The Last Order


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Starry sky mechs twist and turn like dragons, while gods and demons whisper and roar in the abyss.
In this era of a clash between new and old arts, between technology and divine power, Lu Yuan arrives, stumbling and bumbling, with an attribute panel that allows for unlimited class changes.

“Class [Martial Arts Grandmaster] + Material [Abyssal Nine-Headed Dragon Heart], can be advanced to class change [Fallen Dark Dragon Sect]….”

Lu Yuan watches as his hands slowly cover with black scales, his hair wildly dancing without any wind, his crimson eyes intently observing humanoid mechs streaking through the night sky like shooting stars. He smiles and whispers to himself, “Now… I should be able to tear apart mechs with my bare hands….”

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final priesthood
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New ayansamanta rated it
February 13, 2024
Status: c65
To be honest, it's good, but I feel like every chapter I read, it's as if he is a father and mother's fairy, what we call "papa ki pari." He keeps reminding us that all he wants to do after growing up is protect his family; he has no ambition at all. Keep in mind that he reincarnated three months ago and feels no strange emotions except that he had to be his father's fairy. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but he is too overprotective considering his situation.... more>> When his coach asked him what he wants to achieve, he simply answered, "I want to earn money, that's it." I mean, you've got an extraordinary treasure, but you have no ambition to use it. That's not all; he wants to be his sister's fairy too. I mean, why not just make him a girl? Overprotectiveness is usually seen as a girl's attitude. It has great potential, but the lack of execution makes it monotonous. The author has a clear mind and knows how to progress the story, and there are no plot holes, according to me. <<less
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