The Last Order


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Starry sky mechas, as agile and fierce as dragons; in the abyss, gods and demons whisper and roar.

In this era where new and old techniques, technology, and divine power collide, Lu Yuan arrives, stumbling and staggering, carrying an attribute panel that allows him to change professions endlessly.

“Profession [Martial Arts Grandmaster] + Material [Abyssal Nine-Headed Dragon Heart] can be upgraded to the profession [Fallen Dark Dragon Sect]…”

Lu Yuan looks at his hands gradually being covered with black scales, his black hair dancing wildly without wind behind him. His scarlet eyes gaze at the humanoid mechanical bodies streaking across the night sky like meteors, and he smiles, whispering to himself: “Now… I should be able to tear apart mechs with my bare hands….”

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final priesthood
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  1. Action - Cultivation - Adventure (On going)

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Date Group Release
03/13/24 Hoxionia c109
03/12/24 Hoxionia c108
03/11/24 Hoxionia c107
03/10/24 Hoxionia c106
03/09/24 Hoxionia c105
03/08/24 Hoxionia c104
03/07/24 Hoxionia c103
03/06/24 Hoxionia c102
03/05/24 Hoxionia c101
03/04/24 Hoxionia c100
03/03/24 Hoxionia c99
03/02/24 Hoxionia c98
03/01/24 Hoxionia c97
02/29/24 Hoxionia c96
02/28/24 Hoxionia c95
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