The Lady Dancer’s Ten Husbands


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She was a showgirl at a bar in modern times, making a clean and honest living, yet enjoyed playing a game of cat-and-mouse.

One morning she crossed-over, turning into a lamb waiting to be slaughtered at a brothel in ancient times.

What a joke! Who is she! How could she get trampled on? With her skills, she ought to be the one doing the slaughtering.

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Narutolvr rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: c50
Honestly, this novel is one step above unbearable, and this is coming from a woman who quite enjoys the reverse harem genre (since why can't women enjoy it too, right?). But, even with my love of Polyandry, the more I read the raws, the more I realize that nearly everything about this story is bad, in particular the hypocritical MC. I'll never be one to "blame the victim" but the MC's words/actions honestly confuse me. Ignoring the thoughtlessness of her throwing out modern day sophistry in ancient times, she repeatedly... more>> does things she knows will seduce men, takes literally no steps to protect herself, and then gets upset and depressed when something happens. It's like stringing salmon from your neck and prancing in front of a group of bears without bringing along any traps or weapons. She only speaks like a forward thinking feminist while doing things the exact opposite. Example 1:

Spending a chapter lecturing a suitor on finding one person to love for life and about him not treasuring love if he can have multiple women, but I'm reading a harem novel so it all just sounds quite ironic to me. Or that she goes around leading on multiple guys even when she's in a relationship and reasons it with "I'm not a good woman". Then why are you with him? Where did the treasured feelings of love go?


Or how about the situation that made me stop reading the story altogether:


She's always talking about women being independent and learns martial arts so she can protect herself considering she's engaging in a high risk job of seducing men without engaging with them. But, when it comes time to actually do her job, all of her protection measures are relying on men. Where did her martial arts go? Where are the throwing knives? Where's the poison? I don't understand why she says she should be prepared for when men aren't around and yet literally makes no preparation just in case none of her men are around. Absolute s*upidity.

It was that whole scene, in fact, that turned me off the story entirely. Because she goes into a whole "woe is me" tirade about not understanding why she was r*ped in both lives and all that. And I'm just sitting there thinking, really? You LITERALLY sold your life for a year to the first guy, no boundaries, no rules, and no limits. At no point did she try to draw up a contract with him or bring up conditions or any of that. As for the second time, not a single one of the weapons/skills she'd developed to prevent the situation were actually used when they were meant to be. Other than crying and bringing up other men to dissuade the rapist, she did nothing before feeling sorry for herself. It's one thing if she were some random girl who was unexpectedly r*ped but she'd spent the last 49 chapters laying out what to do to prevent such a situation and ultimately did nothing. Where were all those thin knives she trained with? Why didn't she have at least one tucked away just in case her harem members were too busy to rescue her from danger?! I couldn't help but feel extremely disappointed with the story. The MC isn't forward thinking at all; she hides behind men just like the bland heroines in male centric stories, except our MC this time has more men to hide behind.


Honestly, the author did a poor job executing this type of novel by trying to make the MC sound righteous and justified, but not changing her actual character to reflect that. I'm not asking for a generic assassin/genius doctor template where the MC can do everything perfectly without emotion (but suddenly has emotions when it's convenient for plot development). I just want a novel where the author writes the MC in a way that matches what people say about her. It's like a story where all the supporting characters describe the MC as super fashionable and she always buys the cutest clothes online, but every time she goes out, she's wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Where exactly is the fashion?! There are other female harem master novels where the MC just wants to have a good time with sexy men; no high-handed speech necessary, and those are enjoyable (see Wife, You Can't Run After Eating) ! This novel is nothing like those. Instead, it's an eye roll inducing tale of an MC who chastises people about true love and women's independence then goes around ensnaring a bunch of different men and being unable to protect herself without her harem members. 1.5/5 - turned to 1/5 here since I'm disappointed with what could have been. <<less
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Alina Moktan
Alina Moktan rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: Completed
I love this novel and wife, you can't run after eating novel. Both are my favorite reverse harem. I love this kind of novel. It's very satisfied and enjoying. I like every characters interact. I like MC bold and shameless personalty, she remind me the MC from W, YCRAE.

I strongly recommend you guys to read this novel if you like W, YCRAE. This is one of my best fav novel. Hope we get more reverse harem novel where MC end up with all guys
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Czarinananana rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: Completed

As a self-proclaimed polyandry expert, this one is like Captivating crown prince in terms of s*x. Don't get me wrong, she gets a lot of s*x but it's not really THAT detailed and HOT. I still liked it though, the story light and smooth sailing, no overly extra dramas and all.

Though in this novel, I'm quite impatient with the girl for some reason. IDK why, she's shameless and all- im supposed to like that? Not really, I find her wayyyyy too shameless it's unreasonable, lets not forget that the timeline is in the past. Other than that, there's not much bad thing. Enjoy.

ps. I would just like to warn and repeat that though this girl gets a lot of s*x, there's no oral and REAL DEAL threesome or more here. They have s*x 1 by one and they let the other finish (Yes, that clean). That's all enjoy!!!

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Aris12 rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: Completed
This is one of best reverse harem. It's very good funny novel where MC is honest and shamelessly. I like her straightforward personalty. I have read this in raws. I like everything about novel. There are ten male leads, MC end up with all of them. My favorite male leads is bodyguards of prince and Fan Quiyan.
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Berlin rated it
March 12, 2019
Status: c91
Story: 3 to 2
ML (s) : 3 to 0
MC: -10 (yes that's a minus)

Update: after reading more cn novels I can safely say this falls into the category of fun smut but MC may trigger you to kill yourself. I can now no longer read this.

I really did enjoy the story a lotb at first, but freaking hate the MC to the core so much it ruined the story for me. Don't mind me, the story is funny and entertaining, but...I seriously want to strangle this b**** to death more and more towards the end. I'm taking a break from it now just to clear my mind. *Pardon if I got any names wrong.

Positives first:

The story itself is hilarious and pretty suspenseful with some twists and turns you wouldn't see coming. I really love the Male Leads. Each of them is unique in character and their relations (good or bad) with each other or the MC are entertaining to read. I'm not even sure how the author will tie up the harem in a pretty bow at the end.

I don't see how Shui Xiao Zhu can forgive Fan Qiu Yan for killing his father. Unless he keeps it a secret from him forever all the while sharing the same woman... I haven't read the ending yet so I can only hope the resolution won't be some asspull from the author.


Honestly the MLs and the humor are the only major saving graces for this novel. All I can say is the more I read, the less I feel the MC deserves the MLs and these guys are right in saying they are a bunch of idiots who fell for this shallow flirt of an MC. I'll get to that later. It's not a bad novel at all in terms of story and even the xxoo parts are steamy. I laughed my ass off several times before I had to make up more and more excuses for the MC just to continue reading...


Oh boy. Where to begin. How to even begin??? I liked the MC at first. Truly, I did. That shameless mouth on her made her funny as hell despite her reckless s*upidity (this is rampant in MCs so I've got used to it. Apparently my tolerance must not be sky-high enough). It's still funny as hell now, but... ugh. She gets more and more hypocritical and shameless to the point of being painful to watch. It's like her character becomes increasingly twisted and inconsistently written (previous reviewer is right to say she looks to have multiple personality disorders) with each chapter.

Rant start:


She was roofied and there was an attempted r*pe. Xin Chen has to sleep with her to get rid of this aphrodisiac's killer effects and all this happened while the prince who she likes was away... While ofc she shouldn't be blamed for it and neither should Xin Chen for betraying the prince but that's not the point here. She starts treating Xin Chen as her bf but projects her insecurities on him saying she doesn't want to tie him down for fear of him leaving her one day because, apparently she has great experience in men and love. Lol yeah, from working at a nightclub and signing a contract without looking at its T&C The issue is, she's not sure whether the prince has abandoned her and it's quite clear she still likes the prince. Instead of confirming whether the prince really has left her (and everyone said no), she assumes he did and starts sleeping with Xin. She would have avoided causing both men and herself so much heartache if she had just oh I don't know, waited for the prince first because he is so freaking obviously coming back in due time since he so left his personal bodyguard with her.

It just gets so much worse after her second actual r*pe and when the reverse harem really starts. Don't you love it when r*pe is used as a plot device for romance? I honestly believe she is suffering ptsd after that. That would explain a lot. Basically, the prince finds out he was betrayed on top of knowing she was r*ped for real the second time. She starts saying she's soiled goods and does a ptsd 180 from stating how she wants to find her ONE true love and won't sell her body to saying she might as well be a prostitute; going from monogamy to polyamory/swinging really except with the condition that none of the guys she has can have other women. Her so-called self-righteousness/insecurity as a result of her past and r*pe is they are free to leave if they cannot accept that condition and that she is a forward thinking modern woman.... Woman. Can you not see you are not giving them any choice here and still clearly hurting them despite saying you're not, because it's SO freaking obvious they love you so much they can't bear to leave you? Sure, sleeping with both men and treating yourself like a true prostitute is not hurting them and yourself then? And you wonder why everything goes from bad to worse? And you keep justifying it by saying you have no choice? Lmao.

Basically, this woman goes and flirts/sleeps with both guys hurting one after the other because she cannot bear to see them sad/feels like she owes them/cannot leave them. How the f*ck is that resolving anything? You don't have to screw them as a solution to console them holy hell. Since no one is happy about you sleeping around, you don't have to sleep with them at all and just be... friends??? if they refuse to leave. My point is she was so dense and hypocritical in not wanting to hurt them yet she kept hurting them both then feeling sorry for herself. Omg. Woman. You don't need men, you need a psychologist. I get that it's reverse harem but please. Don't use such sh*t logic to force the romance.... I could still stomach this and feel some pity for her by excusing it to her trauma/past livelihood and telling myself at least she's honest and open about it to the guys. But ofc terribly inconsistent writing/poor development had to rear its ugly head.

She then falls for Fan Qiu Yan (this guy was my fav character until... read on). She does love them all I suppose. All the guys are so crazy about her their willingness to commit everything (crime and life included) for her moved her to love them/feel like she owes them/pity them. It starts to sound like she's in love with the idea of people who are in love with her. Whatever, moving on. After she falls for Fan, he begs her to sleep with him and keep it a secret from the prince (who still hates the idea of sharing her with other men - what a d*ck move Fan.) and the. b*tch. agrees. They almost do it but are interrupted by the prince himself. Wtf. Wtf. I can't. I seriously can't. I've got nothing against swingers/poly relationships but omg. Aren't relationships supposed to be built on TRUST? Especially with the way this bit*h keeps harping on about how they are one big happy family And saying you can't bear to hurt someone so you have to sleep with them so they won't feel bad....are you not hurting someone else then? All the while righteously proclaiming your modern swinger lifestyle and saying if the prince cannot accept he has to leave after having said she doesn't want to hurt anyone. What is this steaming pile of dogshit. I'm so angry now iaiufdhsefgsofweygwe


This all I can stomach... until this happened. Impulsive, ok. Brainless, ok. Shameless, ok. s**tty, ok. Honest, no longer. Hypocrite, more so. BUT THIS TAKES THE CAKE. I am amazed how this little detail has escaped all the other reviews. This girl is a straight-up evil monstrous witch.


She and the empress dowager actually happily plotted together to get the prince's fiancee r*ped. By using that killer aphrodisiac so yeah, the girl can DIE as well if she doesn't get r*peD. Just so they can split up the engagement. I kid you not. This is beyond hypocritical this is monstrous. I don't care how in this setting killing people is normal... Isn't she a r*pe victim herself? Are you raping someone for threatening to steal your man? And these s*upid men still dare to call her kind? I REPEAT SHE PLOTTED TO GET SOMEONE r*peD. I have not read that it really happened as up till chp 91, it was said as a plan... BUT STILL. WOW. JUST WOW. That empress dowager also felt like a cookie cut-out of the MC. And these two f*cking scheming harlots kept emphasizing how they are such amazing modern women. I have no words except the dried up blood and puke in my mouth.


Moreover, as the novel goes on. She gets even sluttier and outrageously flirty, all the while openly adhering it to her modern feminist ways and self-deprecating herself as a natural-born sl*t. Then comes around to deny being flirty towards any hot guy that passes by later on. And her s*upid harem accepts that and thinks the world of her. There's nothing wrong with polyamory, but why, oh why is every development based on such hypocritical, increasingly shameless, many a time insensitive and outright hurtful scenarios thanks to this brainless, reckless MC? STOP saying you don't want to hurt people while doing exactly that and victimizing yourself and then doing a 180 getting angry/crying at the other party justifying yourself you had no other way. This is plain using twisted logic to force a romance and reverse harem.


Another puke-worthy mention, she and Fan Qiu Yan joked about her going over to his room during her turn with the prince. This is BEFORE they have CONFIRMED the prince is ok with it. They even happily went holding hands to find the prince to talk reason to him about accepting Fan into her harem. Clearly, she likes his F***ING PRETTYBOY FACE more than anyone else's feelings. Sure... you say it's YOUR lifestyle and it's FAIR as anyone who doesn't want to accept it is FREE to leave. But DO NOT turn around and say how much you can't bear to HURT ANYONE when you are doing precisely such and going BEHIND PEOPLE'S BACKS in a so-called MUTUALLY ACCEPTING FAMILY/POLY RELATIONSHIP. Excuse me while I wipe the vomited guts off my mouth. When I read about how she is so proud to love and love is not a crime... Just let me die.


I'm still reading purely because of my fav characters (Yan Yue, Situ Yi) and I still want to see how

this who*e can manage to get the demon Yin Yue Chen guy in her harem. And how Fan and the demon guy explain themselves to everyone about mu*dering Shui's father and their underground business secret. Plus the whole empress thing. OH. And if that poor fiancee actually gets r*ped and no one bats an eyelash.


One more thing. The mary-sue plot armor is strong on this one. She must be some Jay Chou meets Da Vinci meets Elon Musk incarnate because how else will she know how to professionally dance, sing, play all kinds of instruments, design all kinds of instruments, and make all kinds of alcohol from scratch?

All I can say is MC is all crass and no class. I seriously can no longer comprehend how all the guys still love her so much. The only explanations I have are: she is suffering ptsd and/or she is a bloody vixen temptress from hell. Oh, and the guys are all blind. I would much prefer an ending where she wakes up in the hospital from her trauma and it was all a dream and then gets introduced to a psychiatrist. Because only god knows she needs it.
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not2complex rated it
May 20, 2018
Status: c1.4
The title hooks you, the tags get you to start reading and then you scream "where is the rest of the story?!" I truly hope this continues in translation. I just gotta know "the story"!
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Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Nana (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ rated it
November 25, 2018
Status: --
I get the feeling that MC has multiple personality disorder.. The more I read the more I'm getting annoyed,
she contradict herself fiercely,


like she's from a 'good' household, but she need to make money for her parent's medical treatment, so far so good, but then she got sexually abused by her chosen gold lord, so she feel despair, and then few months later (it just abused on bed, the gold lord still give her money) she kill the gold lord, then su*cide.
few point:
-wtf gurl, y u no care about your parent?? Who will care for them after you su*cide
-MC want to make money, but she just afraid that her parent will be 'sad' if they knew how she got it from.. I mean, uhh. Lie and hide it? Wtf??
-a 'good' girl can skillfully hook man after 2 years? Wow talent!
-after transmigrated, she didn't even get homesick, like who care about past world parent, even this world parent is just like stranger to her
-y u expect to get love?? Pet?? Care?? It's just relationship based on money gurl.. Wtf with your brain?


then after transmigrated
getting really annoyed about how she get so righteous, then act humbled after got threatened.. I really hate how she can't read the situation.. And make trouble all the time
the things that really put me off is when she


killed her (almost) r*per, y u have no brain gurl? It's just a membrane.. You are from modern.. Like you can seduce people easily, and you still keep your hymen like baby?? Arr??


seriously what an idiotic MC.
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Kanna Rose
Kanna Rose rated it
June 7, 2018
Status: Completed
This hot reverse harem for girls. I really enjoying read novel. It's amusing how MC teasing cute virg*n mls. I like this novel. Lot of snu snu, so hot, like how MC seduced men.
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Pachia rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: Completed
Really love the MC shamelessness and honesty, especially along with her singing and dancing skills that entrance so many people (especially the MLs).
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lkimi rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c310
it's a good story with a decent plot. Although the smut scenes are short it was enjoyable to read. Interesting read overall.
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November 16, 2022
Status: --
another idiot who keeps being reckless and acting arrogant and high and mighty with nothing to back her up, she keeps getting in horrible situations and can't solve them herself

... more>>

reading about her getting captured and beaten by the backer of the other brothel and her being terrified and begging for mercy and crying and acting like a canon fodder was pathetic


if she was smart and had good strategies she would be a good FL but she just acts like everyone is beneath her, takes useless risks and disrespects an order without having the ways to solve the situations she gets into, only knows how to curse and cry <<less
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carly rated it
April 10, 2020
Status: c252
nevermind the review its supposed to be 2.5. Personally, I dont like the shamelesness of the MC, well I like reading shameless MC’s but not this one, well how to put it, it’s not fun, its ridiculuos, damned! The MC is like a “green tea b*tch”. In my POV, she always contradicts herself like always saying she dont wanna rely on men, like wtf? You work on a brothel! I can’t see the angle where you dont rely on them.

2nd, her personality and attitude is Sorry for the word, it’s... more>> “lowly”. I mean you came from the modern times. And I dont like how she “forces” her “husbands” to work for her. Like what the f*ck, their status are all high but was trampled, one example is the brother of Fan, she really forces him to dance and attend the queen (nothing happened though but I feel hurt for him. Lol). She makes them a male entertainer basically.

She is selfish, like there is a situation where Situ her husband died and got to live again by using the body of Qin. (So it wasnlike having 2 souls in one body) But she cant accept him because of the face, at first. There I stopped. I cannot carry how she dominates her “husbands”. <<less
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