anyway the MC is gold. ML kinda meh.
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Acidelia rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Ahh this deserves more likes and readers. Basically, if you like flirtationship and frenemies to lovers this is for you!

MC and ML have a funny relationship - both in terms of their individual humour and how they act when they're together. They're definitely that idiot odd couple that no one really gets but strangely works well together.

I actually think the ML gets better as you read - he puts up with the MC's whims, and tries to understand MC's different lifestyle in order to bridge the gap between them.

The MC's... more>> mind is definitely wired a different way and his common sense is a bit strange - but in an also endearing way (at least to ML). I guess he really is 20 at mind and in heart despite being 27. My main mini rant is below but it's spoilers so...


I really don't know how MC offering to solve ML's impotence problem with his own hands *ahem* counts as a good idea for the both of them bc at the time they were still frenemies and like why not seek a doctor in the first place?? I mean plot but it still boggles me cause they're both adults


Not a criticism on the original work but the tl-quality could use some editing and proof-reading. <<less
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