Become God From Scratch


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Lin Xuan has started over.

As a newborn, he became the weakest member of the family due to premature birth.

His eldest sister, Lin Rou, is a martial arts prodigy with supernatural strength, His second brother, Lin Wu, is a genius mechanic with exceptional intelligence. And his third sister, Lin Long, is a mysterious scholar who can listen to all voices.

But what about baby Lin Xuan? He is weak, helpless, and pitiful…

Fortunately, shortly after birth, he discovered that he possessed an evolutionary panel that allowed him to infinitely grow through gaining experience:

From [Nutritional Absorption] to the material-level [Absolute Devouring].

From [Tentative Steps] to transcending spacetime with [High-dimensional Travel].

From [Carbon-based Monkey] to immortal [Quantum Body].

The clash between flesh and machinery, and the old world intertwines with the present!

In this perilous world, Lin Xuan only wants to see where the limits of his evolution lie and enjoy the diverse scenery along the way.

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Date Group Release
05/21/24 Story Seedling c25
05/19/24 Story Seedling c24
05/17/24 Story Seedling c23
05/15/24 Story Seedling c22
05/13/24 Story Seedling c21
05/11/24 Story Seedling c20
05/09/24 Story Seedling c19
05/07/24 Story Seedling c18
05/05/24 Story Seedling c17
05/03/24 Story Seedling c16
04/30/24 Story Seedling c15
04/28/24 Story Seedling c14
04/24/24 Story Seedling c11
04/23/24 Story Seedling c10
04/23/24 Story Seedling c9
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